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LaunchIndia has been committed to research in the field of automotive technology, providing customers with automotive testing related software design, maintenance, updates and after-sales support services, always uphold the spirit of professionalism and innovation.

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Launch India

  1. 1. Model :X-431 PRO V3.0/ X-431 PRO3 V3.0
  2. 2. New Version Optimization The new version is optimized for the usage scenario, greatly improving the following 4 indexes. Data Stream APP fluency APP storage size APP loading speed
  3. 3. New Version Optimization Optimization of APP fluency APP fluency Promote by 15%
  4. 4. New Version Optimization Optimization of APP loading speed APP loading speed Promote by 20% After About 2.6S Before About 3.0S
  5. 5. New Version Optimization Optimization of Data Stream Pre optimization refresh rate The refresh rate has increased more than ≥60% BMW have been refreshed by ≥200% Most brands, the refresh rate has increased by more than 60%. But some brands, such as BMW, have been refreshed by 200%.
  6. 6. New Version Optimization Optimization of Data Stream In one minute, the pre and Post version data refresh contrast is optimized. Left is before, right is now, measured BMW X6. Only for the Pro3 V3.0. Before Now
  7. 7. New Version Optimization Optimization of APK storage size. Reduced by 25% After 52.0MB Before 71.3MB
  8. 8. Model : X-431 PADIII V2.0
  9. 9. Performance upgrading: • App boot load time improved 30% • The interval from start-up to entering app boosts 50% • The overall smooth performance of App optimized at 10% • The App size reduced at a rate of 18% APP startup loading speed lifting30% Opening speed50% APP fluency Promote10% APP slimming18%
  10. 10. APP boot loading speed increased by about 30% APP Boot 3.6 seconds 5.2 seconds PADIII V2.0 PADIII V1.0
  11. 11. Boot Shutdown 25 seconds 20 seconds 38 seconds 35 seconds PADIII V2.0 PADIII V1.0 * These are actually measured data, non-laboratory official data. The interval from start-up to entering app boosts 50%
  12. 12. Greatly improved system response speed One-click close all app Prohibit installation of non-certified software OS
  13. 13. • The volume of APP decreases by 18% (from 78.8MB to 64.6MB, and decreases by 14.2MB).
  14. 14. New Version Optimization Optimization of Data Stream In one minute, the pre and Post version data refresh contrast is optimized. Left for optimization, right for optimization, measured BMW X6. Before Now
  15. 15. X-431 PAD V X-431 PAD V is a high-end comprehensive diagnostic tool with charging base newly developed on the basis of Android 7.1. It supports dual 5GHz Wi-Fi communication, with features such as wide vehicle model coverage, powerful diagnostic functions, and accurate test data. Its protection level is IP65.
  16. 16. Product Features and Functions • Android 7.1 customized system, Qualcomm 8-core processor, 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen, support QC3.0 fast charging • Camera: front, 8 Megapixels, rear, 13 Megapixels • Support dual 5GHz Wi-Fi communication. The fifth-generation Wi-Fi technology, theoretically, the transmission rate is 4 times faster than the previous generation • Wide vehicle model coverage, powerful diagnostic functions (intelligent diagnosis, remote diagnosis, read DTC, clear DTC, read data stream, actuation test), accurate diagnostic data, and abundant special functions • Brand new industrial design, with soft rubber sheath on the four corners of the product, to effectively prevent collision; IP65 protection level; damping shaft, free adjustment of nearly 180 degrees; support three modes of hanging, support and normal • Display I/M Readiness Status
  17. 17. Appearance Design Sketch(2)Appearance Design Sketch (1) Product Design Sketch
  18. 18. No. Item X-431 PAD V X-431 PAD III 1 Picture 2 System Android 7.1 Android5.1.1 3 Screen 10.1 inch full-fitting, sunlight readable screen (Gorilla Glass) 10.1 inch screen 4 Resolution 1920*1200 1920*1200 5 Processor 2.0 GHz 8-core 2.0 GHz 8-core 6 Cache 4GB 2GB 7 Hard Disk 64GB, 128G extended 64GB, 128G extended 8 Battery 9360mAh 15000mAh 9 Communicatio n Wi-Fi (Support 2.4GHz&5GHz) Wi-Fi No. Item X-431 PAD V X-431 PAD III Picture 10 Diagnostic Mode Bluetooth (Support BLE 4.2+EDR) + Wired diagnosis Bluetooth + Wired diagnosis 11 Upgrade Online one-click upgrade Online one-click upgrade 12 Camera Rear13 Megapixels, front 8 Megapixels Rear 8 Megapixels, Front 2 Megapixels 13 Screen Shot Screen shot by software Screen shot by software 14 Voice Support Support 15 I/M(CC) Support Support 16 Dimension (L*W*Hmm) 320×211×46mm 323×189×34mm Product Parameters
  19. 19. SMARTBOX3.0 Smartbox3.0 is a new generation intelligent diagnostic box with Linux system independently developed by Launch, which supports multiple communication modes (USB, BT, WIFI) and multiple diagnostic protocols. More powerful functions by combining Smartbox3.0 with X 431 PADV integrated diagnostic device.
  20. 20. Product Function SMARTBOX3.0 supports the following: (hardware) • Support 4-direction CAN, can be used as 4-direction CAN listening data, 1-direction CAN communication pin can be arbitrarily programmed • Support CANFD • Support DOIP (ISO 13400) • Support J1708 • Support J1850 PWM/VPW • Support CCD • Support SCI • Support K wire/L wire • Support 5~20V programmable voltage of pin 6, 9, 11, 12, 13 or 14 • Support voltage detection for pins 1,2,3,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 • Support battery voltage detection
  21. 21. • Support programmable control access and disconnection of CAN terminal resistance • Support WIFI communication in different channels such as 2.4g and 5G~ 5.8g • Support random switching between WIFI hotspot mode and network card mode • Support Bluetooth 4.0 • Support USB three communication modes: USB BULK, USB to serial port, USB to Ethernet • Support 12V and 24V system voltage • Support SAE J2534-1 and SAE J2534-2 • Support RP1210/C • Support online upgrade Product Function SMARTBOX3.0 supports the following: (hardware)
  22. 22. Product Parameters SmartBox3.0 Parameters Main parameters Main structure Dual processor: Cortex – A7 + Cortex – M7 System Linux Memory 256M Storage 8GB Power supply DC 9~36V External interface USB Type B USB 2.0 Bluetooth BLE 4.0 + EDR WIFI Support 2.4G/5GHZ dual-band Indicator lamp 5 multifunction indicator lamps Vehicle connection J1962 16PIN
  23. 23. J2534 Supported Models: The use of J2534 functions requires users to download the corresponding tool installation package on Launch’s official website. Users can purchase the diagnostic software of the original factory and use them together. No. J2534 Original Software 1 Toyota/Lexus original software Techstream test 2 GM original software General Motors GDS2 test 3 HondaAcura original software HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) test 4 VolkswagenAudi original software ODIS test Offboard Diagnostic Interface Configuration 5 Land rover/Jaguar RandLoverJLR original software SDD test 6 VOLVO original software VIDA test Vehicle Information & Diagnostics For Aftersales 7 Subaru original software SSM4 test
  24. 24. Model:Pilot Scan • Intelligent Professional Diagnostic Tool
  25. 25. Features: • Customized system: Forever quick response and smooth operation • AutoVIN detection: automatically match Make-Model-Year and instant diagnose after connection
  26. 26. Features: • Voltmeter: vehicle voltage real-time display • Diagnostic report automatically generation and automatically sharing via email
  27. 27. Features: • Support one-click software upgrade • Support diagnostic feedback • Sun readable touch screen • Support shortcut keys, e.g. screenshot
  28. 28. Features: • Read DTC, clear DTC and read data streams of the full systems for overseas mainstream vehicles • Support 6 common service and reset functions ABS bleeding Organic oil reset Brake pad reset Battery matching DPF regeneration Steering angle reset
  29. 29. Pilot Scan Technical Parameters CPU MT8167A, 1.5 GHz, Quad-core Operation System Customized system Battery 4000mAh Display 5 Inches, 1280*720, Sun readable screen RAM 1GB ROM 8GB Product Size 248.7*93.5*36 (mm)
  30. 30. Model:X-431 PT TPMS Diagnostic Tool • A professional TPMS tool • Basic diagnostic functions, common special functions and TPMS sensor activation, programming and learning
  31. 31. Items Others LCD 5”720P IPS Touch Screen OBDII Port Input Voltage 9—18V DC Input Voltage 5V Battery 4000mAh Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃ Working Temperature -10 ℃~ 50℃ Dimension L237.5XW93.5XD32 mm Net Weight 550g Product Parameters
  32. 32. Features: • Readable screen in the sun • Closed system • Support touch screen and keyboard • Support automatic vehicles'’ full system basic diagnose • Support OBD full function • TPMS function • Common special functions • Online upgrade and One-click upgrade • Can share diagnostic reports via scanning QR code
  33. 33. TPMS Function 1、 Activate all 315MHz/433MHz sensors and do the matching 2 、 Read and graphically display tire pressure data, including pressure, tire temperature, battery state 3 、 Tire ID matching via OBDII port 4 、Tire pressure fault diagnosis, including read DTC, clear DTC 5 、Wireless programming, unlimited programming
  34. 34. ABS bleeding Organic oil reset Brake pad reset Battery matching DPF regeneration Steering angle reset Special Function
  35. 35. Model: BLUETOOTH TPMS SENSORInternal External Features: • Bluetooth 4.0 Smart & Smart Ready • Strong Wireless Signal Up to 100 Meters • 3 Years+ Long Battery Life • Ultra-Light Weight < 25g for Internal Voice Warning System • iOS and Android APPs Ready
  36. 36. Model:Replacement TPMS Sensor Features: 1、Universal OE Replacement (> 95% OE Coverage) 2、 Multi-Band Protocols (433MHz, 315MHz) 3、Over-the-Air Programming 4、5+ Years Battery Life 5、Aluminum & Rubber Stems
  37. 37. Item BLE-SENSOR RF-SENSOR Working pressure 2.4V~3.0V 2.3V~3.6V Working humidity 95 % MAX 95 % MAX Working temperature -20℃ to 85 ℃ -40℃ to 105℃ Storage temperature -40℃ to 125 ℃ -40℃ to 125℃ Pressure range 0 ~ 92 psi (100~640 KPa) 0~130psi (0~900KPa) Temperature range -20℃ to 85 ℃ -40℃ to 105℃ Operating frequency 2400MHz~2483.5MHz 315MHz/434MHz dual band RF transmitter power 4 dBm MAX 6dBm MAX Weight 24g(body)+14g(valve) 24g(body)+13g(valve) Waterproof IP67 IP67 Product Parameters
  38. 38. Model:CRP339 Main Functions Diagnostic Function Reset Function Read DTC Engine Oil Reset Clear DTC Electronic Brake Reset Read Data Stream Steering Angle Reset Read ID Information BMS. RESET Full System Diagnosis DPF RESET TPMS RESET
  39. 39. Parameters CRP339 CRP329 CPU 1.3GHz Quad-Core 1.0GHz Quad-Core OS Android 7.0 Android 6.0 Battery 3500mAh 3450mAh Display 7 inch IPS 1280x720 7 inch 1024x600 RAM 2GB 1GB ROM 16GB 16GB Support Wi-Fi、BT 4.0、Camera Wi-Fi、BT 、Camera Product Size 246.5 x 138 x 47.1 (mm) 248 x 116 x 45.0 (mm) Product Parameters
  40. 40. Model:X-431 ADAS The Vehicle Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration Tool Works in conjunction with the LAUNCH scanners for calibration of camera- and radar-based ADAS systems. Used to recalibrate the camera and radar, when it has been removed, replaced or repaired
  41. 41. Compatible Equipment X-431 PAD II X-431 PAD IIIX-431 PRO3 Product Components Calibration Frame Wheel Clamps(x2) Calibration Panel Radar Reflector
  42. 42. Calibration Sensors • Radar • Front Camera • Mirror Camera • Rear Camera • All-around Camera • Night Version Camera Vehicle Coverage • Mercedes • BMW • Audi • VW • GM • Ford • Mazda • Renault • Lexus • Infiniti • Toyota • Honda • Nissan • Kia • Hyundai • ……
  44. 44. Calibration Panels for All-around Camera VAG-ARC(LAC04-04)HONDA-ARC(LAC04-01) MERCEDES-RFK(LAC04-08-01) MERCEDES-RFK(LAC04-08-02) MERCEDES-RC(LAC02-02)MERCEDES-RC(LAC02-01) VAG-RC(LAC02-03) Calibration Panels for Rear Camera
  45. 45. Product Features • The modular structure and useful accessories enable you to configure the tool in the best way to suit your workshop. • Easily and precisely adjust calibration frame to ensure vehicle is correctly centered. • Multiple calibration function, wide car model coverage. • All kinds of vehicle-specific calibration panels are available. • Provide the instruction before beginning a calibration procedure.
  46. 46. Infrared Thermal Imager TIT-201 is an infrared thermal imager combining surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal image. Every component of the traditional infrared thermometer should be measured one by one, while it is not required for the thermal image. Through the infrared detectors and optical imaging lens, the thermal imager captures infrared ray and other types of rays, converts the radiation information into image, and clearly displays on the color screen, which helps users quickly and accurately locate the center point measurement cursor and measure temperature, thus locating the problem and greatly saving time.
  47. 47. Product Details Back of product USB interface at the side of product Buttons on the front of product
  48. 48. Screen display page
  49. 49. Visible light combined with infrared images Super sensitivity of 0.07 degrees Five modulated imaging modes 3.2 inch TFT high definition color screen Built-in 3G storage, can store 20,000 pictures 0.5m~40m imaging distance Product Features and Details
  50. 50. Item Launch TIT-201 Snapon EETH 300 Display screen 3.2 inch TFT display, resolution 320X240 3.5 inch TFT display, resolution 320X240 Image storage format JPG BMP Storage Can store 20000 pictures Can store 4000 pictures Color palette Rainbow, iron red, cool color, black and white, white and black Rainbow, iron red, grey, cold and hot Visible light camera 300000 pixels / Infrared image resolution 220X160 80X60 Battery 2000mAH 2000mAH USB interface Micro USB2.0 Micro USB2.0 Temperature measurement range -20 to 450 °C (-4 to 840 °F) -20 to 450 °C (-4 to 840 °F) Dimension 223mmX105mmX90mm 215.9mmX96.8mmX50.8mm Weight 389g 340.2g Product Parameters
  51. 51. Snap On EETH300 80*60 Launch TIT-201 220x160 Snap On EETH300 80*60 Launch TIT-201 220x160 Vehicle front wheel Vehicle inertia
  52. 52. In automotive application, some devices may have slight defects such as tiny cracks, and the diagnostic device cannot detect them. The infrared thermal imaging technology can reflect the slight defect as small temperature difference. TIT-201 can be used as an auxiliary tool, so as to achieve better diagnostic results. Thermal Imager Application X-431 PAD V TIT-201 thermal imager
  53. 53. 01 02 04 05 03 06 Application Brake system fault diagnosis Others: bearing system of vehicle chassis, electrical device, etc. Body heating wire inspection Engine fault diagnosis Vehicle exhaust pipe test Body air tightness test Thermal Imager Application
  54. 54. Model:X-931 • Touchless Wheel Aligner • a kind of equipment which can accurately measure the wheel alignment parameters without any component touching with the vehicle tire or wheel rim.
  55. 55. Advantages: • Easy to measure, greatly reduce the work frequency and intensity (unnecessary to mount and demount the wheel clamps and the targets) ; • Greatly increase the measurement work efficiency (unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation); • Real touch-less measurement, no any injury to the wheel rim,improve customer satisfaction; • Measurement data accurate and real-time, adopts advanced technology of laser image processing;
  56. 56. Unnecessary to mount and demount the wheel clamps and the targets
  57. 57. Unnecessary to perform the vehicle-pushing compensation operation
  58. 58. Real touch-less measurement, No any injury to the wheel rim
  59. 59. Measurement data accurate and real-time, adopts advanced technology of laser image processing
  60. 60. No lift height limit
  61. 61. Alignment Parameters Measurement Range Total Toe-in ±20︒ Individual Toe-in ±10︒ Camber ±10︒ Caster ±20︒ Kingpin inclination ±20︒ Thrust Angle ±5︒ Measurement Parameters
  62. 62. Equipment Parameters Technical Index Description Wheelbase For passenger vehicle and light commercial vehicle, from 1800mm to 3750mm (Four-post lift) Input Voltage 100~220V AC (10A) Input Frequency 50~60Hz Power 0.5KW Others Computer host, LCD display(32‘’), keyboard & mouse; Measurement software; Printer and loudspeaker, etc. Suited for light commercial vehicle
  63. 63. Menu
  64. 64. Model:X-861(3D Wheel Aligner) Features: • 3D measurement technology , more accurate, and more stable • Specialized camera system • Equipped with the targets without electronic elements • No necessary to calibrate • User-friendly software interfaces, easy to operate • Smart measurement with fully automatic tracking and moving function according to the height of the lift
  65. 65. Measurement Parameters Alignment Parameters Measurement Range Measurement Accuracy Total Toe-in ±20︒ ±0.02︒ Individual Toe-in ±20︒ ±0.02︒ Camber ±12︒ ±0.02︒ Caster ±25︒ ±0.05︒ Kingpin inclination ±25︒ ±0.05︒ Flinch Angle ±10︒ ±0.01︒ Thrust Angle ±10︒ ±0.01︒
  66. 66. Product components No. Name Amount Unit 1 Lateral beam assembly 1 Set 2 Post assembly 1 Set 3 Cabinet assembly 1 Set 4 Clamp & Target assembly 1 Set 5 Computer (Optional) 1 Set 6 Printer (Optional) 1 Set 7 Turn tables 2 Set 8 Steering wheel holder 1 Set 9 Brake holder ,etc 1 Set
  67. 67. Menu Measurement Results
  68. 68. Model:CNC-603 Injector Cleaner &Tester • New Plastic Molds • An advanced electromechanical product, which can clean and test injectors by simulating engine working conditions • Can also perform cleaning on the injectors and fuel supply system on vehicle
  69. 69. Features • Ultrasonic cleaning • Uniformity/Sprayability test • Leakage test • Injecting flow test • Auto. test • On-vehicle cleaning
  70. 70. 1 1 2 3 Innovative three-in-one Cabinet, Adapter box and Cleaning box are an integral whole OldNew
  71. 71. Adapters are distinguished according to colors.
  72. 72. The glass tubes are changed with plastic tubes. More convenient for transportation.
  73. 73. Smaller --Compared with CNC-602A;
  74. 74. Packing box smaller --Compared with CNC-602A;
  75. 75. Model:CAT-501S Auto Transmission Cleaner and Fluid Exchanger • Cycle cleaning with detergent • Equivalent exchange with high accuracy • 5 inch display • Fluid exchanging result customized printing • Free full set of vehicle connectors upgrading globally • Fluid level adjustment • Filter replacement warning
  76. 76. Model:TWC-421(Tire changer) Specifications: • Input Voltage Options: 220V/ 230V/ 380V/400V • Working Pressure:0.8-1MPa • Wheel Width:4-13" • Working Table Size:9-22" • Max. Wheel Diameter:1050mm • Packing Size:1150*900*950mm • Lifting Bracket option
  77. 77. Model:TWC-521(Tire changer) Specifications: • Input Voltage Options: 220V/ 230V/ 380V/400V • Working Pressure:0.8-1MPa • Wheel Width:4-13" • Working Table Size:9-24" • Max. Wheel Diameter:1050mm • Packing Size:1150*950*980mm
  78. 78. Matched Assistant Arm --4A and 5A: 4A(Matched TWC-421) 5A(Matched TWC-521)
  79. 79. Model:KWB-421(Tire Balancer) Specifications: • Working Voltage:220V • Rim Diameter Range:12-24" • Max. Wheel Diameter:650mm • Wheel Width:1.5-22" • Balance Cycle:7s • Balance Speed:180rpm • Max. Wheel Weight:75kg Manual Input Parameters.
  80. 80. Model:KWB-521(Tire Balancer) Specifications: • Working Voltage:220V • Rim Diameter Range:10-30" • Max. Wheel Diameter:650mm • Wheel Width:1.5-22" • Balance Cycle:7s • Balance Speed:180rpm • Max. Wheel Weight:75kg Automatic Measure Two Parameters.
  81. 81. Model:KWB-621(Tire Balancer) Specifications: • Working Voltage:220V; • Rim Diameter Range:12-24"; • Max. Wheel Diameter:650mm; • Wheel Width:1.5-22"; • Balance Cycle:7s; • Balance Speed:180rpm; • Max. Wheel Weight:75kg Automatic Measure Three Parameters; 19"LCD
  82. 82. golo AIT4 Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic Tool
  83. 83. Working Voltage DC 9-18V Working Current <180mA(@DC 12V) Processor MTK6735,1.3GHz four-core Communication Network LTE-TDD/LTE-FDD/WCDMA Support Band WCDMA: B1, B2, B5, B8 LTE-FDD: B1, B3, B5, B7 LTE-TDD: B38, B39, B40, B41 Interface Standard OBD II Standby Power Consumption <15mA(@DC 12V) Memory RAM 1G, ROM 8G Working Temperature -20°C ~ +50°C Positioning Mode Support GPS/ base station /AGPS/ wi-fi /BT hybrid positioning Positioning Error Positioning accuracy 10M GPS Positioning Time Cold start: ≤60S hot start: ≤3S Overall Dimension 67.6*46.9*23.7(mm) Product Parameters
  84. 84. Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Trip management Full-automatic and system-wide detection Extremely simple operation Support remote diagnosis Vehicle alertAIT
  85. 85. Vehicle Info. Equipment Info. Test Result Red (vehicle abnormal) Black (vehicle normal) Report
  86. 86. Test Report Version info., DTC and Datastream Remote Diagnosis The technician can click [Remote Diagnosis] button to diagnose the vehicle remotely.
  87. 87. Installment Payment Products
  88. 88. Functions Remind user to make payment 7 days before the expiration date.
  89. 89. Functions Close software service if dealer doesn’t receive payment on time, dealer can reopen software service if user pay off debt .
  90. 90. Functions Search and export data from server.
  91. 91. Functions Remind user to connect internet and install latest software if app keeps offline more than 5 days.
  92. 92. Functions Close software service automatically if app keeps offline more than 15 days.