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Reviews web marketing experts 2013 03_12_07_57_29_357

  1. 1. H1 – Reviews of Web Marketing Experts: You’re Doing It Every DayDid you know that every day, you conduct many reviews of web marketing experts? No otherprofessional in the world is so constantly under scrutiny. Thousands of people every minute makedecisions based on web marketing and yet we don’t every know it. Nor do we know the people who areweb marketing experts. Many of us will never meet a web marketing expert, but we are still judgingthem every single day.As soon as you open your email account in the morning, you start making judgements of web marketingexperts. Why would a dodgy sex site think it was a good idea to send me that terrible email? You thinkwhen a spam email makes its way through your junk filter. I’m obviously not going to click on that link –it’s far too long to be from a legitimate website – and why didn’t they proof their grammar? You’ve beenon your computer five minutes and you’re already thinking that a web marketer, somewhere in theworld, made a couple of bad decisions at their job.The reviews of web marketing experts continue throughout the day – but at least you’ll come acrosssomeone who has made a right decision. When you choose to click on a Facebook ad for a productyou’re interested in or follow a link to an event that a promoter has posted on Twitter, you are sendingthe marketer a little thumbs up of approval. Well done, you’re saying, you’ve achieved your goal. Youdon’t know the web marketer and they don’t know you, but the two of you have communicated with alittle click of a mouse. A little click that echoes ‘good job’.And that’s the hidden truth of the matter. That only your positive reviews of web marketing experts getback to them. When their company’s website gets a hit or a sale, when they get more followers onTwitter or fans on Facebook, then they know they’re doing a good job. The only thing that tells themthey’re doing a bag job is silence. Web marketers are a little bit like musicians or actors – at the end ofthe performance, if the audience is completely silent, you’ve mucked up in some manner. Hell, evenbooing or bad feedback is productive – at least someone’s paying attention and you’re probably gettingmore publicity. And all publicity is good publicity.