Emerging energy generation and storage technology by John MacRitchie


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  • Smart Grid “Sector”Aggregates 4 related sectors associated with Smart Grid:AMIBehind the MeterData ManagementGrid AutomationPlotted based on:Market size as total of 4 sectorsCAGR as weighted averageStrength as average
  • Shows all sectors for Southern Ontario from Ottawa to Windsor.
  • Emerging energy generation and storage technology by John MacRitchie

    1. 1. Emerging energy generation and storage technology
    2. 2. What was Ontario’s ranking for solar PVinstallations in North America in 2010? 32% 1. 1st 25% 25% 2. 2nd 3. 3rd 18% 4. 4th 1 2 3 4
    3. 3. How much did Canada invest in energy- related research in 2009? 28% 1. $350M 26% 26% 2. $505M 21% 3. $708M 4. $1,430M 1 2 3 4
    4. 4. Between 2006 and 2011, how many energy-related academic research centres, laboratories and initiatives have been launched in Ontario? 32% 1. 11 29% 2. 23 23% 3. 49 16% 4. 75 1 2 3 4
    5. 5. ONTARIO ENERGY ASSET MAP June 2012The Ontario Centres of Excellence is made possible through the financial support of the Province of Ontario. Ontario Energy Asset Map
    6. 6. SECTOR COMPARISON Ontario Energy Asset Map
    7. 7. ALL SECTORS – SOUTHERN ONTARIO Ontario Energy Asset Map
    8. 8. MAJOR OBSERVATIONSA potential “sandbox” for innovationNeed to move to lock in and build on changesEnergy sectors are large and growing global opportunitiesFragmentationRange of companies, spread across sectors • “Sandbox” can attract some interesting new playersCompanies need Capital + Customers + Capacity Ontario Energy Asset Map
    9. 9. POTENTIAL FOCUS SECTORSSector Justification and Observations“Smart Grid” Related Leverage investments and combine with ICT experienceSectors to improve system performanceGrid Interconnection Leverage investment in renewables, research base, extend life and performance of local gridPHEV / PEV Existing significant automotive industry in Ontario makes it important to establish a position in what may develop as an important segment of the global automotive sectorEnergy Efficiency / Green ROIBuildings Opportunity to innovate business models and energy source combinationsNuclear Adaptation of CANDU experience to life extension, decommissioning Ontario Energy Asset Map
    10. 10. SPECULATIVE SECTORSSector Observations Ontario OpportunitySolar Photovoltaics • Several researchers with internationally • Development of significant(modules) recognized capabilities and next generation receptor capacity within technologies in development. Ontario that can • New technologies have the potential to be commercialize research disruptive to current generation of technologies. results and retain benefits within Ontario • Although a number of competing technologies are in development globally, it remains unclear which may prove to deliver the best performance and necessary production scalability.Storage • Storage technology, cost competitive to • Fit to Ontario needs –(including Hydrogen as alternative generation will be an enabler for incorporating morestorage medium) distributed, intermittent generation (such as distributed, renewable wind, solar, tidal) and transportation systems. generation and optimizing • Investments in distributed renewables provides nuclear base load generation. platform and demand for solutions • Start with high value, niche • Potential for a variety of technologies to exist, applications – microgrids, off- each with differentiated strengths. grid, capacity constrained areas. Ontario Energy Asset Map