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We are an on-site push engine for marketers. In very simple terms, our product allows marketing/product teams to push contextually targeted messages/offers/promotions and questionnaires to users on their site in different UI formats based on rules. E.g using WE, an e-commerce companies reduce cart abandonment on the spot; by showing a coupon code to a user when (s)he is trying to leave the cart page without making the purchase .. such a "notification" can be configured to display ONLY to "repeat buyers with atleast $200 worth of goods in the cart". The latter part is what we call as rules.

Wanna reach out to us? We are listening - support[at]webengage]dot[com

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Marketing Deck

  1. 1. Stop measuring your goals in Google Analytics. Start achieving them using WebEngage. Convert your visitors into buyers and repeat customers -
  2. 2. Introducing Goals And Conversions Have you been setting goals inside GA to track discrete actions (like sign-ups, sales, leads etc) on your website? Did you ever wonder how cool would it be to not just measure, but actually achieve your goals? We heard you! Say hello to Goals and Conversions. With WebEngage, you can now choose from ready-to-use solutions for any goal that you may have. E.g you can run a newsletter sign-up survey campaign for your returning users, if your goal was to “improve newsletter subscription base”. Here's how our goals and conversions work. In 3 simple steps. Step 1: Define your Goal Other goals ... Lead Generation Collect Insights Customer Acquisition E-Commerce Reduce cart abandonment Target campaign for SEO/SEM traffic Improve sales during off-peak hours (Happy Hour Sale) Run deal-of-the-day Publish offers on certain categories/products Improve product visibility Run customer satisfaction surveys post purchase Push promotions based on user profile/purchase history Add your own
  3. 3. Step 2: Choose your solution Choose from a wide range of available options on how to engage your users to achieve this goal. To collect user inputs, use Surveys. To present an offer/message with a call-to-action, use Notifications. Banner Notification Full Page Survey Mini Survey Modal ... and many more Notification Apply targeting rules: For users who landed on the site via SEM - all brand shoe keyword campaign are about to leave cart page have items belonging to shoes category Wait ... want to purchase this shoe? How about a $5 discount? Use coupon code A1BNOW in the next 5 mins to avail your discount. Wow! I love it No, I don't like discounts New Tab 01 And And
  4. 4. Step 3: Track your conversions, in real-time 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Prospective cart abandons matching your rule : 45 Prospective abandoned cart value (GMV) : $10,200 Abandons matching your rule that got recovered: 20 Recovered cart value (GMV): $1,140 04/01 04/02 04/03 04/04 04/05 04/06 04/07 Prospective abandons (GMV) Date Abandons converted to sales (GMV) $75,410 Conversion rate for this goal (on GMV) $9,230 12.24% # of cart abandons and converts
  5. 5. Need more reasons? Reduce Cart Abandonment We help you identify customers who are likely to bounce off, from the cart page. Pop a discount code in real-time and rope them back in! Increase Customer Engagement Sites can be a never ending maze for customers. Our push notification engine is designed to make them feel at home while browsing. Measure Customer Satisfaction When is the right time to seek feedback from customers about their buying experience? We say, right there on the site, just after the purchase! Generate More Leads Want to increase newsletter subscriptions? Want to get qualified leads from prospects on your pricing or cart page? We are here to help. Get Product Insights Know what customers are looking for, on your website. More importantly, find out what’s missing from your catalog. Feedback / Voice of Customer Listen to the voice of your customers and employ an iterative cycle of product development based on continuous feedback. Cross-sell & Up-sell Leverage your differentiated catalog by helping customers discover unexplored products.
  6. 6. Our Products On-site Survey Customer insights platform that enables real time collection of data from users on your website. It helps you generate leads and conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Get insights beyond Google Analytics! Push Notification Push messaging tool to enhance customer engagement. It helps you increase your sales by enabling you to make real time targeted offers & promotions to users on your website. Customer Feedback A Voice of Customer (VoC) platform that enables feedback collection. It helps you collect insights, get bug reports and resolve customer support queries. It bridges the gap between your team and customers. How it works? Choose a Plan Enter Site Details Get & add Integration One time integration No code changes thereafter Real time dashboard! Works on all platforms: The WebEngage widget is available in more than 30 languages. Code to your Site. Voila you are done!
  7. 7. Built for marketing, with love ... Underneath is a sample of how easy we have made it for product and marketing teams to build their own push notifications. Step 1: Create a Notification Preview Title Step 2: Specify Targeting Rules Step 3: Activate Clickstream Devices Contains iPhone Referrer Contains mens-ad-campaign-1 City Equals to NY or SF Start date End date 21-May-2014 28-May-2014 Go-Live! 10 seconds Engagement Time Spent Greater than Site URL Contains /category/electronics Segmentation User Type Equals to Premium User LTV Greater than USD 5000 And And And And And And Are you interested in buying this phone Description use SNAP101 as your coupon code and get 5% off Proxima Nova H4 B I U Call-to-action I want this now! Theme Create your own Are you interested in buying this phone? use SNAP101 as your coupon code and get 5%off I want this now No, I don’t like discounts.
  8. 8. Targeted Offers Create a wow experience for your users with contextual messaging and highly targeted offers. Well, who doesn’t like to combine a jacket with a shirt? New Tab 01 The new way of cross-selling to users on your website. You may also like ... Wanna pair up your jacket with this T-shirt? MRP: $50 Price for you $40 Yes, I want this! give me deadlines & I’ll show u how to miss ‘em Sample Notification
  9. 9. Sample Survey and Notification Reduce Cart Abandonment On your cart page, our proprietary algorithms gauge the user intent. In layman terms, we figure out whether the user is about to leave or wishes to complete the transaction. In either of the scenarios, you could choose to engage with the right message at the right time. A sample of preset survey for users about to exit the cart page. A sample of preset up-sell notification for users who intend to complete the purchase New Tab 01 New Tab 01 Do you mind telling us what’s stopping you from completing your purchase? I am facing credit card issues I am getting it cheaper on another site I need help. Contact me at Next Add these extra goodies to your gift basket! $10 + Add $15 + Add $15 + Add
  10. 10. Measure Customer Satisfaction Do you send surveys in email post purchase to seek customer feedback? What’s the response rate? - Less than 1%? Switch to our on-site customer satisfaction surveys. We guarantee you a response rate of more than 25%! There is no better way to get valuable insights for your product and marketing teams. Measure customer satisfaction with over 25% response rate! New Tab 01 Thanks for your purchase! Could you please take 2 mins to let us know about your shopping experience? To begin with, please rate your experience .. Excellent Could be better Pathetic powered by Catalog Pricing / Deals Checkout Overall Experience Next Sample Survey
  11. 11. Our Customers ... and this is you
  12. 12. The most powerful on-site customer engagement suite for your online business Trusted by 22,000+ websites globally Meet us A-602, Lotus Corporate Park Off Western Express Highway Jay Coach, Goregaon (East) Mumbai 400063 India Contact us