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Conversion Hotel 2014: Brian Massey (US) keynote


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Brian Massey, the conversion scientist from Austin. Slides from his friday keynote at Conversion Hotel 2014 #CH2014 #enjoy

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Conversion Hotel 2014: Brian Massey (US) keynote

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  7. 7. Write a headline and image for a designer clothing retailer.
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  9. 9. ©Mark Seliger
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  11. 11. How do you organize what you know about your customers so that you can take action?
  12. 12. Your Web site has 3 or 4 visitors coming from thousands of different places. Who are they? Why are they visiting? What information do they need to take action? How do they like to receive information?
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  16. 16. Where does someone making $175,000 per year live?
  17. 17. In the searcher’s words, why did they come looking for this solution today?
  18. 18. “I need a plumber…”
  19. 19. “I NEED A PLUMBER!”
  20. 20. Buyer Legends
  21. 21. Methodical Competitive Humanist Spontaneous E m o t i o n a l L o g i c a l Q u i c k D e c i s i o n s S l o w D e c i s i o n s Brian and Jeffrey Eisenberg, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?
  22. 22. Competitive Methodical Spontaneous Humanist E m o t i o n a l L o g i c a l Q u i c k D e c i s i o n s S l o w D e c i s i o n s Photos Wikipedia
  23. 23. Behavioral Database Google Analytics, Site Catalyst Click Tracking Software Crazy Egg, ClickTale Split Testing Optimizely, VWO, Unbounce
  24. 24. Spit testing is for everyone.
  25. 25. Fear paying too much. See shopping a part of the fun. Want to be the expert.
  26. 26. Fear buying the wrong thing. See shopping as part of the cost. Looking for expert help.
  27. 27. Top Performing Ads 20% Off Window Treatments We Bring the Showroom to You. Free Local Design & Measure! $100 off Power Shades Sale on Automated Fashions. Free Local Design & Measure!
  28. 28. Quick Transactional Deliberate Free Shipping Relational
  29. 29. Technically Savvy Higher Income Older Genital Warts (Jineetol Whaartsch)
  30. 30. Older? Less Tech Savvy?
  31. 31. Here, Lost Lucy’s are Mostly New Visitors
  32. 32. Increased size of search box, removed drop down options.
  33. 33. (Do your own split test)
  34. 34. More Analytics Tutorials You Are My Friends