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MaRS Dealbook for OnMedia NYC 2011


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MaRS is at OnMedia NYC 2011 January 31 with our ICT/ICE clients: gShift, InGamer Sports, OpenFile, Post Rank, Viafoura and Wave Accounting. Find out about the hottest Ontario technology start-ups right here!

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MaRS Dealbook for OnMedia NYC 2011

  1. 1. Dealbook2011InformationTechnology,Communications& EntertainmentOnMedia, NYC
  2. 2. Table of Contents About MaRS 01 Venture Profiles gShift Labs 03 InGamer Sports 04 OpenFile 05 PostRank 06 Viafoura 07 Wave Accounting 08 Key Contacts 09
  3. 3. It’s my pleasure to introduce our CEO Showcase presenting companies at OnMedia NYC 2011. The six companies in this guide represent a fraction of the Information Technology, Communications andEntertainment (ICE) companies we work with at MaRS.MaRS is located in Toronto, Canada, one of the world’slargest ICE clusters with over 11,000 firms, employing over160,000 professionals.The MaRS ICE practice currently provides advisory servicesto over 300 active clients in Toronto and other Ontariocentres. MaRS has quickly earned the reputation of beingCanada’s leading incubation hub and operates as a majordeal flow engine. We remain focused on developing youngcompanies and connecting entrepreneurs to the rightinternational markets and investment capital.I invite you to speak with our MaRS team at OnMedia NYC2011 to learn more about our unique approach and to getto know us online at or follow us onTwitter @marsdd.Krista JonesPractice Lead, Information Technology,Communications and Entertainment (ICE) Practice
  4. 4. Building Canada’s NextGeneration of GlobalTechnology CompaniesMaRS is a large scale innovation centre - located in Torontoand networked across Ontario - focused on buildingCanada’s next generation of technology companies.Growing to an impressive 1.5 million sq. ft., MaRS is locatedin Toronto’s Discovery District, Canada’s largest scientificresearch hub, surrounded by a creative urban communityand adjacent to leading financial institutions.Since its opening in 2005, MaRS has attracted internationalattention due to its scale, the quality of its discovery pipeline,its collaborative model, and its comprehensive offering ofbest-in-class services and programs designed to acceleratethe growth of emerging companies.MaRS works closely with entrepreneurs to grow and scaletheir ventures into global market leaders – in life sciencesand healthcare; digital media and information technology,communications and entertainment; clean technologies,advanced materials and energy; as well as innovativesocial purpose businesses and social enterprises. MaRSprovides business advice and mentorship, marketintelligence, entrepreneurship education, seed capital andaccess to critical talent, customer and partner networks. 01
  5. 5. A Model for Market Success PEOPLE Exceptional Business Services & Market Insight We provide specialized business advisory services and mentorship, as well as research insight and capital connections that are essential to emerging technology companies. PROGRAMS Specialized Education & Networking Our programs provide the business fundamentals of entrepreneurship plus access to specialized educational resources and networking events. PLACE World Class Research & Collaboration Facilities We house and incubate top technologists and scientists in an environment optimized for innovation through specialized lab/test facilities and collaborative workspaces. Active MaRS Clients by Sector 18% 17% 129 118 3% 16% 116 19 324 46% Information Technology, Communication and Entertainment Life Sciences and Healthcare Cleantech Social Purpose Materials and Advanced Manufacturing02
  6. 6. Venture ProfilesgShift Labs, Inc.gShift’s Web Presence Optimization software helps non-technical marketers and agencies get control of theirentire online presence so they can rank higher organicallyin search engines.Organic search is the #1 lead conversion tactic accordingto senior-level marketers. However, organic searchstrategies are difficult to execute, measure and reporton. They typically require expensive consultants withthe necessary knowledge and expertise. With gShift’sSaaS solution, the SEO process is conducted at a fractionof the cost, by non-experts with daily insights into anorganization’s entire web presence. We deliver plainlanguage recommendations that provide the businessintelligence to get higher rankings. Plus we deliver moreunderstanding of what actions positively impact rank,traffic and conversions.COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEgShift has developed a unique patent-pending technology thatfocuses on the content optimization process for the off-site factorsof organic search including: press releases, social media and blogs.The company’s management team has a track record of identifyingkey trends and building software for businesses that optimizemarketing processes. For the past twelve years they have worked toprovide organic search strategies for their clients.CURRENT FUNDINGRaised $800,000SEEKING$3 million2 Victoria Street, Unit 2Barrie, ON, M5G 03
  7. 7. InGamer Sports Inc. Today there is a major market opportunity to change the way live events are enjoyed by fans in the sports gaming space. The traditional, hardcore sports gaming/fantasy market has plateaued. Why? It has failed to deliver the level of social, real-time engagement that millions of sports fans want. While Fantasy sports games are played by 30 million people in North America, there is the potential to capture a larger share of a 130 million market of avid sports fans. InGamer enables the power of social gaming to create an exciting new way to engage with live events and your friends. Our mobile and online platform is played during live sporting events in real time, on a game-by-game basis. To play, users select any 6 players and receive points based on how those players perform. After each Quarter/Half period, users can change their players, a real time play feature yet to be effectively utilized by other platforms. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE InGamer Sports is the only platform today that turns the conventional sports gamer from a general manager to an actual head coach which increases the engagement and stickiness of live sports. Users can join anytime, play anywhere and play against anyone while our unique analytics engine provides real-time stats on audience engagement across every touchpoint. This gives broadcasters, brands and sports leagues a more effective way to monetize their audience. Designed by an experienced team of sports and media industry professionals, InGamer has been validated by top-tier clients such as the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) and Rogers Sportsnet. The company has recently partnered with IMG for global distribution. CURRENT FUNDING Privately Financed SEEKING $2 million 17 McTague St. Guelph, ON, N1H 2A7 www.ingamersports.com04
  8. 8. OpenFileOpenFile is a new model to gather, share and report localnews. At OpenFile we have inverted the traditional newsmodel asking users — not editors — to drive our editorialcontent: You suggest the story, we assign the reporter andtogether, we shape the news.OpenFile users suggest a story by opening a ‘file’. TheOpenFile editor posts that file assigning a professionaljournalist to cover that story and helping curate theconversation with users. Users can add related links,pictures and video, adding depth to the story andexpanding its audience. All of OpenFile’s content is geo-tagged offering advertisers a more targeted audience.Knowing our users interests and locations allows us todeliver advertisers contextual messaging at a hyper-locallevel - something traditional media is not offering.OpenFile is operating in seven Canadian cities and is ready tolaunch around the world. We are partnering with traditionalmedia to give them a deeper reach into communities throughthe unique OpenFile model, creating new audiences, moreinteractivity and higher engagement times for newspapersdesperate to enhance their digital properties.COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGEOur bottom-up model produces a constant stream of originaland unique content that traditional media tend to miss.OpenFile’s user-suggested stories have higher engagementtimes and produce more varied content than traditional media,tapping into a whole new market of news at the neighborhoodand community level – the stories people are most passionateabout. Using its unique ‘turn key’ interface, OpenFile can cover acity or town with one editor and available freelance reporters.CURRENT FUNDINGNot disclosedSEEKING$2.5 million219 Dufferin St. Suite 211bToronto, ON, M6J 05
  9. 9. Post Rank Inc. PostRank™ is the Neilson© ratings system of the Internet. We aggregate, archive and analyze content and each engagement event with content happening on the social web (tens of millions of stories and events daily). PostRank™ solutions provide insight into the articles, sites, authors and topics that generate the most social engagement and social influence. With more than 80% of the content on the web now found in social networks instead of by direct search, and with over 50% of the social engagement with that content happening in the first hour - understanding where and when articles, sites and authors are resonating with the audience is critical. From Ad Networks, to Agencies, to Corporate Enterprise, to News Aggregators, PostRank™ social engagement solutions provide a high precision toolset for extracting business intelligence from the social web driving revenues for our customers. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE PostRank™ has the most comprehensive database of how and where content is making a social impact with an online audience. We have been aggregating, archiving and analyzing content (and related meta data) on the web for more than 3 years. We collect 5 – 7 million articles per day from the highest quality sources, and track and archive more than 20 million discrete engagement events with those stories daily. We will also have the world’s largest database of “claimed” or “verified” online authors on the Internet by September 2011. Much like LinkedIn©, we have been successfully incenting authors to verify their sites, social graph profiles and expertise in topic areas resulting in the most accurate influencer identification service that exists. CURRENT FUNDING $5 million SEEKING $3 million 505-180 King Street South Waterloo, ON, N2J 1P8 www.postrank.com06
  10. 10. ViafouraViafoura drives continual dialogue among online consumersthrough a patent pending system that utilizes split screen videodebate, text and gaming reward systems. We allow publishers toincrease user engagement, time spent, and page views aroundtheir content.As content becomes increasingly specialized, the degree ofengagement that consumers have around user generatedcontent is in many cases more powerful than the contentproduced by the publishers. This creates a massive opportunityto monetize these conversations between content publishersand content consumers.Improving legacy text-based commenting and forum systems,Viafoura provides a much needed industry standard technologyto increase engagement and increase ad revenues.COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGECurrent user engagement solutions that are primarily text-based fail to drive the improved experience now possible withrich media technology. It’s this added value for consumers thatalso allows us to monetize these conversations for publishers.Viafoura is the only platform that combines both thecommenting section and community section of websites intoa seamless user engagement tool. Viafoura at its core is builtaround obtaining user contributions through 3 different ways:Text, video and split screen video debate.CURRENT FUNDING$250,000SEEKING$1.25 million5500 Yonge St. Suite 2411North York, ON, M2N 07
  11. 11. Wave Accounting, Inc. Though every small business needs to do some form of accounting, two-thirds of them don’t use proper accounting tools due to cost, hassle or confusion. Our approach is to eliminate these three primary friction points while providing a superior accounting program for small businesses. By using a radically different business model and rolling out a free product, we fix the cost, complexity and confusion of accounting. Wave is a full accounting application (not just invoicing or cash flow). And it is totally free – not just a free trial, not just “freemium.” Wave connects to over 10,000 financial institutions, and imports data directly into the app. This allows the business owner to do away with manual entry and the ever-mounting backlogs of receipts – the most painful part of accounting. Wave then auto categorizes transactions to make things even easier. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Our new business model, with a $0 price tag, changes everything for small business owners on the fence. Bank data can easily be imported and auto categorized to allow for both personal and business expenses to be logged in a single application. As well, multiple businesses can be accessed through a single account. Wave Accounting also allows for unlimited collaboration with your accountant or business partners. Coming soon, the application will provide mobile features to allow OCR scanning of receipts and the ability to submit receipts via email. CURRENT FUNDING $1.5 million SEEKING $3 million 276-206 Carlaw Ave Toronto, ON, M4M 3L1 www.waveaccounting.com08
  12. 12. Key Contacts MaRS CONTACTS Krista Jones ICE Practice Lead (416) 414.0656 Peter Evans Sr. Advisor, ICE Practice (416) 624.3437 Mark Zimmerman Sr. Advisor, ICE Practice (647) 618.9449 MaRS Discovery District MaRS Centre, South Tower 101 College Street, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1L7 T 416.673.8416 F 416.673.8181 09
  13. 13. COMPANY CONTACTS gShift Labs Krista Lariviere Co-founder & CEO (705) 791.3436 InGamer Sports Inc. Nic Sulsky, Founder and CEO (416) 834.0413 OpenFile Wilf Dinnick Founding Editor (416) 583.2118 Postrank Inc. Carol Leaman, CEO (519) 514.0064 Viafoura Jesse S. Moeninifar Founder & CEO (416) 564.6228 Wave Accounting Kirk Simpson President & CEO (416) 662.116210
  14. 14. www.marsdd.comtwitter: @marsdd