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The 2013 Moms and Media Report from Edison Research details the media, technology, mobile and social habits of Moms for 2013. Data derived from the 2013 Infinite Dial report from Edison and Arbitron.

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Moms and Media 2013 by Edison Research

  1. Moms and Media 2013
  2. Methodology Overview• In February 2013, Arbitron and Edison Research conducted a nationaltelephone survey (landline and cell phone) of 2,021 people aged 12 and older• The sample yielded 319 Moms• “Mom” is defined as a woman having a child under 18 living in her household• This study is from the Infinite Dial series which dates back to 1998
  3. Mom in 2013 is connected, mobile and of course a multi-taskerMoms are a highly sought after demographic groupin advertising and marketingShe is a decision maker; always planning what’s next on her agenda
  4. Today’s Mom understands the importance and benefits of technology.In fact, she embraces it.Mom looks to technology to help her navigate her busy day.Mom needs technology
  5. Moms are social savvyThey like, they follow and they respond to brands and retailers who are authenticAdvertisers and marketers want to be ‘liked’ by Mom
  6. Moms and Media 2013Themes that emerged from Moms and Media this year:• Moms continue to take their Internet on the go• Social networking remains solid and access via cell is rising• Tablets are gaining traction• Smartphones are taking on new responsibilities• Moms still consume traditional media, but blend it with modern technology
  7. The majority of Moms are over age 35Age:18-2415%25-3428%35-4433%45+24%
  8. More than half of Moms are employedEmployment status:Full-time40% Part-time16%Temporarilyunemployed6%Homemaker24%Retired5%Student9%
  9. Moms Are Connected
  10. Almost all Moms are online90%Moms withInternet accessfrom anylocation
  11. 2:532:432:362:041:471:34201320122011201020092008Mom gives Internet even more of her precious timeSelf-reported hours spent with Internet in the last 24 hours (HH:MM)
  12. Moms maintain lead over others with time spent onlineHours spent online in the past 24 hours (HH:MM)2:532:432:362:041:471:342:382:252:221:561:461:32201320122011201020092008MomsTotal Respondents
  13. Mom gives more than one third of her day to mediaSelf-reported time spent with Internet, television, radio and newspapers in the last 24 hours20138 hours37 minutes7 hours3 minutes2003
  14. Wi-Fi is a necessity for Mom% of Moms With Wi-Fi Network in Household6074 752011 2012 2013
  15. Mom uses Wi-Fi to the fullest“How many total devices are connected to the Internet in your home?”Base: Moms with Wi-Fi at home352541One or Two Three or Four Five or moreOn average, Moms haveabout five devices connectedpercent
  16. Mom shops online, but not as much as Dad does% saying they shop online at least sometimes…5012 12592314at home while at work when not at home or workMoms DadsBase: Those who currently access InternetDads are much more likely toshop online while at work
  17. Being Social in the Motherhood
  18. Facebook familiarity holding steady with Moms93%of Momshave heard ofFacebook
  19. 921506272 722008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013More than 7 in 10 Moms have a profile on Facebook% of Moms who have a profile page on FacebookGrowth has leveled off inthe last year
  20. Mom is becoming a Facebook veteran“How long have you been a Facebook user?”Base: Moms with a profile page on Facebook14562386412823Less than one year Between one andthree yearsBetween three andfive yearsFive years or more2012 2013 Almost a quarter of FacebookMoms have now been on the sitefor at least five yearspercent
  21. 705032Instagram Pinterest TumblrNew social media are on Mom’s radarAwareness is high for newsocial media sites% of Moms familiar with each
  22. Pinterest is out ahead faster with MomsA board on% of Moms who have…22% 3%An account with17%An account with
  23. 474637321811201320122011201020092008Almost half of social media Moms checkin multiple times on a daily basis% of Moms using social networking Web sites several times per dayBase: Moms with a profile page on a social networking siteMoms show no signof breaking the socialnetworking habit
  24. Mom checks Facebook constantlyAverage number of times checking Facebook in 24 hours5.1Moms4.9All FacebookUsers3.5DadsBase: Those with a profile page on Facebook
  25. Cell phones continue gaining traction for Facebook access“Which of the following ways do you ever access Facebook?”Base: Moms with a profile page on Facebook936522867237Desktop or laptop computer Cell phone Tablet2012 2013percentNearly three-quartersnow use cell phone toaccess Facebook
  26. For Mom, cell phone is equal to computerfor accessing Facebook most“Which one way do you access Facebook most?”Base: Moms with a profile page on Facebook46 457Desktop or laptop computer Cell phone TabletpercentSmartphones are drivingmobile Facebook access
  27. Mom’s Facebook access is not the same as others“Which one way do you access Facebook most?”Base: Those with a profile page on Facebook46 45751396Desktop or laptop computer Cell phone TabletMoms All Facebook UsersMoms are more likely to accessFacebook through cell phonepercent
  28. Half of Facebook Moms have more than two hundred friends“Approximately how many Facebook friends do you have?”Base: Moms with a profile page on FacebookFewer than 100friends34%100-199 friends17%200-299 friends18%300-499 friends16%500 or morefriends15%
  29. 303 friendsMom has more friends this year on Facebook255 friendsAverage number of Facebook friends for MomsBase: Moms with a profile page on Facebook20132012
  30. Moms have more Facebook friends than Dads303Average numberof Facebookfriends for Moms291Average numberof Facebookfriends for DadsBase: Those with a profile page on Facebook
  31. 42 39 38Moms Dads All Social Media UsersMoms are slightly more likely to followbrands on social networking sites“Do you follow any companies or brands on any social networking sitessuch as Facebook or Twitter?”Base: Those who use social networking web sites or servicespercent
  32. 8311Facebook All Other Social Media SitesMom chooses Facebook most to connect with brands“Which ONE social networking site or service do you use most to connect withbrands or products?”Base: Moms who follow brands on social networking web sites or servicesFacebook is thechampion for connectingto brands and companiespercent
  33. Mom is very aware of Twitter…% of Moms who have heard of TwitterYes94%No6%
  34. …But tweeting is still slow to catch on9%2011 201210%201313%The percentage of Moms who ever use Twitter
  35. Let’s Make A Deal
  36. About one quarter of Moms use ‘Daily Deals’% of registered ‘Daily Deals’ usersRegisteredDaily Dealsusers25% Non-users75%
  37. Mom is more likely to be a ‘Daily Deals’ user2516 14Moms Dads Total Respondents% of registered ‘Daily Deals’ userspercent
  38. ‘Invitation-Only’ sales sites are a new option for Mom% of ‘Invitation-Only’ registered members(Fab, Touch of Modern, Gilt Groupe and The Foundary)‘Invitation-Onlymembers6%Non-members94%
  39. Busy Moms are Mobile
  40. Reach Mom on her cell phone95%of Moms own acell phone
  41. Moms continue to lead smartphone ownership% who own a smartphone646136158534431141020132012201120102009MomsTotal Respondents
  42. Cell phone is usually close by Mom“How often is your cell phone with you or nearby, when it is within arm’s length?”7489Cell phone Moms Smartphone MomsPercent saying “Always”or “Most of the time”
  43. Smartphones are not just for calling% who use their smartphone at least once per day for each item958967565437Make or receive callsSend or receive textsBrowse the InternetSocial networkingTake picturesPlay gamesBase: Moms who own a smartphonePage 1 of 2
  44. Smartphones are not just for calling% who use their smartphone at least once per day for each item3018171183Listen to online radioWatch videoScan a QR codeBase: Moms who own a smartphonePage 2 of 2Listen to downloadedmusicAdd photos to socialnetworking sitesAccess coupons orspecial offers
  45. Mom is more of a smartphone photographer39%Smartphone Total54%Smartphone Moms% saying they use their smartphone at least once per day to take pictures
  46. Tablet ownership jumps with Mom in just one year22%2012Base: Moms owning any type of tablet201331%
  47. Moms blend traditional andmodern media habits
  48. Alarm clock21%Clock radio14%Cell phone42%Wake up someother way23%The cell phone is the wake up call for Mom“Which ONE of the following do you use most often to wake up in the morning?”
  49. Mom listens to the radio at work43%of workingMoms listen tothe radio whileat work
  50. Smartphones have settled in for at-work listeningAmong Moms who listen to the radio at work, the % who listen on…561924a regular radioa computer over theInterneta mobile device suchas a smartphoneIn 2013, mobile devices are nowpreferred over computer streaming
  51. Two-thirds of Moms share some part of theirtelevision viewing time with Internet usageBase: Moms with Internet accessDo not useInternet whilewatching TV34%Use Internetwhile watchingTV66%
  52. Mom is watching Internet video but Dad is watching more“Have you viewed video over the Internet…”675747776857Ever In The Last Month In The Last WeekMoms DadsBase: Those with Internet accesspercent
  53. Conclusions
  54. • Internet is a daily staple for Moms; they remain well connected withdevices both at home and on the go• Most Moms use the Internet while watching TV• Moms continue to heavily use their smartphones for socialnetworking and Internet access• More than other demographic groups, Moms also utilizesmartphones for everyday tasks like waking up, at work listeningand taking picturesWhat Moms told us in 2013Page 1 of 2
  55. • Facebook remains the social media site for Moms to engage• Although Facebook profile growth is flat, Moms are adding more‘friends’• Moms are curious about new, up-and-coming social media siteslike Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr• Tablets are a growing trend for Moms; blending in to her mobileand busy lifestyleWhat Moms told us in 2013Page 2 of 2
  56. Moms and Media 2013Presented by Melissa DeCesareVice President, edison research & mom of