Migrating to Moodle: Case Study


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An overview of Cleveland College of Art and Design's migration from their existing LMS platform to a new Moodle installation, working with Webanywhere Ltd, a UK Moodle Partner.

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Migrating to Moodle: Case Study

  1. 1. Migrating to Moodle A case study: Cleveland College of Art & Design Webanywhere Limited www.webanywhere.co.uk
  2. 2. The problem
  3. 3. Outdated LMS Lack of support Low usage CCAD had a Blackboard LMS which was out of date, having not received upgrades over the last 5 years CCAD felt their LMS provider didn’t give them the support they needed to make full use of the platform Students and staff were disengaged, not logging in and not using the platform
  4. 4. “A decision was made by the ILT Committee to move the Cleveland College of Art & Design’s VLE platform from Blackboard to Moodle. Comprehensive research was carried out to find a suitable company to provide a cost effective Moodle Hosting Services package for the college VLE. A range of companies were contacted, some came on recommendation, others were from web search engines and others were Certified Moodle Partners” Paul Fletcher Learning Technologist, CCAD
  5. 5. The solution
  6. 6. The Moodle solution Research CCAD researched providers and identified Moodle as their preferred LMS Specification Webanywhere gathered requirements for the design, configuration and hosting environment Deadlines Project timescale set at 3 months to allow launch in time for the start of term Collaboration Webanywhere worked closely with CCAD to ensure the project moved swiftly to meet the deadline while maintaining quality Approach Chose Webanywhere, as an official Moodle Partner Launch: New Moodle environment launched to CCAD staff and students, on time and on budget
  7. 7. “We needed a secure powerful server with plenty of storage space and the safety of a complete backup procedure ... also including a fully customised Moodle theme. One (company) in particular stood out in terms of keenness with a friendly manner to take on our hosting needs - Webanywhere. Things started to move quite quickly as we only had a 3 month timescale to deliver ... a full switch to Moodle.” Paul Fletcher Learning Technologist, CCAD
  8. 8. Outcomes
  9. 9. Up to date platform Ease of use High usage A new custom theme, coupled with Webanywhere’s support service, allowing regular updates to the LMS A flexible platform to meet CCADs individual needs, full training and ease-of-use at the heart of the design Evidence of regular use by staff and students, visible via Moodle’s reporting tools
  10. 10. The new portal
  11. 11. “Webanywhere delivered our project (to the) specification on deadline, with training and were more cost effective than other competitors. A huge bonus is the after care and support service Webanywhere provide - you are not left alone once your project has been delivered and a quick turnaround is given to any support needs. From our experience we would highly recommend Webanywhere to any School, College, Business or University who need VLE/E-Learning services.” Paul Fletcher Learning Technologist, CCAD
  12. 12. About Webanywhere 10 years in e-learning Moodle Partner in the UK, USA, Poland Totara Platinum Partner Google Apps Authorised Reseller Govt. Procurement Service Approved Supplier
  13. 13. Geography 150 staff across 4 locations Keighley, UK Philadelphia, US Katowice, PL Tauranga, NZ
  14. 14. Contact details web: www.webanywhere.co.uk email: info@webanywhere.co.uk phone: 01535 604026 / 0800 862 0131 twitter: @webanywhere_ltd