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"The Browser is Not a Document Reader" by @rachelnabors


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Presentación realizada en el #webcat Barcelona de Junio 2013.

Autora: Rachel Nabors (@rachelnabors)


- Rachel Nabors web

- "Web technologies need an owner" by Joe Hewitt

- The Black Brick Road

- Apple MacPro

Published in: Technology, Design
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"The Browser is Not a Document Reader" by @rachelnabors

  1. 1. The Browser is not a Document Reader with @RachelNabors of
  2. 2. The Era of Flash
  3. 3. Smell the load screen.
  4. 4. Everyone wanted to be a Dunkleosteus, erm, Flash Developer.
  5. 5. iOS says no to Flash
  6. 6. Rise of the Front End Dev
  7. 7. The environment was irreversibly changed.
  8. 8. New Niches ● HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript were able to rise to the occasion. ● Many designers, developers and generalists began crossing into each others' territories.
  9. 9. An evolving role
  10. 10. Increasingly static ● Clients have gotten used to hearing, “You can't do that on an iPhone!” ● Designers and developers have let themselves be limited by Internet Explorer
  11. 11. Equal & Opposite Reactions From: ● Interactive ● Show-offy ● Over-the-top ● Unorthodox design To: ● Content-first ● Reserved ● User-focused ● Magazine-like
  12. 12. from the anime Serial Experiments Lain
  13. 13. “My prediction is that, unless the leadership vacuum is filled, the Web is going to retreat back to its origins as a network of hyperlinked documents. The Web will be just another app that you use...” —Joe Hewitt, Web Technologies Need an Owner, 2011
  14. 14. We have the power ● ● ● ● ● ● HTML5 Audio, Video SVG Canvas CSS3 Animation and Transitions Web Audio API Web GL
  15. 15. We can do this Apply what we've learned from the worst offences of Flash: ● User Experience ● Accessibility ● Performance and size
  16. 16. Interaction != “Flashy” Not every interaction is going to look like this: We can do interactions right, for all experiences:
  17. 17. Return of the Interaction Developer
  18. 18. What we can do ● Define yourself by the things you make, not the tools you use ● Evolve with the environment ● Cross pollinate, reach out to people outside your circls
  19. 19. And above all else remember: What we build today determines what browsers and networks support tomorrow. Thank you! @RachelNabors of