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Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) - Innovation Information Forum

  1. 1. OverviewInnovation Information Forum June 1, 2011 Bill Dobson Director, IRAP Ontario 2
  2. 2. NRC’S NEW STRATEGY•  Our vision: To be the most effective Research and Technology Organization (RTO) in the world, stimulating sustainable domestic prosperity•  Our role as an RTO: Market-driven organization whose primary job is to develop and deploy technology•  Our mission: Working with clients and partners, we provide strategic research, scientific and technical services to develop and deploy solutions to meet Canadas current and future industrial and societal needs. 3
  3. 3. Our business lines: Strategic R & D•  NRC helps industry and government address strategic national priorities through mission‐oriented research and technology development (including frontier science)•  Is an ROI based agenda – invest to achieve a defined outcome within a specified time frame•  Flagship programs are one part – national in scale; show casing NRC’s unique value proposition to deliver high impacts for Canada•  Other programs also support what matters to the country now and into the future (natural resources, environment, health costs, security, community infrastructure, and industry competitiveness. ) 4
  4. 4. Our business lines: Scientific Infrastructure•  NRC helps clients effectively utilize specialized scientific infrastructure  Includes managing the country’s large‐scale research infrastructure by leveraging our national perspective, international linkages and track record of providing facility access to user communities 5
  5. 5. Our business lines: Technical Services•  NRC helps clients solve immediate problems associated with the transfer, adoption and diffusion of technology by offering such services as testing, certification, calibration, prototyping, demonstration, scale‐ up and consulting•  Shorter term focus on client needs based largely on fee-for-service 6
  6. 6. Our business lines: IRAP•  NRC helps support the innovation activities – and helps build the innovation capacity – of Canadian small and medium‐enterprise (SME) clients by providing them with advisory services and financial support 7
  7. 7. What do we provide SMEs*?•  Customized technical and business advisory services•  Networking and linkages to other SME focused organizations, potential partners and investors•  Financial support* small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – Firms with up to 500 employees 8 Medicago, Québec, QC
  8. 8. What sort of financial support do we give?•  Financial contributions to firms to develop technologies, both domestically and globally•  Financial contributions to innovation collaborators for SME-targeted programs•  Financial assistance to hire new graduates – Youth Employment Program (YEP) 9 Sorcimed Biopharma Inc., Sackville, NB
  9. 9. The Support Process 10 10
  10. 10. Field Staff of the Program The ITA* Advantage Experience •  256 field staff Outreach •  75% have Masters or PhD •  Field staff are located in 147 offices / Services •  80% have specialized 100 communities •  R&D project advice industrial experience •  Each work with •  Competitive •  45% have run their 42 clients per year Technical Intelligence own R&D facility •  11 of their clients will •  Networking and linkages •  65% have some receive funding from •  Funding opportunities & experience in working NRC-IRAP programs at other federal government labs or •  Typically make 105 departments client site visits a year •  34% have been entrepreneurs*Industrial Technology Advisor - ITA 11 11
  11. 11. Where do we support clients? LEGEND NRC-IRAP Industrial Technology Advisor (ITA) NRC-IRAP Regional Office NRC Institute NRC Cluster 12
  12. 12. Budget Breakdown (FY 2010/11)FY 10/11 Budget $ 283.7 M Direct  support  to  clients  -­‐  $  264.2  M  Direct Support to ClientsContributions $ 235.5 M(Firms, Youth, Organizations)ITA Direct Service $ 28.7 MProgram AdministrationProgram Salaries $ 12.5 MAdmin / Operating $ 7.0 M# ITAs – 256 13
  13. 13. Who are our clients?NRC-IRAP worked with 8,578 SMEs*in 2009-2010, of which 2,871received some form of funding. 303784% < less than 193650 employees 1201 95465% < fewer than20 employees 188 352 377 222 352 74 BC AB SK MB ON QC NB NS PE NL* small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – Firms with up to 500 employees 14 14
  14. 14. Direct  support  for  business(2009-­‐10)   NRC-­‐Industrial  Research  Assistance  Program  (NRC-­‐IRAP)   NRC-­‐IRAP  EXPENDITURES  BY  INDUSTRY   SECTOR  (2009/10)   NRC-­‐IRAP  OBJECTIVES     •  S@mulate  wealth  crea@on  for  Canada  through   technological  innova@on  in  Canadian  SMEs  in   part  by  providing  direct  financing  support  for   business  R&D    Over  80%  of  clients  have  <  50  employees    65%  have  <  20  employees    Cuts  across  industry  sectors    Across  all  regions   15
  15. 15. Direct  support  for  business  (2009-­‐10)   NRC-­‐Industrial  Research  Assistance  Program  (NRC-­‐IRAP)   NRC-­‐IRAP  EXPENDITURES  BY  INDUSTRY   SECTOR  (2009/10)   NRC-­‐IRAP  OBJECTIVES     •  S@mulate  wealth  crea@on  for  Canada  through   technological  innova@on  in  Canadian  SMEs  in   part  by  providing  direct  financing  support  for   business  R&D    Over  80%  of  clients  have  <  50  employees    65%  have  <  20  employees    Cuts  across  industry  sectors    Across  all  regions   16
  16. 16. IRAP Expenditures by Industry Sector ( 2010-11 )Aerospace 3,110,000 (1.2%)Agriculture and Food 14,182,000 (5.9%)Construction and Related Products 15,772,000 (6.5%)Energy and Environment 21,451,000 (8.9%)Health and Life Sciences 26,424,000 (11.0%)ICT 88,230,000 (36.7%)Manufacturing and Materials 34,623,000 (14.4%)Other 37,105,000 (15.4%)TOTAL 240,900,000 (100.0%) 17
  17. 17. Contact usFor information on NRC-IRAP or to reach an ITA Call our toll-free number: 18
  18. 18. 19