Unpacking business models for the arts and digital


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Building digital capacity for the arts
Seminar 4: Emerging business models for the digital environment

Mel Norman, Theme Champion for Business Models and Growth,
Creative Industries Knowledge Transfer Network

What do we mean when we talk about business models? What are the components
and how can you understand whether your business model is fit for purpose? What
changes might you make in order to improve revenue flows; is social media a friend
or a foe to the conventional business model?

BBC Academy and Arts Council England have joined forces to offer training and guidance to the arts sector across England on how to maximize the creation and distribution of high quality arts content for audiences on digital platforms, including online, mobile and internet protocol television.

The Building Digital Capacity for the Arts programme, announced in September 2010, will support the development of the arts sector’s media production skills by bringing together the BBC Academy’s media and digital experience with the Arts Council’s extensive knowledge of the arts sector.

The initial programme runs from March 2011 - August 2012 and consists of a series of practical seminars and workshops.

For more information and video and audio content from this series visit

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  • 150 year organisation Selling books door to door where it all started, every aspect of running a business. Thought I had all the knowledge customer service, profit, a formula = success, but no framework
  • Film Industry, first film portugal, film system relaying on subsidiesThis country- scotland, stayed in film for many years business end, the more budgets, and business plans less I understood about how to make things work. Industry siloed, now film comp have more control if they desired it
  • Unpacking business models for the arts and digital

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