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Building digital capacity for the arts, Arts Council England, BBC Academy,digital assets


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Building digital capacity for the arts
Seminar 4: Emerging business models for the digital environment

Jessica Vincent, Partnership and Sponsorship Manager EMEA,
Antenna International

Where is the ‘low-hanging fruit’ and why aren’t we picking it? Understanding what assets arts organisations currently have and how they can be leveraged to create new revenue streams; what are the barriers – cultural, IP or other? Are there successful models for paid-for digital content that we could learn from?

BBC Academy and Arts Council England have joined forces to offer training and guidance to the arts sector across England on how to maximize the creation and distribution of high quality arts content for audiences on digital platforms, including online, mobile and internet protocol television.

The Building Digital Capacity for the Arts programme, announced in September 2010, will support the development of the arts sector’s media production skills by bringing together the BBC Academy’s media and digital experience with the Arts Council’s extensive knowledge of the arts sector.

The initial programme runs from March 2011 - August 2012 and consists of a series of practical seminars and workshops.

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Building digital capacity for the arts, Arts Council England, BBC Academy,digital assets

  1. 1. Jessica VincentPartnership & Sponsorship Manager Antenna International
  2. 2. Where is the low-hanging fruit?And why aren’t we picking it?
  3. 3. Antenna’s perspective• mobile interpretation for 1200 cultural sites across the world• award-winning audio & multimedia content• pre-visit, in-visit and post-visit experiences• bespoke devices & user owned personal devices
  4. 4. The museum mobile landscape
  5. 5. Their reach…in the cultural sector…• 62 million people take an Antenna tour every year• Currently 66 apps available to download from iTunes & Android AppstoresPersonal mobile usage• 5.9 billion mobile subscribers world wide• 8 trillion text messages sent in 2011• 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide
  6. 6. multimedia tours e-commerce vehicle audio tours tablet appspodcasts social networks mobile smartphone sponsorship web vehicle Apps
  7. 7. Re-purposing Content: The National Gallery • 280k downloads • 75 countries • extensive press coverage • free for first 3 months • english only • 210MB
  8. 8. Extending content reach: The Royal Academy • audio only guide available on-site • multimedia app to download from iTunes Appstore • images provided by client • 170MB
  9. 9. Making money- free vs paid apps • consumers will pay for content! • find the right price point or • give them a freebie and they will pay for more if they like it
  10. 10. Making money- Freemium Model
  11. 11. A sponsorship & commercial platform• on-site and online presence• interactive engagement• on-selling & up-selling Click to Buy
  12. 12. So before we start picking the fruit…• motivations?• assets?• commercial appetite?• operations?• audience?
  13. 13. Thank you!