The holy grail of website research (GAUC / Metrix Lab)


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The holy grail of website research (GAUC / Metrix Lab)

  1. 1. The holy grail of website research Integrating Onsite Survey Data into Google AnalyticsMay 19thPieter van der Gouwe
  2. 2. Introduction • MetrixLab: online market research agency • Pieter van der Gouwe: eBusiness Performance research  Onsite surveys: Profiling, visitor expectations, success & satisfaction  Usability Testing, Benchmark studies, A/B and concept testing • MetrixLab relation with Google:  Extensive Research partner  Research contest EMEA
  3. 3. Web analytics & Web surveysUntil yesterday: two separate worlds
  4. 4. The world of web analytics: what you all know # unique visitors # page views Time spend on the website Conversion funnels Referrers Bounce rates All necessary and extremely valuable, but…
  5. 5. What you don’t know
  6. 6. Other questions you might have • What do they expect when landing on your website? • What is their main reason for visiting? • Are they successful & satisfied? • What are they planning to do next? Answer: ask your visitor
  7. 7. The world of Web Surveys
  8. 8. The visitors’ perspective
  9. 9. Questions at arrival and when leavingAt arrival• Expectations• Reason for visitingWhen leaving• Success & satisfaction• Evaluating user experience• Profile• What’s next?
  10. 10. Connecting both worlds Onsite survey (WPM©)What, where & when? Who, why & whats next? INTEGRATING- Visited pages - Visitor profiles- Time spend - Expectations- Page views - Success and satisfaction- Conversion ratio’s - Suggestions- Onsite search usage - And now?Everything you have always wanted to know about your website visitors
  11. 11. What does it look like in GA?• Stukje voorbeeld van hoe het werkt!
  12. 12. User case: Campaign on TV driving traffic to TV commercial
  13. 13. Result: boost in direct traffic … Yeah! But did we reach our target audience?
  14. 14. … but only partly within the target audience
  15. 15. Let’s bust one Myth… What about it?
  16. 16. How does it work technically? 1. Implement ML Onsite Survey 2. Create a folder, eg: or or ... 3. Upload ‘ml_ganalytics.asp’ and some other files (to be delivered by MetrixLab) into ‘/integration’ folder
  17. 17. Evaluate search campaigns… What visitor profiles did we attract during our paid search campaign? Compared with organic search? Where are these visitors in the customer life cycle?
  18. 18. …understand whý visitors leave conversion funnels Who is leaving? Why are they leaving? What’s next?
  19. 19. Insights per channel…
  20. 20. Understand effect of specific pages … Which pages lead to unsuccessful visits? Which pages contribute most to the brand? Do target audiences visit sections specifically created for them?
  21. 21. … and evaluate campaign websites Reached target group? Who is visiting what? Compare user segments with TV segments
  22. 22. Measure change in knowledge, attitude & behaviour Where did we realize a positive change in knowledge, attitude and behaviour?
  23. 23. Key Take Out What, When, Who, Why and and where What’s next?) Provides you with all the context needed: - to articulate online strategies - to invest in what’s needed the most - to optimize your website
  24. 24. End Slide Thank you for participating! Questions? Pieter van der Gouwe + 31 (0) 62 436 54 15 Mobile