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Moms and Media 2018 from Edison Research


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Using data from both the Infinite Dial study from Edison Research and Triton Digital and a separate study from the Research Moms at Edison Research, Moms and Media features points on social media behaviors and device ownership as well as how today’s technology applies to their children.

The report showcases new tracking data about social networking, smartphones, Internet usage and online audio. It highlights how smart speakers are working their way into moms’ repertoire, and how other media fits into their busy days. In addition, for the first time in Moms and Media, we explore how moms feel about children using technology and new media.

More than any other medium, the Internet is crucial for getting through even just a typical day. In Moms and Media 2018, we see just about every mom has Internet access. According to the research, 98% of moms have Internet access from any location, which means they can get online either at home, work, school or a library. Reinforcing the Internet’s importance, 70% of moms report that they get online in two or more locations.

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