MaRS Mavens answer the question“Innovation is…”


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MaRS Mavens answer the question“Innovation is…”

  1. 1. From Wikipedia:A trusted expert in a particular field, whoseeks to pass knowledge on to others. Onewho understands, based on an accumulationof knowledge.In network theory and sociology, a maven issomeone who has a disproportionateinfluence on other members of the network. Pg 2
  2. 2.  Leaders in their respective industries Passion for innovation Diversity of discipline and company High ranking credibility and insight Well liked and respected… Pg 3
  3. 3. pg 4
  4. 4. Pg 5
  5. 5. “Innovation is a keydriver of remainingcompetitive and viablein a competitive world.” Ferg Devins, Molson Pg 6
  6. 6. “At a macro level,innovation is the basisupon which we will beable to improve almostevery aspect of our livesfrom health to wealth; andalso, importantly, preserveour planet.” Mary Keating, Hill & Knowlton Pg 7
  7. 7. “My all-inclusive view ofinnovation would besolutions that can moveforward to make[something] better in thefuture.” Brenda van Ginkel, MaRS Advisor Pg 8
  8. 8. “In an increasingly competitive world, it isimperative that TIFF embraces innovation when itcomes to our audiences interaction with themoving image. Our mission is to transform theway people see the world through film - andinnovation needs to play a key role in thatprocess.TIFF Bell Lightbox, our new year-round home, is ahub that celebrates and champions cinemathrough diverse and wide ranging programming.We need to incorporate innovation into all ourofferings and ensure we continue to lead theindustry when it comes to innovation.” Jennifer Bell, TIFF Pg 9
  9. 9. “Innovation is the future forour children. Innovation turnsvisions and dreams intoreality. Innovation propels ourfuture by delivering miracles,improved efficiency andsustainability”. Nicole German, LinkedIn Pg 10
  10. 10. “Innovation is the primary enabler forsuccess for individuals, firms andcountries in the future. Industry afterindustry is being disrupted and theold ways of doing things falling away.If we dont lead with disruptive newsolutions that bring value in amodern world our personal,corporate and national opportunitieswill be significantly constrained.” Paul Barter, T4G Pg 11
  11. 11. “As a scientist and researcher, toexplore and innovate is at thecore of my being. To be part ofMaRS that nurtures and helpscommercialize innovations thatmay have never seen the light ofday because of the lack of theright support and guidance iswhat that keeps me engaged andexcited everyday.” Usha Srinavasan, MaRS Pg 12
  12. 12. “Innovation is the point ofentry: no longer is innovationsomething that distinguishesa forward-thinkingorganization from itscompetition, instead now its away of operating that needsto be built into the DNA of,well, everything.” Max Valiquette, Bensimon Byrne Pg 13
  13. 13. “Innovation is about turningfuture-friendly and radicallynew ideas, technologies andsocial concepts into exciting,useful and viable public,cultural and businessopportunities. It’s the oxygenfor healthy societies.” Sean Moffitt, MaRS Pg 14
  14. 14.  Paul Barter VP Research, T4G Jennifer Bell VP Communications, TIFF Willa Black VP, Corporate Affairs, Cisco Mary Jane Braide Principal, MJ Braide Lisa de Wilde CEO, TVO Ferg Devins Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Molson Nicole German Head of marketing, LinkedIn Barry Hillier Founder, Dashboard Mary Keating Senior VP, Hill & Knowlton Alison King President, Media Profile Pg 15
  15. 15.  Amber Macarthur Founder/TV Host, MGI Media/App Central Stuart Macdonald Chief Marketing & Revenue Officer, Freshbooks Idris Mootee CEO, Idea Couture Tony Pigott President & CEO, JWT Duncan Stewart Director of Research, Deloitte Kevin Stolarick Research Director, Martin Prosperity Institute Max Valiquette Managing Director–IP & Content, Bensimon Byrne Brenda van Ginkel MaRS Advisor Scotty Vanderwel VP Corporate Strategy/Planning, Rogers Kim Warburton VP Communications/PA, GE Canada Pg 16
  16. 16.  Ilse Treurnicht CEO Sean Moffitt Chair Joanne Thomsen VP, HR Chris Stevenson Dir, Comms. Karen Greve Young Dir, Strategy Usha Srinivasan VP, Market Intelligence Krista Jones Practice Lead, ICE Andrea Hamilton Senior Associate Todd Finch Business Development Karen Schulman Dupuis Digital Communications Earl Miller Strategic Partnerships Lisa Torjman Social Innovation/Solutions Lab Pg 17
  17. 17. pg 18