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Tom Armitage: Den materielle verden (Webdagene 2013)


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Published in: Technology
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Tom Armitage: Den materielle verden (Webdagene 2013)

  1. 1. “the main material I work in is software”
  2. 2. The Material World Tom Armitage @tom_armitage
  3. 3. Software is a material.
  4. 4. Data is a material.
  5. 5. Services are materials.
  6. 6. Electronics, radio, hardware are materials.
  7. 7. Immaterials
  8. 8. Place is a material.
  9. 9. Time is a material
  10. 10. vesper.5 - Michael Brough
  11. 11. ghostcar
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. The materiality of design being made obvious
  15. 15. The Cloud Is A Lie
  16. 16. Materials are constraints
  17. 17. Alan Kay “The ability to ‘read’ a medium means you can access materials and tools created by others. The ability to ‘write’ in a medium means you can generate materials and tools for others. You must have both to be literate.”
  18. 18. Material Exploration
  19. 19. William Hurt, “The Challenger”
  20. 20. “...he cut a block of wood to fit his shirt pocket. Then he carried it around for months, pretending it was a computer. Was he free for lunch on Wednesday? Hawkins would haul out the block and tap on it as if he were checking his schedule.”
  21. 21. “...If he needed a phone number, he would pretend to look it up on the wood. Occasionally he would try out different design faces with various button configurations, using paper printouts glued to the block."
  22. 22. Thomas Heatherwick “You don’t want to fall in love with an idea.”
  23. 23. ustwo - “Live Wireframing”
  24. 24. Immaterials -Timo Arnall, Jack Schulze
  25. 25. Show Everything
  26. 26. Schooloscope
  27. 27. One New Graph A Day
  28. 28. “Technical wife” “Design husband”
  29. 29. drift-compatible “Technical wife” “Design husband”
  30. 30. “take ideas seriously by playing with them” Seymour Papert
  31. 31. Toys
  32. 32. Seamful Design
  33. 33. Matthew Chalmers “Seams in interactive system designs and infrastructures show through in users’ interaction, but we can design for such seams. We can help users understand and adapt our systems and their activity, with design that weave transparent use and more analytical use together into... ‘the fabric of everyday life’”.
  34. 34. Toys... “radiate playfulness and opportunity” Matt Jones
  35. 35. Microworlds
  36. 36. Abstract toys
  37. 37. Play
  38. 38. making is playing
  39. 39. problem Problem-solving is convergent
  40. 40. idea Toymaking is divergent
  41. 41.
  42. 42. Purpose often emerges through play
  43. 43. Richard Feynman For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.
  44. 44. The Material World Tom Armitage @tom_armitage