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Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) - Innovation Information Forum


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Find out how the latest in federal government innovation and commercialization initiatives can help your business.

Public Works and Government Services Canada: Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP)

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Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP) - Innovation Information Forum

  1. 1. Canadian Innovation Programme canadien Commercialization pour la commercialisation Program des innovations To Kickstart Innovation Encourager linnovation Office  of  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises   Bureau  des  pe9tes  et  moyennes  entreprises   (OSME)   (BPME)  
  2. 2. 2  Overview   Context   Objectives   Approach   Calls  for  Proposals   Process   Outreach   Benefits  of  the  CICP   CICP  Contact  Information  
  3. 3. 3   Context   •  Current  government  programs  to  support  innovation  focus   Context   on:   Objectives   Early  research  and  development   Loans  /  financing   Approach   •  Budget  2010:  The  Canadian  Innovation  Commercialization   Calls  for     Proposals   Program  (CICP)  was  created  to  help  Canadian  enterprises,   particularly  small  and  medium  enterprises  (SMEs),  bridge   Process   the  “Pre-­‐commercialization  Gap”     Outreach   Enterprises  oBen   Government   experience  difficul9es   These  challenges  are   Benefits  of   recognizes  SMEs  are   moving  innova9ons   par9cularly  cri9cal  to    the  CICP   the  engine  of  the   from  laboratories  to   SMEs  CICP  Contact     Canadian  economy   the  marketplace  Information  
  4. 4. 4   Objectives   Assis9ng  in  bridging  the   “Pre-­‐commercializa9on   Context   Gap”   Objectives   Approach   Calls  for     Improving  the   Proposals   efficiency  and   Suppor9ng   effec9veness  of   Canadian   Process   Businesses   government   opera9ons   Outreach   Benefits  of    the  CICP   Providing  real-­‐world  CICP  Contact     evalua9ons  of  pre-­‐Information   commercial  goods  and   services  
  5. 5. 5   Approach   Context   Over  a  two-­‐year  period,  the  government  will  procure   pre-­‐commercial  innovations  to  be  tested  by  federal   Objectives   departments   Approach   Calls  for     Proposals   These  innovations  will  focus  on  four  priority  areas:   Process   Outreach   Benefits  of    the  CICP  CICP  Contact    Information  
  6. 6. 6   Calls  for  Proposals   Context   • Calls  for  Proposals  (CFP)  will  be  posted  on  MERXTM   Objectives   •  Additional  information  available  on     Approach   • CFP  will  include  mandatory  and  point-­‐rated  criteria   Calls  for     Proposals   • Proposals  must:   Process   Be    valued  at   Not  have  been   Be  provided  by   Include  80%   Outreach   $500K  or  less   sold   Canadian   Canadian   (GST/HST  and   commercially   bidders   content   Benefits  of   shipping  extra)    the  CICP  CICP  Contact    Information  
  7. 7. 7   Process   Start Call  for   Proposal   Context   Proposals are submitted through the Objectives   Once match online submission department is found service as outlined in Test Plan is carried Product/   NRC-­‐IRAP   the CFP Approach   out and feedback is Service  Tes6ng   Evaluates   provided Proposals   Calls  for     Proposals   Process   Innova6on   Top scoring PWGSC will work Matching  to   Selec6on   innovations are Outreach   with successful Government   Commi;ee   reviewed by the suppliers to identify Departments   (ISC)   ISC test department Benefits  of    the  CICP   Final  Ranking  CICP  Contact     of  Proposals   PWGSC will send notification letters toInformation   suppliers outlining results
  8. 8. 8   Outreach   Context   The  Office  of  Small  and  Medium  Enterprises  (OSME)   will  host  and  participate  in  events  across  the  country   Objectives   Approach   These  events  will:   Calls  for     Proposals   Process   Outreach   Benefits  of    the  CICP  CICP  Contact    Information  
  9. 9. 9   Benefits  of  CICP   Context   Find  innova9ons  not  yet  available  in  the   marketplace  to  address  specific  departmental   Objectives   challenges  and  needs  and  increase  efficiency.   Approach   Federal   Test,  use  and  assess  the  latest  Canadian   Calls  for     government   Proposals   innova9ons.   departments   Process   will  have  the   opportunity   Meet  face  to  face  with  innova9ve  suppliers  of   Outreach   to:   goods  and  services.   Benefits  of    the  CICP  CICP  Contact     Promote  innova9on  and  support  the  Information   development  of  Canadian  businesses.  
  10. 10. 10   Benefits  of  CICP   Businesses  will  have  the  opportunity  to   Context   Objectives   Be  be^er   Sell     prepared  to   Approach   Connect  with   pre-­‐commercial   Receive  feedback   enter  the   poten9al  clients   innova9ons  to   Calls  for     on  tested   marketplace   in  federal   the  Government   Proposals   innova9ons  in     with  the   government   of  Canada   an  opera9onal   knowledge   Process   departments  and   through  a   se]ng   obtained   showcase   compe99ve   through   innova9ons   procurement   Outreach   par9cipa9on  in   process   this  program   Benefits  of    the  CICP   Businesses  will  also  gain  valuable  knowledge  on  how  to  sell  their  goods  and  CICP  Contact     services  to  the  Government  of  Canada  and  learn  about  bidding  opportuni9es.  Information  
  11. 11. 11   CICP  Contact  Information   Context   Objectives   Public  General  E-­‐mail   Approach   Calls  for     Proposals   Program  Website   Process   innovation   Outreach   Benefits  of    the  CICP  CICP  Contact    Information