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SES Amsterdam 17 maart 2009: Google


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Keynote Google (Mark Berendsen) at SES Amsterdam for summary on

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SES Amsterdam 17 maart 2009: Google

  1. 1. Search Engine Strategies 2009 Mark Berendsen Industry Leader Agencies, Google Netherlands March 17 2009 1 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. Agenda Developments in Search Speeding up in a Slowdown 2 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. Developments in Search Search for Branding Cross Media Search for Conversion Share of Voice Before the Click After the Click 3 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. Search for Conversion Framework Tried & tested 4 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  5. 5. Website Usability 1. IDENTIFY 2. DIAGNOSE 3. TEST 4. IMPLEMENT 5 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  6. 6. 1. Identify 6 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. 2. Diagnose Header Button Blurb Image 7 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. 3. Test Section Original Test Variations Heading Advertise your Find new Attract more Find the people Reach new business on Google customers with customers trying to find you customers on Google Google Blurb No matter what No matter what Google AdWords Google AdWords Whether you run a your budget, you your budget, you connects you with gives your business small or a large can display your can display your potential customers targeted and business, ads on Google and ads on Google and at precisely the measurable advertising on our advertising our advertising magic moment - advertising results. Google and our network. Pay only if network. Connect when they are You're in control of advertising network people click your with potential actively searching the customers you can work for you. ads. customers at the on terms related to target, the amount There's no magic moment your business. you spend and the minimum-spending they're searching types of ads you requirement and for your products or deliver. Start you only pay when services, and only advertising today! people actually pay when people click your ads. click your ads. Start Now Let's get started Sign up now Click to begin Try AdWords now Button Image How AdWords How to create your works ad Winning variation 8 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  9. 9. 4. Implement 9 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  10. 10. Multivariate testing drove 56% improvement in conversions + 56% Header Button Blurb Image 10 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  11. 11. Search for Branding 1 Offline triggers online search queries 2 Search increases the efficiency of TV, Print & Radio Consumers associate search ranking with the success of the 3 company 11 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  12. 12. 1 1. Offline Triggers Online Search Queries 67% of online search 37% users are driven to search for information about a particular 30% company, product, service, or slogan by an offline 20% channel 39% 40% Source: iProspect, “Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior,” 2007. (Q. Within the last six months, which of the following prompted you to go to a search engine to look for information on a particular company, product, service, or slogan? Select Google Confidential and Proprietary all that apply.)/ RAB Word of Mouse Study 2007.
  13. 13. 2 Adding search increases efficiency of TV, Print Radio +10% +9% +3% 13 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  14. 14. Consumers associate search ranking with the success 3 of the company of users expect leading brands 71% to be on top of the search results page of users expect leading brands 71% of users link placement to results page 66% to be on top of the search company prominence of users link placement to 36% company prominence Source: iProspect, “Offline Channel Influence on Online Search Behavior,” 2007. (Q. Within the last six months, which of the following prompted you to go to a search engine to look for information 14 Google Confidential and Proprietary on a particular company, product, service, or slogan? Select all that apply.)/ RAB Word of Mouse Study 2007.
  15. 15. From ‘holiday in the sun’ to First Choice Travel  purchase in 33 days Example HolidayRentals Teletext Holidays ebookers TUI TripAdvisor TUI Visits Thomas Cook TravelRepublic First Choice TUI TripAdvisors TUI First Choice First Choice AirTours TUI AirTours HolidayWatchdog Expedia Thomas Cook Thomas Cook AirTours First Choice First Choice Tui First Choice Olympic Holidays 33 1 5 8 13 21 29 Day Holiday in the sun Cheap Flights Cyprus Cyprus Palm Beach Hotel Thomson Hotels Larnaca Cyprus Holidays Searches Spain Holidays Cyprus Holidays Beau Rivage Cyprus holidays Hotel Cyprus Europe Holidays Holidays in the Sun Google Confidential and Proprietary Source: Comscore Research Paper October 2007
  16. 16. Speeding Up in a Slowdown Google Confidential and Proprietary
  17. 17. Economic crisis in a digital age: offers unexpected opportunities Source: Google Inights for Search 17 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  18. 18. This time, we’re digital Broadband Consumers use Video uploaded 15 penetration the internet for to YouTube every 80% 82% hrs personal or work minute purposes Use comparison Believe that if a Increase in online 80% 50% 25% sites when product is not found sales in H1 2008 researching a online, is also not product / service available offline Sources: STIR, Elsevier Retail, ‘Webshops en de economische De markt voor online crisis’, 29 okt 2008,, Onderzoek door TNS 18 Google Confidential and Proprietary Infratest in opdracht van Google, juni 2008
  19. 19. Strong performance in e-commerce Consumers Increase in Incoming traffic 50% 87% 20% expected to number of iDEAL via chat purchase payments in 2008 insurance online Growth in 2008 to YOY increase in Growth in last 3 31% 48% 211% 224 million euro Christmas sales in years 2008 19 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  20. 20. Insights for business 1. Consumer 2. Competition 3. Speed 20 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  21. 21. Consumer: Understand changing behaviour Car sales may be declining, but consumers continue to research online Source: Bovag & Google Internal data 21 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  22. 22. Competition: Comes in all shapes and sizes One to one marketing at scale 22 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  23. 23. Speed: Offer the products being searched 23 Google Confidential and Proprietary
  24. 24. Key Takeaways Agencies play a large part in online marketing. Google strongly supports this. Development areas in search: after click and search for branding. Big opportunities, even in a recession. 24 Google Confidential and Proprietary