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  • #11 is all about becoming a 'Gig Broker', and one way to do that very easily with zero financial commitment up front is broker those gigs on the new platform called where you can buy and sell services starting at $9. It's just taking off and getting in early might give you a leg up rather than fighting it out with the competition on fiverr. Everything is already there and all you need to do is join and add your brokered gigs!
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Fiverr cash bomb

  1. 1. S !! P ROFIT G F IVERRE XP LODIN fiverr Arsenal!!Equip your A Report by Daniel Evans Copyright 2012 | All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO DisclaimerYou agree that by following this guide the author is not responsible for thesuccess or failure.You also agree that the author(s) are not responsible for any consequencesresulting from using the information herein.Fiverr Cash Bomb is Copyright - Daniel Evans 2012. Resale is strictly prohibited.
  3. 3. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO FIVERR CASH BOMB Exploding Fiverr ProfitsIt is no secret that Fiverr has been gaining more and more popularityonline as an easy way to get something done for $5 or to do somethingfor somebody else for $5. It is without a doubt one of the easiest waysto instantly make $5 online with very little work, especially if you haveresources that others might not have access to or you can just be a littlebit creative.At first thought, you might think you don’t have anything to offer thatsomeone would pay you $5 for, but that just means you aren’t thinkinghard enough. You know how they say everybody has at least onespecial talent, well I don’t know if that is even really true, but the greatthing is you don’t NEED special talent. If you just get a little bit creative,you will think of all kinds of things that people will pay you $5 for overand over.Also, as someone who is interested in internet marketing and buildinga business, you already have a valuable skill set and knowledge thatpeople will pay $5 for over and over. Just figure out what you caneasily provide for others that is worth $5 to them. Easily provide beingthe key words.Still don’t think you have anything to offer? Well I am here to give yousome ideas you CAN do. If you say that you can’t, then you are justdoubting yourself or being lazy. Money doesn’t like laziness or doubts.Take a look at these 10 ideas, choose one and just do it. Then do it
  4. 4. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLOagain and again and again and pretty soon you’ll be making a lot morethan a fiverr. More like a hundrederr with very little work.In all honesty, you should be able to do over half of these ideas or ideassimilar to these. Don’t just read these ideas and think you have to dothem exactly. Think about how you can tweak these ideas or come upwith similar ones. Get your creative juices flowing and maybe you’llthink of 10 even better ideas of things you can provide on Fiverr. Thepoint is, use this list as more than just a list, use it as a starting point.You could realistically make $50-$100 per day using Fiverr and imagineif it just takes you 2 minutes to complete each job. That would be just20 minutes per day to make $50. That is $1500 per month! There ismoney to be made for those who take action and get a little bitcreative.Alright, enough of me rambling on. You know you need to take actionto make money online, so lets get to the 10 ideas that will get youstarted.
  5. 5. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO1) Submit website or blog to the top 20, 50, 70, etc... search engines and directories.The key with this offer is to emphasize that you will be submitting toonly the top however many search engines and directories online.Show the value that you will be providing by listing some of the bestones and the benefits of submitting your site to the search engines(faster crawling, backlinks, etc…)The great thing about this job is that there are several freesubmission services out there that you can use to do this job and itonly takes about a minute to do.One of the best free online submissions out there that I have foundis submit your site to 70+ sites absolutely free.Another good one that you can use is Add me which submits to 20 ofthe top search engines and directories. It can be found at: may be able to find better or more free submission services ormaybe even some software that will do an even better job. Themore you can over deliver, the better, so take this offer, make it asgood as you can (but keep it simple to do) and you are sure to have aton of people buy up this offer.
  6. 6. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO2) Offer to create a spun version of any article of 500 words or lessInternet Marketers use spun articles to be able to submit uniqueversions of the same article to multiple places to build backlinks.Most of us don’t really like the tedious task of created a spun versionhowever, so this is a service that you will find a lot of demand for.This is not an easy task if you just do it manually, but it is somethingthat anybody can do.If you don’t know what spinning an article is, it is when you placemultiple synonyms for words and phrases throughout the article andeach spun version of the article will pick one of the synonymsrandomly.A simple example would be “The {brown|white|yellow} {dog|cat}{jumped|leapt|leaped} over the {house|moon|car}.”Doing this for a 500 word article manually can be very timeconsuming and in all honesty, probably would not be worth doing for$5, but thanks to one of my favorite internet marketers around,Jonathan Leger, creating a spun version of an article can be done in afraction of the time.Jonathan Leger created “The Best Spinner” which just so happens tobe the best spinner out there and it will instantly spin an article thatrequires little to no editing. Just yesterday I spun an article in about2 minutes and every spun version I read was 70% unique and had nogrammatical errors or funny sounding sentences. Pretty incredible.If you do any type of article marketing at all, this is a MUST have inyour arsenal. Unless you want to pay $5 for someone else to do itfor you on Fiverr.
  7. 7. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLOTry The Best Spinner for just $7: if you DO have The Best Spinner, this is a great gig you can dovery easily. You could even over-deliver and offer to spin 2 or even 3articles for people and it still would be a pretty quick job to do.If you don’t have The Best Spinner, I highly recommend you check itout. You can even have it pay for itself within just a few days bydoing a few jobs on Fiverr.
  8. 8. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO3) Offer a valuable top 10 list of some sort. (Top 10 best recipes you have ever tasted, Top 10 secrets to making money online, top 10 ways get the girl of your dreams, top 10 ways to lose weight NOW. People love lists and if you offer them a valuable list that is related to what they are looking for, they will be willing to shell out a measley $5 for it. The key to this job is that you give it a juicy title and description or something with a unique angle. Instead of the top 10 ways to lose weight, title your job something like, “Learn the 10 things I did to lose 50 lbs WITHOUT exercising.” Nobody likes exercise, but they still want to lose weight, right? Also, the great thing about this job is once you do they upfront work of creating your top 10 list, you do not have any more work to do other than delivering the list. So for 30 minutes of work to create a top 10 list, you can profit for months! Not sure how to create a top 10 list? Just do some quick research. Say you are doing a top 10 best recipes you have ever had list, well just head to some of the top recipe sites and find the recipes that have the highest rated feedback. You can use the user comments from the recipes to be able to add some personal sounding comments about each recipe as well. If you are doing a top 10 list on something else, just search around for top 10 lists that already exist on blogs and in forums and create your own list from those.
  9. 9. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO4) Offer advice on something that you are an expert in. Most of us have expertise in something other than internet marketing. Maybe you enjoy working on cars or maybe you are a really good test taker or really good at math. Chances are there are a few things that you are quite good at and have the ability to help other people with. Figure out a couple of these things and offer to give people advice on them. If you are really good at trouble shooting cars, offer to give advice as to what might be an easy fix to someone’s vehicle based on the problems that they tell you. If you are very good at picking up women, offer to help someone do better in the dating scene and give them proven advice that has worked for you. You can offer just about anything depending on what you are good at. One thing I would stay away from is offering legal advice. That is one that is always a little bit risky to give advice on, unless of course you are qualified to do so. Once you have posted your gig to offer advice, a good way to get some relevant eyes on your add would be to go into forums about the topic and post a little bit with the link to your gig in the signature. Or you can go to yahoo answers and comment on questions with links to your gig. This will help bring the right people that would benefit from your expertise to your posting.
  10. 10. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO5) Write an original Haiku, poem or short story about any subject. This is probably one of the funnest gigs to do on Fiverr, because it is all about just having fun and being creative with it. If you are offering to write a haiku, all you have to write is 17 syllables TOTAL. How much easier does it get. Forget writing a 500 word article for $5, how about writing just 17 syllables. Or you can choose to write a short poem or short story about whatever subject the person wants. I know for me, this is just really fun and feels more like a break from working than doing actual work. If you don’t fancy yourself very creative, I would try going the Haiku route. If you don’t know what a haiku is, it is a 3 line poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second line and 5 in the third line. So for an example, here is a haiku I just came up with. Take Action Right Now Don’t Just Sit There Post A Gig Now That You Know How Ok, maybe it isn’t the next great Shakespearian poem, but you get the drift.
  11. 11. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO6) Review and offer feedback on powerpoint presentation or other material. People always like to have someone review their work and offer feedback, so if you can take a look at a presentation, e-book, website or whatever and offer good constructive feedback, people will likely take you up on it. In your post, highlight your experience with what a successful powerpoint presentation should look like or a money making website should look like. Position yourself as an expert so that people WANT you to look at their stuff. Once you look at and review their material, just offer 5 or 10 good pieces of feedback on how they could improve it. It does not have to be rocket science or some kind of big secret that you tell them, just give them solid advice that they can act on and they will be happy.
  12. 12. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO7) Offer to show people how to get free stuff online. There are a ton of things that you can get online for free and a lot of people do not even know about all of the opportunities. People can get all kinds of free samples, free pet food, makeup, software, magazine, T-shirts and more. Luckily, there is not a lot of hunting involved in finding these free offers, it is just a matter of knowing where to look. Two great places that you can find free offers are. Both of these places have a freebies area and thousands of members are constantly finding great things that you can get for free. So all you have to do is write a quick page or so explanation leading them to these sites and telling them where in the forum they can find the free offers section. In your actual Fiverr gig posting, be specific with the types of things people can get for free. Just see what kind of free offers are up currently at those sites and then you can list them. The more specific you can be, the better chance something will catch a person’s interest and they will purchase your gig just to find out about one of the things you list.
  13. 13. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO8) Offer advice on how to properly monetize someones site. There are a lot of different ways to monetize a website and most people could be doing it better than they are. With this gig, if you have any experience with monetizing websites, you should have no problem offering advice. Even if you have very little experience, you could still do this gig. Just take a look at their sites and see if they are offering things that are relevant to their sites content. See if they are building a mailing list. See if their Adsense placement looks good. Offer them 2 or 3 ideas that they can use that should improve their profitability. This is another gig where it helps if you position yourself as an expert to give yourself the proper credibility. You may not consider yourself an expert, but if you know about the things that I just mentioned above, chances are that you are more knowledgeable than 99% of webmasters out there and if you ask me, that makes you an expert. If you have no idea what I am talking about, you may want to skip this idea however.
  14. 14. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO9) Leave 10 comments on 10 relevant blogs with link back to their website and then ping those posts. If you have browsed fiverr much, you will see this type of offer has been offered quite a bit already. However, you can set yourself apart by explaining that you will be doing these links manually, only to high quality, relevant blogs and the comments will not be spammy or off-topic. Explain in your gig that the approval rate of your comments will be almost 100% and have almost immediate impact since you will be pinging each of the blog posts that you comment on. This is a very simple task that really requires no previous skill. Just make sure that the comments you leave are relevant to each blog post it is on and provides some value to the blog owner.
  15. 15. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO10) Do something completely insane I don’t necessarily condone this one, but if you really just want to do something kind of crazy and get paid $5 for it, Fiverr has proven to be a great place for it. Often times you will see the featured gigs are some of the weirdest things you’ll see on the site. What is crazy and weird varies from person to person but here are a few original ideas that you could do that might get you featured and making a lot of sales with. -Offer to burn somebodies name into your grass and send a picture of it or video of you doing it. -Offer to video yourself dancing to any song with a shoe on your head -If you do impressions, offer to say or read something in your voice. -Offer to record a 30 second song on any topic -Offer to draw a 6-panel comic strip featuring them (I would use stick men cause I suck at art)
  16. 16. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO11) BONUS Profit Clincher!! The very best method you can ever use to make the very most out of is the process of arbitrage. Arbitrage simply involves buying and selling for more. There are endless amounts of products and services which can be bought on fiverr and sold elsewhere for HUGE PROFITS and you can even establish solid businesses from doing so. I operate many businesses using this technique that are very profitable. It’s all well and good serving up gigs yourself on fiverr including all the aforementioned as these can be very good earners. However the very first thing you should ask yourself before looking at a gig and thinking to yourself “hey! I could sell the same on fiverr!”, is .. “Could I take advantage of this gig and sell it for more elsewhere!? This is the clincher and the ultimate way to make BIG money from!
  17. 17. FI TS!! R PRO FIVER DING EXPLO I earn $2000+ per month using! selling only 2 products per day!! NEW!!If you enjoyed this report and you’d like to discover a business model ofmine which alone (besides the rest of my fiverr tricks) earns me$2000+pm, I encourage you to grab my Fiverr Blitz report which detailsthe exact steps I take from start to finish purchasing a fiverr gig andselling it on for considerable profit using a very specific fiverr gig.My report now features the all New Companion Guide which polishesoff the guide with a “hand holder” making it completely foolproof! Grab it here! Daniel Evans
  18. 18. - PRO FITS!! R FIVEREXPL ODING err Arsenal!!Equip your fiv A Report by Daniel Evans Copyright 2012 | All Rights Reserved