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  1. 1. Antonio Navarro, who works as a policeman, has been always doing sport. He really loves adventure activities. Interviewed by Bárbara Antequera Herrero María Sierra Castro Hurtado Ángeles Velasco Jiménez Nihad Boulfal1.Why do you like sport? Because it makes you feel good and that is a complement for a healthy life. 2.What is your favourite sport? Doing caving, canyoning and canoeing. 3.Have you ever won an award? Yes, I won a regional basketball championship.
  2. 2. 4.When did you start playing sports? Wen I was in sixth level I played handball for the team "riudoms" 5.Do you play sports with your family? Yes, I do rafting and climbing 6.Do you have fun playing sports? Yes, I enjoy them a lot. 7.Where do you do the sport you love? In the forest or countryside. 8.How many hours per week do you spend doing sport? Depending on the free time I have and the weather conditions. 9. What do you prefer going to the gym or outdoors? Outdoor 10.Would you like to be a P.E. teacher? Yes, I really would like to do it but currently, I dont have enough time to study. 11.Did you get good marks in P.E.? Yes, I really loved it. 12.Which is the hardest sport do you practice? Potholing
  3. 3.   Leandro Ruiz Velasco has worked as a policeman and the last years he has been working as youth and sports manager. Most of sport events in Palenciana are organized by him. Interviewed by Carmen Villlalba Velasco Isabel Rodríguez Vílchez Elena Gámez Ocaña Antonio Villalba Gordillo 1.Which sport do you like the most? Basketball 2.Why did you start working on this job? Because I love organizing and helping others to learn
  4. 4. 3.Do you like your job? I really like it. 4.Do you like organizing football, tennis, paddle tournaments...? I like it very much. Ive been organising them for the last thirty years. 5.What is the best tournament have you organised? The futsal marathon. I do it every summer and around twenty teams from different parts of Andalusia come to take part in. 6. Which levels do you train? I work with all level of primary and secondary school. 7.Which level do you prefer training? I prefer working with the smallest. 8.Why did you decide to do this degree? Its not a degree, its a vocational job. I used to work as a policeman, but the townhall gives me the chance to work as a sport manager. 9. Do yo like organizing marathons every year? I like it a lot, is what I like the most, because people from several cities come to Palenciana. 10.Would you like to spend more time to do theater than football? Id like to spend more time organising plays of theater. 11.Which year did you decide to create the youth association “A.J.”? I started organising it in the year 1988. We have been working in that association for the last 24 years. 12.Would you like to do something else? As I said to you before. Id like to spend more time on doing theater.
  5. 5. Francisco Cabrera Rivera is the best futsal player in Palenciana andhe’s currently plays footbal for Alameda, a town near us. He works asan administrative in the olive oil Factory. Interviewed by Miguel Ramírez Manuel Hurtado Victor Yust Cristóbal Velasco1 When was the first time did you play soccer? When I was six or seven years old. 2 When did you start training? When I was twelve years old. 3 When was the first time did you play in Alameda football team? When I was twenty two years old. And Ive been playing there for the last five years. 4 Which is the sport you like the most? Football 6 Do you know any famous football soccer?
  6. 6. Fernando Redondo, who played for Real Madrid ten years ago. 7 Who do you have learn to play soccer from? Apoño, A football players from Málaga who currently plays for Real Zaragoza 8 Would you like to be a trainer? Yes Id like it. 9 Which team do you support? Real Madrid 10 Are you fond on Córdoba C.F.? Not very much 11 What is your current job? I work in administrative tasks in the olive oil factory.
  7. 7. Soledad Arjona is a P.E. teacher who is currently working as coach in our school. She is teaching futsal and Multisport activities. Interviewed by Teresa Ramos Acevedo Luis Rosúa Vázquez Miriam Gámez Ortiz Pedro Velasco Linares 1.Why do you like sports? Because I like doing physical exercise. 2.Why did you want to be a P.E. teacher? Because I love sports and I desired to teach how play them. 3.How many times a week do you do sport? I train every couple of days. I try to play one day and go running the other one. 4.Do you like team sports? Yes, I like them very much, especially football.
  8. 8. 5.What is your favourite sport? Futsal 6.Which are the reason why did you start to do sport? Because I like feeling healthy. 7. Do you think you keep up with this job for several years? Of course, I’ll work as a P.E. teacher or trainer until I can. 8.Who was your inspiration to become a P.E. teacher? My inspiration was my PE teacher. I liked how he taught us. 9.Have you ever worked in a school? Yes, I have. Last year I worked in a school in the province of Seville. 10.How old were you when you started doing sport? I’m not sure, but I think I’ve always been doing sport. 11. What do you prefer team or individual sports? I prefer team sports. I think they are funnier.