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Removing results from google search. Push down complaints, bad reviews and comments that hurt your reputation

  1. Applying Reverse SEO Techniques to Resolve Search Reputation Problems by Herman Tumurcuoglu
  2. Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Consumer Report Newspaper Article Review Boards Complaints Sites Videos Personal Blogs Brandjacking! Ba BcBad Ass Behind Computer
  3. UGC on SERP
  4. UGC on SERP
  5. Google Auto Suggest
  6. London School of Economics 2reduction in negative word of mouth boosts sales growth by1 %%
  7. Local Business more Vulnerable Source: NielsenSource: Brightcove
  8. SERM Search Engine Reputation Management • 30% of searches are for names • Customers, Investors, Employees... YOUR BRAND!
  9. SERP CTR Breakdown
  10. #1 43% #2 12% #3 9% #4 6% #5 1% #6 4% #7 4% #8 3% #9 3% #10 3% #11-20 11% #21- 1000 1% SalesSERP CTR Breakdown
  11. Techniques used in Reverse SEO • Develop and Incorporate Social Media Pages and UGC sites. • Integrating (at least some) Social Media Platforms with Customer Service. • Create Micro sites on Customized Domains targeting the key phrases on SEO. • Creating Unique Content (videos) on/linked New Micro Sites. • Create Blogs and Wikis and Develop them Separately with unique content. • Issue Press Releases. • Apply SEO Techniques for each asset (bulk of the time and difficulty) • Update Often
  12. CHANGE Google Auto Suggest • An increasing DELTA Δ in search volume over sample time period. • High Search Volume creates a feedback loop which signals to Google the term is increasingly relevant. • ΔTp1 / ΔTp2 = Divergence. Increasing or Decreasing relevancy. • New searchers exposed to the inflammatory suggestion give more authority divergence.
  13. Key Takeaways 1. Prevention • Own Your Brand. • Stake Your Claim on Social Media. • Build Your Social Currency. • Develop Content and curate information about your brand. 2. If you have reputation issues… • Choose your partner carefully. Make sure they have proper SEO credentials. • Discretion is THE MOST important thing in ORM.
  14. Herman Tumurcuoglu ereputation 1-888-295-7134