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Selex ES EW Solutions Seminar at Paris Air Show 2013


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Selex ES EW Solutions Seminar at Paris Air Show 2013

  1. 1. Avoid – Evade - CounterSelex ES Electronic Warfare (EW) Solutions
  2. 2. THREATBECOMESAir Operations – EM SpectrumThis is the Battlespace10-1110-910-710-510-310-110 103105VISIBLERADIORADARIRUVEXPLOITATIONBECOMESDISCOVERUSE
  3. 3. The EM EnvironmentThis is Electronic Warfare• Essential to manage ‘intangible’ EW• Theatre Entry Standard• To manage risk• Coalition participation• Coalition contribution• Complexity increasing• Lessons from Libya• Breadth of Threat• New systems• Legacy systems
  4. 4. Avoid – Evade - CounterCOMBATTACTICALSTRATEGICAVOID EVADE COUNTERUnderstand theEnvironment World-leadingcapability-basedsolutionsResponsive andflexibleThrough-lifecapability
  5. 5. EW OODA LoopAVOID EVADE COUNTERObserve – Orientate – Decide - Act
  6. 6. Full Spectrum EW PartnerInformationManagementFullyIntegrated SystemsIncreasing need for supportsolutionsIntegration of sub-systemsat the information level.Good EW data = MissionAdvantage.Sensors CountermeasuresSold stand-aloneor as part of anintegrated system.Receiver Sub-systems Transmitter Sub-systemsTransducersPowerModulesSignalProcessingMicrowave, Digital, EOModulesTechniqueGeneratorsResult of ExtensiveApplied Research
  7. 7. Avoid – Evade - CounterMissionPlanningMissionPlanningMission DataSet ProductionMission DataSet ProductionMission DataSet ValidationMission DataSet ValidationEW DataAnalysisEW DataAnalysisEWDatabaseEWDatabaseELINTDataELINTDataIntelligenceIntelligence Mission Replay& DebriefMission Replay& DebriefEWOS SolutionsFull Range of EWOS Solutions Enabling Sovereign EW CapabilityFly theMissionFly theMission
  8. 8. SAGE Digital ESM• Low Size-Weight-Power with full 360°coverage• Very high sensitivity & DF accuracy in ESM mode• High accuracy single platform geo-location• Very high probability of interception - RWR• Fine analysis of designated emission• Fully programmable Mission Data FileLightweight, Compact and Highly Capable ESM Designed For All Platform TypesAvoid – Evade - Counter
  9. 9. SEER Advanced RWRHigh performance low cost RWR:• Superior Detection Range• Instantaneous emitter ID• Highly accurate threat classification• User programmable• Compact and light-weight – low SWAP• Modular & scalable, including bandextensionsAvoid – Evade - CounterWorld Leading Performance in a Compact, Light Weight Package
  10. 10. Avoid – Evade - CounterPC based Mission Data Set programming tool• supports multiple Mission Data Sets• emitter library creation / editing• ambiguity analysis• replay facilityNCAISSovereign control of EW data and system performanceMissionData SetAmbiguityanalysisMissionreplayProgramming Tools
  11. 11. Aircraft Gateway ProcessorAvoid – Evade - CounterExistingAvionicse.g. 1553MWS RWRCMDSOtherse.g. HFILWRMultiple Bus Interfaces & discrete I/O toaccommodate old and new ASEAIRCRAFT ASETXDAS DataAircraftComms• Data fusion• ASE coordination & control• User-defined tactics and responses• Centralised data recording & BITNetworke.g. FBCB2(JBC-P)Networke.g. FBCB2(JBC-P)AircraftAvionicsCoordinated response, reduced crew workload, simplified ASE integration
  12. 12. Avoid – Evade - Counter• Latest generation DIRCM system– Small, light weight, low power draw– high power on target– Federated or podded solutions• Dependable, persistent, superior protection• Reliable and combat proven technology• 20 years DIRCM experience• World leader in airborne lasersOne DIRCM system for all platform types
  13. 13. Avoid – Evade - CounterWe Invest £15M annually in Research & Development ProgramsThreats continually evolve, adapt and proliferateAnd so does Selex ESWe lead the way in development of the next generation EWcountermeasures and will soon launch the world’s mostadvanced RF decoy. Key features will include:• Off-board DRFM jamming• Rapid Response• Increased miss distances• ‘Fire & Forget’• Protection against all major threats• Mission programmable• Very low integration costsLooking To The Future
  14. 14. Avoid – Evade - CounterSelex ES EW SolutionsYour Full Spectrum EW Partner