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Faculty Bootcamp - Twitter


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Published in: Education
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Faculty Bootcamp - Twitter

  1. 1. Why Tweet?
  2. 2. Just a few of the many local businesses on Twitter.
  3. 3. What does Twitter mean to you?
  4. 4. #Hashtags can be simple, immediate, commun ities. Introduce yourself using 3 #hashtags. Are you part of a community?
  5. 5. What can you do on Twitter? •Get engaged •Contribute content •Get a book deal •Become enthusiastic (addicted)
  6. 6. Accept a Marriage Proposal
  7. 7. Contribute in (online) Paper Posted this tweet with a pic from my house. A few minutes later…
  8. 8. Get a Book Deal
  9. 9. Other ways to use Twitter •Expand your circle of friends •Learn about those you admire •Keep your family/friends/coworkers informed •Become famous in your own right •Learn how to open up •Generate traffic and make money
  10. 10. Follow @watcwichita
  11. 11. Let’s Tweet!
  12. 12. References •Everyone I follow on Twitter, especially @stefsull, @garazi, @skyjuly, @communitygirl •True Story of a Twitter Marriage Proposal •How Twitter help me land a publishing contract •Ways to use Twitter •Skylar’s Delicious Bookmark Social Tools Thank You! @webbiegirl on Twitter