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Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age - National Association of Professional Organizers


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This deck was presented to the National Association of Professional Organizers at the New England Chapter Professional Development Seminar in October 2014.

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Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age - National Association of Professional Organizers

  1. 1. Sunday, October 26, 14
  2. 2. Marketing Your Small Business in the Digital Age presented for National Association of Professional Organizers Sunday, October 26, 14
  3. 3. WHERE IS YOUR MARKETING What channels do you use to reach customers? How can you use online marketing channels to reach MORE CUSTOMERS and reach DEEPER into your existing customer base? Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 3 Sunday, October 26, 14
  4. 4. SEMINAR OVERVIEW Today we will cover... Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 4 EVOLUTION OF SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS TODAY SOCIAL MEDIA & YOUR SMALL BUSINESS BREAK SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES RESOURCES Q&A CONCLUSION NOTES full slides provided by email, provide your business card or to me email after presentation MUTE PHONE please turn off cell phones for the courtesy of other guests BREAK 5 minute break network, stretch, hand in questions for Q&A Sunday, October 26, 14
  5. 5. EVOLUTION of small business marketing Sunday, October 26, 14
  6. 6. MARKET CONDITIONS 60 YEARS AGO The 1950’s Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 6 1 - POST WWII BABY BOOMERS The post war era brought prosperity to the United States, which ushered in an age of consumerism. The children of this generation, the baby boomers, had more opportunity to acquire possessions. 2 - GROWTH OF CONSUMERISM As consumerism grew, the ability to house one’s possessions became a concern. The self storage industry, for businesses and consumers, takes hold. 3 - A CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR Income level increases and access to more markets globally changed the way that Americans buy and retain possessions. Sunday, October 26, 14
  7. 7. MARKETING 50 YEARS AGO The 1960s Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 7 1 - THE ERA OF ELVIS As the King sings his way into America’s hears and the Beatles come across the pond, we enter a new era of marketing centered around this age of consumerism... outbound marketing. 2 - THE 4 P’S The marketing method of Product, Price, Promotion and Place is the standard. This starts a new type of PUSH marketing that allows small business to market directly to target customers. 3 - MARKETING MYOPIA THEORY The concept of ‘selling products’ is replaced with the idea of concentrating on meeting customer needs. This is the birth of modern, customer-focused marketing that we use today. Sunday, October 26, 14
  8. 8. MARKETING 25 YEARS AGO The late 80’s to early 90’s 1 - FOREFRONT OF TECH MARKETING Internet access is still a new technology, but the idea of trying new methods of delivery for marketing messages is exciting. From fax promotions to email addresses, more opportunities are emerging. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 8 2 - ONLINE BROCHURES The early websites of the 1990’s are online brochures. With basic product information, maybe some photos (very small), these are the first attempts at reducing printing costs while making info available to a wide audience. 3 - TRADITIONAL MARKETING’S ROLE Since email is still relatively unheard of, traditional advertising via Yellow Pages, print ads, broadcast and trade shows are the best methods for small businesses. Sunday, October 26, 14
  9. 9. MARKETING 10 YEARS AGO Turn of the 21st Century Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 9 1 - ONLINE MARKETING EXPLODES Websites are a necessary part of marketing, search engines are the main way for businesses to find information and suppliers. 2 - PRINT MARKETING COSTS RISE Early websites are replacing brochures and email is replacing printed mailings to reduce marketing costs for small business. 3 - ONE SIDED MESSAGING Despite all the technological advances of the last decade, technology marketing still feels one-sided. Small business can PUSH messages out to customers and prospects, but hearing BACK is a challenge. Sunday, October 26, 14
  10. 10. MARKETING TODAY A new era in small business marketing Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age SEARCH MARKETING through ads and optimization GROUP BUYING building brand through massive social promotion 10 WEBSITE interactive websites that showcase products and provide customer service SOCIAL MEDIA connecting with customers where they live and socialize BLOGS giving your company an active voice and your customers direct contact EMAIL marketing that reaches all customer types via smartphones and computers MOBILE MARKETING marketing via smartphones for more accessibility to customers and prospects WEBINARS & VIDEO demonstrating products, showcase features and meet with customers and prospects $ Sunday, October 26, 14
  11. 11. MARKETING your small business today Sunday, October 26, 14
  12. 12. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 25% 25% 25% 25% YOUR MARKETING PLAN What does your plan look like? 12 1. PRINT MARKETING Brochures; business cards; print ads; direct mail. 2. EVENT MARKETING Trade shows and industry events. 3. ONLINE MARKETING Website, email, search, social, video. 4. MOBILE MARKETING Mobile websites, mobile email marketing, maps. How often do you take the pulse of your marketing efforts? Sunday, October 26, 14
  13. 13. TRADITIONAL MARKETING Balance your reach Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 13 • It should be part of your plan While much of the world has gone digital, you still need some aspects of traditional marketing to meet your goals. • It should not be your only effort Limiting yourself to strictly offline channels limits your reach to customers. You must be online and be ACTIVE online to reach out to your full market potential. • It should not be the majority of your expenditures It is expensive. It is often one-sided. It is limited in reach. • Signage and Trade Shows The only traditional methods that still give roughly the same pay off for the investment as they have historically. Sunday, October 26, 14
  14. 14. YOUR WEBSITE Your home base online How many customers visit your website each month? Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 14 IT’S MORE THAN A BROCHURE Offer interactive options like video, online assessments or downloadables. Can prospects easily contact you from your site? OFFER CUSTOMER INTERACTION Use a blog or integrate your social media profile to allow customers to communicate directly. V I SUA L S A R E IMPORTANT Poor quality images equate to a reputation for poor quality work. Put your bes t face forward. Sunday, October 26, 14
  15. 15. YOUR WEBSITE Considerations Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 15 Adding Interactivity Monitoring Traffic Photographic Quality Contact Information Sunday, October 26, 14
  16. 16. YOUR WEBSITE Adding Interactivity Make your site experience interesting for your visitors by incorporating interactive elements for them. This organizer greets the visitor with a professionally produced video and offers downloadables to draw the visitor in and collect their email address. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 16 Sunday, October 26, 14
  17. 17. YOUR WEBSITE Monitoring traffic Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 17 Monitor your website traffic regularly, using a free tool like Google Analytics, to see how well your site is doing. Learn where your site visitors are coming from, what pages they most prefer, and where they ‘fall off ’ or leave your site so you can try to capture their information before they leave. Sunday, October 26, 14
  18. 18. YOUR WEBSITE Photographic Quality From the perspective of a new customer, the quality of your work is only as good as the pictures you provide. Invest in a quality camera and take the time to learn how to take a top quality photograph of your work. If you can afford it, consider hiring a professional photographer to visit your installations and photograph them for you. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 18 Sunday, October 26, 14
  19. 19. YOUR WEBSITE Make sure they can contact you A simple contact form that collects important information like the customer’s contact information is vital to lead follow up. Also be sure the customer can easily find your contact information, including social media links, so that they can contact you for an immediate need. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 19 Sunday, October 26, 14
  20. 20. EMAIL MARKETING A critical part of your marketing plan Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 20 Although a well-established online marketing tool, email marketing is not ‘old school’. It is still the most effective way to reach your customers and prospects. • Customer email Addresses Do you currently collect customer email addresses? • How Often Reach Out? Outside of the sales process, how often do you communicate with your customers? • Promotional email Do you offer periodic specials to encourage repeat business? • Drip Campaign Stay on your customer’s radar screen by offering regular information in their inbox. • Cross Promote Partner to gain exposure to new customers. Sunday, October 26, 14
  21. 21. EMAIL MARKETING STATISTICS Why small business should consider email marketing Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age OR DISCOUNT RECEIVED VIA EMAIL THE 8 OUT OF 10 RECEIVE EMAILS IN PERSONAL 21 Coupon Users Marketers Recipients Low Cost MADE USE OF A COUPON 40% OF B2B MARKETERS RATED THE LEADS THEY GENERATED THROUGH EMAIL MARKETING AS HIGH QUALITY LEADS 40% OF PEOPLE SURVEYED CLAIMED TO ENJOY RECEIVING WEEKLY MARKETING EMAILS FROM BRANDS THEY LIKE AND DEAL SERVICES 0 20 40 60 80 7 IN 10 PRIOR WEEK/MONTH ACCOUNT Data provided courtesy of the 2012 Blue Kangaroo Survey on Marketing Emails and Software Advice Survey. Read more email marketing statistics here. Sunday, October 26, 14
  22. 22. SEARCH MARKETING Can your customers find you? Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 22 • Does your website rank? Can customers and prospects find you by your company name? Or your product type? What a bou t g eog r ap h i c - s p e c i fi c searches? • Search Engine Advertising Have you tried advertising on Google, Bing or Yahoo? • Geolocation If you have a store location, can it be easily found on a map for customers who need to visit you or want to be sure you are local to them? Sunday, October 26, 14
  23. 23. SEARCH MARKETING Types of Search Marketing Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 23 1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION This involves managing your site’s content to ensure it shows up in “organic” search results. 2. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING This is the purchase of advertising space on a search engine, to ensure your site shows up in the top levels of search. Sunday, October 26, 14
  24. 24. SEARCH MARKETING STATISTICS Why search is important for small business Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 58% OF SEARCHERS NEVER SCROLL PAST THE 24 searches searchers beginnings local 56% OF ALL SEARCHES ARE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS 59% OF ONLINE EXPERIENCES (INCLUDING B2B AND CONSIDERED PURCHASES) BEGIN WITH A SEARCH ENGINE 61% OF NEW CUSTOMERS USE SEARCH TO FIND A LOCAL BUSINESS 0 17.5 35 52.5 70 Data provided courtesy of the website. Read more web search marketing statistics here. Sunday, October 26, 14
  25. 25. BLOG MARKETING Communicate and share Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 25 PROVIDE INDUSTRY INFO B l o g s p rov i d e imp o r t a n t i n d u s t r y information, showing your customers that you are current and informed in your field BUILD CONVERSATION Blogs allow you to have a dialogue with customers and prospects, answering their questions and sharing your knowledge SEARCH BENEFITS Blogs create fresh content regularly, which help with search results. Sunday, October 26, 14
  26. 26. BLOG MARKETING Psychology Behind the Strategy Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 26 • Remember that many clients feel shame or embarrassment about their perceived failure. Your blog can reassure them that you are a “safe” alternative to their current situation. • Clients may want to try organizing themselves before they admit they need help. Guide them through the process, and give them confidence that when they are ready, you are the right person for them to call. • While services may be local, blogs are GLOBAL. You can reach a wider audience with a blog than with local marketing, which increases your overall presence for the local market as well. Sunday, October 26, 14
  27. 27. MOBILE MARKETING Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 27 2012 2013 2015 PREDICTIONS 46% of US consumers own a smartphone More people will use mobile phones than PCs to go online One mobile device for every person on the planet Mobile searches have grown by 400% since 2010 61% of smartphone users call a business after searching, and 59% visit the location Why you need to think about mobile Data provided courtesy of Google Engage for Agencies, American and Internet Life Project, Gartner and Cisco. Sunday, October 26, 14
  28. 28. MOBILE MARKETING Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 28 What you can do to capitalize on the revolution 1 - CREATE A MOBILE SITE If you don’t already have a mobile site, make sure your site is mobile-enabled. Users want a site that is easy to navigate and helps them find information quickly. 2 - SEARCH OPTIMIZE FOR MOBILE Make sure your contact information and location can be found on mobile devices. If not, be sure your site is listed with Google and other search engines. 3 - CONSIDER ADVERTISING Advertising via mobile apps or search can help you target the right customer when they are looking for your help. Sunday, October 26, 14
  29. 29. VIDEO MARKETING Using Webinars and Video Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 29 • Educate your customer If you have a product or service t h a t r e q u i r e s c u s t ome r instruction, using video allows you to offer that information at their convenience. • Scheduling challenges If you have a customer that is hard to schedule for meetings, using webinars allows for more convenience • A face to your business Video gives your business a human face that customers can relate to. It builds your brand, reinforcing your customer service aspects. Sunday, October 26, 14
  30. 30. VIDEO MARKETING Some providers to consider Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 30 62% 38% • YouTube Owned by Google, YouTube is the most-watched video site on the planet. • Benefits Videos are indexed by search engines for greater visibility. 31% 69% 76% 24% 53% 47% • SKYPE One of the top providers of web conferencing service, Skype allows free video chat between two users. • Benefits Simple, free download of software allows for instant video conferencing at no charge. • Google+ Hangouts Users of Google+ can invite up to 10 people into a ‘Hangout’ for a free video conference. • Benefits Hangouts can be recorded as ‘Hangouts on Air’ for playback on YouTube. • Vimeo The #1 alternative to YouTube, Vimeo offers thousands of videos in high definition. • Benefits Vimeo is popular in business circles as well as entertainment. Sunday, October 26, 14
  31. 31. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Connecting with customers Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 31 ? WHAT IS IT? Social media refers to the interactions among people in which they create, share, exchange and comment contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks. WHERE IS IT? Different types of social media include collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, blogs such as Blogger, social networking sites like Facebook, content communities like Youtube, and virtual worlds like Second Life. WHO IS USING IT? The internet usage effects of social media as of 2012 are, according to Nielsen, that internet users continue to spend more time in social media than any other site. The total time spent on social media in the U.S. across PC and mobile devices was 121 billion minutes in July 2012. Sunday, October 26, 14
  32. 32. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Considerations for small business Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 32 SOCIAL MEDIA • Personal Presence If you use any social networks for personal use, what are they? • Professional Presence Do you only have personal profiles on social sites, or also a business presence? • Contact Sphere Do you work to actively increase your contact sphere? • Go Beyond PUSH Marketing Do you reach out to interact with customers and prospects? Do you ask for thoughts, feedback and ideas? Sunday, October 26, 14
  33. 33. SOCIAL MEDIA And your small business Sunday, October 26, 14
  34. 34. MANY SOCIAL CHANNELS Many ways to be present online Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 36 Sunday, October 26, 14
  35. 35. TOP SOCIAL CHANNELS For your Small business Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 37 LINKEDIN While LinkedIn is not the largest network with 300 million users, it is one of the most influential. LinkedIn users are professionals and executives... decision-makers when it comes to purchasing. FACEBOOK With over 1 billion users, this is the largest social media site available. While targeted mainly to consumers, businesses are able to reach out and connect via business pages. PINTEREST Pinterest has over 70 million users, 40 million of which are active every month. 80% of these users are female, which is important to note if that is your customer demographic. Sunday, October 26, 14
  36. 36. WHICH NETWORKS AND WHY Why these channels for small business? Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 38 Facebook Launched February 2004 Personal Connections = Information Sharing Small business can leverage personal connections to build a business presence. Pinterest Launched March 2010 Images and links are shared with followers and/or publicly with Search. Small business can benefit from the viral nature of the platform, where users “pin” and “repin” posts of interest. LinkedIn Launched May 2003 Concentrates on professional profiles and business presence. Small business executives can connect with other professionals, including other business owners and key decision makers. Sunday, October 26, 14
  37. 37. APPLICATION For small business Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 39 62% 38% • Facebook Build on your personal connections and leverage human contacts to increase visibility and reach. • How does it help? Your personal connections support your business through referral. 31% 69% 76% 24% • LinkedIn Build on professional connections and utilize network tools to increase visibility and reach. • How does it help? Connecting with other professionals helps you find B2B sales, and referrals from other like-minded businesses looking to connect. • Pinterest Create boards about the topic areas your clients are most interested in and curate content that will spread virally. • How does it help? Viral content spreads your brand name across the network. Ensure that some of the content you curate refers to your own work. Sunday, October 26, 14
  38. 38. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES For your small business Sunday, October 26, 14
  39. 39. BUILDING A SOLID STRATEGY Social strategy for small business 200 150 100 50 Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 41 0 • Foundation = Connections Your social strategy star ts with building connections, personal and/or professional. It’s a network, so you need to network. Think of it like a dinner party or business social... you have to connect with people to get something out of it. • It’s about Communication It’s NEVER about pushing or selling. Your social presence is about communication with your audience. The sales will come from knowing you are there when they need you. • Listen more, talk less. Focus on listening to your customers and what they want. (Remember Myopic Marketing?) Give them what they ask for. Post frequently, but only with quality content. • Share what is valuable. Don’t worry about pushing your next service special or trying to sell the latest product. Share information your audience finds valuable. Be interesting, be engaging, be enchanting. Sunday, October 26, 14
  40. 40. FACEBOOK STRATEGY Personal and business strategy Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 42 Your Personal Profile Build on your personal connections to foster and grow business opportunities. Let your friends know what you do, and offer them the same promotions, specials and information you share with customers. Your Business Page Create accessibility to customers and prospects so that you can easily be contacted. Provide customer service and build relationships to maintain existing accounts, and show prospects that you are available. Your Goal Your goal is to network, and build your relationships with customers and prospects. Sunday, October 26, 14
  41. 41. FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE An example of an organizer/company Your business page is a great place to showcase your work, connect with customers and create a recognizable brand for your business. Check out the atlantic awning Facebook page at Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 43 Sunday, October 26, 14
  42. 42. LINKEDIN STRATEGY Personal and business strategy Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 44 Your Professional Profile Build on your current business connections from current and past companies with a professional profile. Connect with colleagues, alumni and industry contacts. Build as wide of a network as you can, while keeping it genuine. Professionals are looking for other professionals to connect with and refer to. Karma rules here, so give in order to receive... that includes recommendations, referrals and sharing knowledge. Your Company Page Create a page that showcases your company and portfolio of work. Consider posting job opportunities to attract professionals to your company that come by referral. Connect with people who follow your business, and support them by following their company page in return. Your Goal Your goal is to extend your professional network and build connections with people who will support your business, as you try to support theirs. Sunday, October 26, 14
  43. 43. LINKEDIN PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Create a professional online presence Your professional profile in LinkedIn is judged by the content you provide. Use a professional looking head shot, well-written descriptions and links to your best quality work online. The more professional the impression you give in your profile the more connection requests you will receive. Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 45 Sunday, October 26, 14
  44. 44. PINTEREST STRATEGY Personal and business strategy Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 46 Your Personal Profile Connect with peers, clients, colleagues and industry leaders to curate content and spread your content virally. Pinterest is still a small network, so you will not have the same widespread reach as with other platforms, but it is very niche and targeted, so you will gain high visibility with continued effort. Your Business Profile You can elect to use a business profile in addition to or instead of a personal profile. Depending on how you develop your brand, you may want both. Your business brand can and should shamelessly self-promote your own work, including testimonials and blog posts. Your Goal Your goal is to build recognition in your niche and work toward viral content marketing. Sunday, October 26, 14
  45. 45. PINTEREST PROFILE Create a visual presence with viral capability Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 47 Your Pinterest Boards can be as varied in topic as are the interests of your clients. Including your blog in some boards, as well as inspirational photos, quotes and ideas will draw Pinterest users to follow you. Sunday, October 26, 14
  46. 46. RESOURCES For more information Sunday, October 26, 14
  47. 47. RESOURCES SOCIAL MEDIA More information for marketing your small business right Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 49 Books • Permission Marketing by Seth Godin • Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki • The New Relationship Marketing by Mari Smith • The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk Websites • Social Media Examiner News, information and resources for using social media more effectively • Social Triggers Online marketing strategy Sunday, October 26, 14
  48. 48. RESOURCES FACEBOOK Learn more about Facebook Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 50 Facebook for Business • Learn the basics of setting up your business page, connecting with people and Facebook Advertising Facebook Analytics • facebook-analytics.html Learn more about how to analyze the data Facebook provides Sunday, October 26, 14
  49. 49. RESOURCES LINKEDIN Make better use of the network Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 51 Blogs • This site offers information about many social platforms, but is founded by the top expert in LinkedIn marketing, so has the most valuable information about that platform available. Books • Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing by Neal Schaffer Sunday, October 26, 14
  50. 50. RESOURCES PINTEREST Work with the innovators Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 52 Books • Pinterest Power by Jason Miles & Karen Lacey People to Follow • Peg Fitzpatrick Social media strategies and leader of top level teams for national and global brands, Peg is a local NH resource with international reach. • Cynthia Sanches Pinterest guru who also offers information on Instagram, Photography and other marketing topics Sunday, October 26, 14
  51. 51. ? ! QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Sunday, October 26, 14
  52. 52. NEED MORE? If you need more help with your online marketing... Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age 54 Website Design Custom website design, including web applications and ecommerce. Email Marketing Consulting, strategy and full-service solutions. Mobile Websites Affordable mobile sites to enhance your online presence. Social Media Marketing Full service marketing solutions, for as much or as little as you need. Marketing Consults Private consults to help you determine your strategy, path and best options. Contact 108 degrees tel 603.661.4087 email web @108degreesmktg Watch our Marketing Minute videos to learn more about marketing your small business... Sunday, October 26, 14