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What should you know before you start your


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Do the attractive social media feeds, banner ads on the web, video campaigns, mobile apps, and informative blogs catch your attention?

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What should you know before you start your

  1. 1. What Should You Know Before You Start Your Career in Digital Marketing
  2. 2. Do the attractive social media feeds, banner ads on the web, video campaigns, mobile apps, and informative blogs catch your attention? Ever thought of you being the brain behind these or brining in more creative ideas and insights to these? Then probably there is a digital marketer in you to be honed. All what you find online which grabs your attention is nothing but pure forms of Digital Marketing.
  3. 3. The world is becoming more and more digital lately, which making digital marketing one of the most happening career of the age. Compared to the conventional marketing methods, there are many striking features making digital marketing the top marketing strategy of the future as:
  4. 4. • Cost effectiveness • Quick response • High scalability • Flexibility • Convenience • Ease of access • Effectiveness, and • Instant global reach •
  5. 5. In order to get into Digital Marketing career, one needs to identify your exact interests and aptitudes and choose a right niche to specialise. There is a need to get a basic overview of the full-stack digital marketing approach, but specialisation can be done in one or more of the above area to become an expert.
  6. 6. Let’s have a quick overview of some of the major digital marketing careers: • SEO: Search Engine Optimisation is the natural (organic) method of enhancing the search engine rank of websites and web pages to ensure optimum visibility. The major search engines to work on include Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. • • SEM: Along with organic optimisation, there are also paid modes of promoting sites on search engines through advertising. Search engine marketing specialists try out PPC campaigns, paid listings etc. to enhance site visibility. • • SMM: Social Media Marketing is a comparatively newer strategy, which includes methods to promote businesses and brands through social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
  7. 7. •Email Marketing: As it is important to collects leads and engage the existing customers, organisations need to keep in touch with masses through periodic updates, newsletter, offers etc. shared through email campaigns. • Mobile Marketing: No doubt that majority of the new-age internet users and accessing internet through their mobile phones, and mobile applications too play a vital role in our daily life. Mobile marketing is aimed to sharing instant updates, offers, and information to consumers through various mobile channels
  8. 8. To become a digital marketing professional, you also need to have a clear understanding about how to do web analytic, keyword research, and also should read a lot to be updated about changing digital marketing strategies, updates on search engine algorithms, hone your language/writing skills etc. to excel in this career.