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Getting Google To Notice Your Site Webinar

You know you have industry leading products and great service, so why isn't Google getting the message? If you're not ranking well for your best search terms this webinar is perfect for you. Learn the five things you can do today to start improving your search engine ranking...and drive qualified customers to your web site.

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Getting Google To Notice Your Site Webinar

  1. 1. Getting Google to Notice Your Site
  2. 2. Introduction to Search Engine Optimization What is SEO? SEO: Search Engine Optimization Making your website more visible to search engines (Google, Marketing your website
  3. 3. Writing for Search Engines Majority of traffic comes from search engines Keywords and Links are most important to affect search rankings Keywords tell the search engines what to do Inbound links tell them how important you are search engines are after All this and still make it readable to the visitors!
  4. 4. Organic vs Paid Search Paid Search
  5. 5. What Google really cares about
  6. 6. Most Important to Search Engines 10 Factors Affecting the Importance and Relevance of a Web site Keywords Title tags Headers Inbound links to the site Links on the page anchor text Sitemaps Age of domain Volume of content Freshness of content Voodoo
  7. 7. Importance vs Relevance
  8. 8. Both is Better!
  9. 9. Keywords Research Keywords are critical to all Internet marketing Find what people are searching on May not be what you call it! Use key phrases, not just words Single words are too competitive Phrases will drive specific traffic Use Free Keyword Research Tools: ernal
  10. 10. Keywords How to Write Them Pick two or three for each page Make keywords specific to the offering on that page. Match them with the title tags. Keyword density should be no less than 3-5% per page. keyword phrase together every time you use them: Internet Marketing Internet Marketing Internet Marketing
  11. 11. What are the keywords here?
  12. 12. Be Specific with keywords! Use specific phrases in the copy Balance readability and keywords
  13. 13. Headers and Titles Use primary keywords in headers and titles Next item search engines look at after title tags Also helps readers understand
  14. 14. Inbound Links Inbound links are vital to the success of any Web page. Inbound links increase understood page importance to search engines Also bring more traffic to a Web site
  15. 15. Inbound Links Affect Page Rank Google Page Rank = 6
  16. 16. Inbound Links Affect Page Rank 11,464 Inbound Links
  17. 17. Inbound Links How to get them Tips for increasing number of inbound links: Content syndication programs and Internet press releases (more on these later) Have GREAT content Find things that will make people WANT to link to your site
  18. 18. On-Page Links Anchor Text Links pages together with text links Make the links keywords/phrases Shows search engines the pages are related
  19. 19. Sitemaps Sitemaps are important because they allow people and search engines to find your content
  20. 20. Sitemaps 3 Types XML Sitemaps Strictly for search engines A way to tell search engines about ALL of the pages that you want indexed on the site HTML Sitemaps For both search engines and human visitors A way to help people navigate your Web site more easily Search engines love these too because they can easily find pages on your site to index TXT Sitemaps Similar to an XML ONLY for search engines Used to be a big deal before XML sitemaps became standard
  21. 21. Domain Age domain will have a few advantages: Older domains have had longer to build out their inbound linking program To some extent, older domains have shown durability they are still around
  22. 22. Content - Volume The more content the better Webbed Marketing recommends between 250-400 words per page Content means HTML TEXT Flash and other video formats are flashy but the content inside them is not crawled by search engines
  23. 23. Content - Freshness Updating the content on your Web site will ensure that the crawlers notice your site every time Fresher content is seen as more relevant Leads to higher page ranking
  24. 24. Voodoo SEO Magic
  25. 25. Additional SEO Opportunities
  26. 26. A Word about the Wiki Why Wikipedia is near perfect for SEO
  27. 27. Wikipedia Title Tag Meta Description Keyword in URL
  28. 28. Wikipedia
  29. 29. Other SEO Opportunities in Social Media Linking with Facebook Links show up on
  30. 30. Other SEO Opportunities in Social Media Linking with Twitter Link to Web site in profile Most tweets contain links Replies and mentions link to other profiles and more linking opportunities Hash tags allow users to find related tweets and thus related links
  31. 31. Internet Press Releases Optimizing press releases for SEO and distributing online is an excellent way to create inbound links and drive site traffic. Get preference from search engines Excellent way to gain ground on difficult or competitive keyword phrases Use same SEO strategies mentioned earlier to optimize: Keyword phrases in Headline and Sub head Keep release between 500-750 words Use keyword phases as link anchors in release body Link to homepage in boiler
  32. 32. Internet Press Releases - Example Keyword in Headline Keyword in Sub Head Keyword anchor link Approx 570 words Link to homepage in boiler
  33. 33. Internet Press Releases - Metrics Access Method Volum % e Displayed thru RSS, 65,490 73.0 1,690 Search XML or other % Engine Pick-ups! syndication Headline Displayed on 20,872 23.3 a PRWeb Site % Headline Requested by 3,290 3.7% Pheedo Network Headline Requested by 48 0.1% Topix Network Headline Displayed 3rd 36 < Party Site Via Java 0.1% Script Total 89,736 100% Nearly 90,000 Headline Impressions
  34. 34. Content Syndication Link building opportunity Establish hundreds of qualified, inbound links Articles can be syndicated and marketed toward potential customers Establish yourself / business as an industry expert: People use articles to find information about topics and industries Opportunity to become a knowledge leader
  35. 35. Examples and Case Study
  36. 36. Example: Good Headers, Titles, Copy, Links
  37. 37. Case Study Netsmart Technologies
  38. 38. Successes for Netsmart Case Study
  39. 39. Bill Balderaz Twitter: @bbalderaz CLOSING REMARKS / QUESTIONS