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Alenia Aermacchi at Paris Air Show 2013


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Alenia Aermacchi at Paris Air Show 2013

  1. 1. Alenia Aermacchi global player:100 years of design,development, production andsupport of civil and militaryaircraft
  2. 2. Gregory AlegiParis | 19 June 2013Alenia AermacchiA century of Italian aircraft industry
  3. 3. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffo1.The Origins: Italian capitals, foreign technologies2.Lean Years: Technology driven by records3.Ten Years of Conflicts: Operations vs. Investment4.Rebuilding an Industry: Forging links, conquering markets5.Consolidating Names and Technologies: The National Champion6.Conclusions
  4. 4. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoYear Total Flown Testsw/o flightTests On display Insufficient data1909 13 4 (30%) 2 3 4 01910 34 13 (38%) 6 9 4 21911 18 10 (55%) 0 7 0 11912 15 13 (87%) 0 2 0 01913 17 15 (88%) 1 0 0 11914 * 4 4 (100%) 0 0 0 0Total 101 58 (57%) 10 22 8 4Aircraft of Italian Design and Construction (1909-1914)* Until August Source: P. Magni archive dataTonini Monorebus, 19111913-1918The Challenge of Building AircraftThe Origins
  5. 5. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoNieuport Type 10.000May 1, 1913:Nieuport-Macchiincorporated… after the first aircrafthad been builtThe First Macchi19 Nov 1912F.lli Macchi decides to build two aircraftfor Italian Army competitionAgreement with Nieuport (France)Creates Aviation Dept. at F.lli MacchiBy 31 Dec. 1912: 10 staff working onaircraft5 Apr. 1913-N-M in charge of tech management-F.lli Macchi in charge of productionThe OriginsTechnologyWood trussFabric covering80 HP engineNo systems
  6. 6. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoItalian Aircraft Industry in Nov. 1918 From licenses to world-class own designs (M.5, SVA) Built 12,400 aircraft Outproduced main opponent by 230 % 27 airframe manufacturers, 360+ firms in industry Created quality standards and processesAnsaldo SVA prototype (1917)Macchi M.5 seaplane fighter (1916)Farman MF.14Technology400 HP enginesArmamentGunsightsThe Origins
  7. 7. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoLean Years Postwar market contraction: companies leave aviation Limited budgets, Army has lion’s share Technology stagnation, in part because of surplus stocks Airline market does not yet exist Creation of Italian Air Force stabilizes market From 1926 coherent industrial policy Controlled growth, cost-plus pricing Design firms specialized by role, standardized production Prototypes and racers to exercise design staffs1919-1934Technology Driven by RecordsFiat CR.1Romeo Ro. 1TechnologySteel truss400 HP engineEarly radios
  8. 8. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoLean YearsIn 192743 aircraft built (47% under license)M.52 racers are 9% of total, 20% of proprietaryThe MC.72 racer 2,000+ HP First flown 22 June 1931 Systematic development (1931-34) Flutter, cooling, aerodynamics experience 709 kmph World speed record 23 October 1934Records as R&D: the Macchi case Macchi MC.72Provides know-how for MC.200 fighterBest performing first-gen ItalianmonoplaneLeads to 2,500 aircraft familyMacchi MC.200
  9. 9. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoLean Years Italy at war in Ethiopia, Spain, WW2 Early successes, govt support lead to export success Quantitative growth constrains investment Multiplication of manufacturers and types Overlaps with technology revolution(trusses to stressed-skin, wood to metal etc) No planning for extended, global war Short-term success, medium-long obsolescence1935-1945Ten Years of ConflictsFiat CR.32
  10. 10. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoPerformance is Not EnoughFiat G.55Several good designs hampered by Poor program management (changes etc.) Multiplication of undersized design offices Vertically integrated production model Skilled labor rather than capital investment Small batches rather than large orders Inadequate engine industry Peacetime procedures and mentalityTwo years to decide between threelargely identical fightersReggiane RE.2005TechnologyStressed-skin metal structures1,475 HP engineFlaps, VP propeller, retracting gear, radio, oxygenHydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systemsMacchi C.205Lean Years
  11. 11. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffoAerfer Sagittario2° Facilities damaged/plundered Industry shrinks by a factor of 10 Technology gap Brain drain Punitive 1947 peace treaty Cold War and NATO turn the tide UK/US licenses critical to resume activity ERP/MDAP also crucial Rebuilding complete by 19561946-1956Forging LinksTechnologyStressed-skin metal structuresJet enginesPressurized cockpitsEjection seatsMacchi MB.308Rebuilding an Industry
  12. 12. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiRuffo With Germany: Fiat G.91R/T With de-colonized countries: Macchi MB.326 With USA: Aerfer (overhauls, then DC-9) Transatlantic & pan-European: the F-104G program Receiving high-end tech Transferring moderate tech Product support Growing ambition1956-1969Forging LinksTechnologyAvionicsCNCSkillsCollaboratingSupportFiat G.91Macchi MB.326Douglas DC-9
  13. 13. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiConsolidating Names and TechnologiesDesign sophistication and market competition demand Overcoming fragmentation Concentrating and increasing R&D Critical mass Shift focus from manufacture to design Proprietary products (G.222/C-27, ATR, AMX) Internationalization1969-2011Towards a National ChampionFiat (airframes) + Aerfer + Salmoiraghimerge into Aeritalia50/50 public-private partnershipTechnologyCompositesSkillsSystem integrationTest & SimulationCertificationBoeing 767ATR 42Tornado
  14. 14. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiConsolidating Names and TechnologiesFrom Aeritalia to Alenia AermacchiC-27JM346Concentration accelerates development Aeritalia (1969-1989) Launches Tornado, ATR, 767, AMX, Eurofighter Incubator for businesses later spun off Merger with Selenia to create Alenia (1990) Key player in reorganization of Italian A&D sector Aermacchi acquires SIAI Marchetti trainer line (1996)creating Italian training pole Alenia acquires Aermacchi (2003) Launch RRSP in 787 Industry concentration completed in 2012TechnologyUASStealthSkillsPartnershipUpgradingEurofighter
  15. 15. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiA Century at a Glance
  16. 16. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiConclusionsIndustrial heritage✈Over 25,000 aircraft built by Alenia Aermacchi and itsheritage companies✈Over 4,200 Alenia Aermacchi aircraft built by itslicensees✈About 1,700 aircraft built by Alenia Aermacchisubsidiaries✈Aerostructures for about 15,000 aircraftIndustrial organization✈Two divisions for Civil and Military aircraft (incl. Trainers)✈Nine integrated production centers (tech/product)✈Leader in regional aircraft and trainers✈Joint ventures and consortia (incl. Eurofighter, ATR, SJI)✈Balanced military-civil production✈Balanced proprietary and joint programs✈Supports 200+ customers in 90+ countries✈Over 11,000 staffA single company from January 1, 2012
  17. 17. 19 June2013|Gregory AlegiConclusionsThe Fundamental Things Apply✈Stable long-term vision✈Committed to developing, integrating, buildingand supporting fixed-wing aircraft✈Well-established international partnering skillswith both US and European industry✈The World’s oldest aircraft manufacturer incontinuous existence under its nameThank you !Merci !Grazie !
  18. 18. Alenia Aermacchi today:The new generation advanced trainer that won all theopen tenders so far - M-346, 57 aircraft orderedBest seller Battlefield airlifter - C-27J,91 aircraft ordered
  19. 19. Best seller Regional passegner aircraft - ATR family, morethan 1250 aircraft orderedBest Seller screener-basic trainer - SF-260, more than 900aircraft orderedBest seller new generation Multi-role fighter - Eurofighter,571 aircraft ordered