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  1. 1. Manuel Muñoz, who works at olive oil factory, has been always doing sports as basket, cycling, paddle and he is really worried about his son’s free time. Interviewed by Ángel Velasco Serrano Victoria Hurtado Espadas Andrea Muñoz Vílchez Marta Espadas Espejo   1.‐ What sport do you do nowadays? Overall I do Paddel and basket. 2.‐ What reasons make you to do sport? I think it is very important for health 3.‐ How old were you when you started doing sport? I’ve been doing sport since I was a child. 
  2. 2. 4.‐ How many hours  do you spend doing sport? I do sport two hours daily 5.‐ What is the most positive face of your sport? It allows me share time with friends and know new ones. 6.‐ What has been your greatest joy in sport? My greatest joy is to be accompanied by my son 7.‐ How is your relationship with your opponents in the sports? My relationship is very good. Be friendly is more important than win a match. 8.‐ Which other sports do you do? I love doing cycling 9.‐ Do your children do sports?  Yes, my kids do differents sports. We’ve always tried to teach them the importance of doing sport for being healthy. 
  3. 3.  Gonzalo Ariza is a P.E. teacher who is currently working at the museum of Tempranillo in Palenciana. He also worked as a coach at school in Palenciana. Interviewed by Ismael Aguilar Arjona Mireya Amador Aguilar Mª Carmen Ariza Aguilera Carmen Mª Espadas Corredera  1.Whicht sport do you like?  football . 2.How loug have you been a teacher? 2 years . 3.What  is your favourite face of doing sport? I like spending time with my friends. 4.How many  hours do you do sport? 
  4. 4. Seven hours a week. 5.Where do you do this sport? At the sport center. 7. Which is your favourite player? Michael Laudrup 8.How many years have you been doing this sport? I’ve been doing sport since I was eight years. 9.Which team do you play for? A.J.Palenciana. 10.Besides that there is another sport  that you like?:  I love doing many sports. I think I don’t know any sport I don’t like. 11.On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you want to be a physical education teacher? Of course, 10. I love this job. 12.We know you like playing basket, Tell us 3 example of famous basketball players that you like. Rudy Fernandez,Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro. 13.Would you like to be a coach again? Yes, I really do , but I’d only work with children. 
  5. 5.   Javier Espadas Villalba is a P.E. teacher who has worked as a football and multisport coach in our school Interviewed by María José García Aragón Virgina Gámez Montes Rocío Velasco Pinto Natalia Espadas Artacho 1. Which was your inspiration for being a P.E. teacher? I’ve always wanted to be a teachr because my mother is a teacher too. She work as teacher in Primary School. I decided to be a P.E. teacher because apart from teaching I love doing sport.
  6. 6. 2. Do you remember when you decided to be a P.E. teacher? Since a was a child I was sure about being teacher. 3. When did you finish your degree? In 2010. 4. Where did you do your degree? I studied in Antequera in the “María Inmaculada” University. 5. Did you enjoy your student years? I enjoyed them a lot. They were fantastic years and experiences. 6. Would you have studied another degree? Yes, I would have studied another degree in Sport Ciencies. 7. How many hours per week do you do sport? I spend around five hours per week. 8. What is your favourite sport? I like many sports but my prefer one is football. 9. Apart from football, which sports do you like to do? Tennis and paddle. 10. What do you like the most of doing sport? Enjoy my free time and be fit. 11. Which advices would you give to kids who want to be fit? You have to spend a lot of time moving your body because your health will be better. 12. Can you imagine your life without sport? Of course, no. 13. Which teams have you played for? I’ve played for five different teams, as Palenciana, Benamejí and Alameda.