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Dan Norris DCBKK - 19 lessons learned from 0 to $500k / year in 15 months


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19 lessons learned from 0 to $500k / year
in 15 months. My talk from the DCBKK conference in 2014.

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Dan Norris DCBKK - 19 lessons learned from 0 to $500k / year in 15 months

  1. 1. 19 lessons learned from 0 to $500k / year in 15 months Dan Norris - Co-founder Dan Norris
  2. 2. D@an Notrhris e- Cod-foaunndern
  3. 3. Dan’s job in 2006 I had no manager and 100% autonomy I had a 6 figure budget I didn't have to manage people They paid me even if I didn't show up - in fact more They paid for my IT training even though I was a HR adviser They gave me free train travel They let me build million dollar software systems They paid me shitloads and promoted me every year
  4. 4. Dan Norris - Co-founder
  5. 5. I’m going to be a millionaire by 30!
  6. 6. Dan Norris - Co-founder
  7. 7. I’m going to be a software entrepreneur!
  8. 8. Me before working on
  9. 9. Me after
  10. 10. WTF happened?
  11. 11. WP Curve today Team of 23 Co-founder in the US 570 customers $42,600 monthly revenue ($40k recurring) 10%+ monthly growth for 15 out of 16 months 50,000+ monthly site visits
  12. 12. I learned some things
  13. 13. 1. You don't learn until you launch (make decisions based on customer data and nothing else) 2. Validation is overrated - launch 3. You don't need to build software to have a scalable, high growth startup 4. Idea, Execution, Hustle = Success 5. You can’t go it alone - build a team 6. The best decisions for a first time entrepreneur are different to a seasoned entrepreneur 7. Look for product / founder fit 8. Make your business look like a startup - benchmark against the best 9. Aim for month on month growth not a big launch 10.Content marketing is brand building not lead generation 11.Build something for a large market 12.Have a unique lead generation advantage 13.Have a simple business model 14.Measure only what matters at the time 15.The key to growth is word of mouth - the first step in word of mouth is retention 16.Have recurring or predictable revenue 17.Don’t solve problems you don’t have 18.No one understands your business like you do 19.Sometimes success is hidden inside failure
  14. 14. Learn more • • • • @thedannorris on Twitter • • Please approach me