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Meddic sales methodology by MEDDIC ACADEMY


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MEDDIC or a sales qualification checklist for Enterprise Sales.
What is MEDDIC in sales?
What does MEDDIC stand for?
Who can deliver a MEDDIC workshop?
MEDDIC workshops for improving sales performance. MEDDIC qualification solution is targeted at the complex high tech B2B sales environment. Applies to early stage SaaS companies up to established sales organizations for a common language for talking about deals.

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Meddic sales methodology by MEDDIC ACADEMY

  1. 1. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 1 Darius Lahoutifard
  2. 2. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 2 • Your Sales Team Misses Quarterly Forecasts • You Waste Company’s Resources In Pre-Sales Efforts • Deals Slip Often From One Quarter To The Next • You Lose Deals You Were Counting On, To Competition, or to “No Decision” • Your Revenue Growth Is not In Line With Your Goals • Your Profits are eroded due to long and unsuccessful sales campaigns • Your Sales Force needs better QUALIFICATION skills Is Your Company Experiencing Any Of These Challenges? IF SO, THEN YOUR SALES FORCE NEEDS MEDDIC!
  3. 3. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 3 • It’s the best QUALIFICATION Methodology for Enterprise Sales • It’s your “check list” for each of your sales campaigns • It’s our reminder for your next actions • MEDDIC increases the accuracy of your forecasts • MEDDIC helps taking off your rose glasses • No MEDDIC, no sales • You may miss a sales, just by missing one of the MEDDIC elements What is MEDDIC ?
  4. 4. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 4 Metrics Economic Buyer Decision Process Decision Criteria Identify Pain Champion What does MEDDIC stand for ?
  5. 5. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 5 Metrics • Quantify & Measure the Potential Gain • Should lead to the economic justification of the investment • Should lead to ROI – Return on Investment • “My Product reduces cycle time by 4” is a metrics • “My Product enables tasks which were not possible until now” is not a metrics. • “By enabling these new tasks, sales are multiplied by 4” is a metrics.
  6. 6. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 6 Economic Buyer • EB is the one who has the power to spend • Do you know the EB ? Have you met him/her ? • Have you checked with him/her the decision criteria, and process? • What are his/her expectations? (ROI? Justification? Metrics?) • How about the sources of financing or budget? • And the timing?
  7. 7. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 7 • What are the criteria used by the company to make the purchase decision? • What are the technical criteria? • How about the economic criteria? • Or Vendor’s criteria? • Any political criteria? • What else? • Check them with all key people in the account including the champion and the EB. Decision Criteria
  8. 8. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 8 Decision Process • What is the decision process for a typical xxk$ decision in this account? • What is the decision process for a typical purchase similar to the one you try to sell? • List of the persons involved in such a decision? • How such a decision is made? (committee? One project manager? The Department VP’s task?). • How long does it take?
  9. 9. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 9 Identify pain • Nobody buys until there is a need. • What are the pains in the company, which would require your product/service to relieve them? • What main initiatives are on going right now? • What are the business pains in the company right now? • How are they related to what you are selling? • Any compelling event?
  10. 10. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 10 Champion • Champion is a powerful and influential person involved who is in favor of your solution, and sells inside the company. • Do you have at least one champion? • Does he/she meet ALL the criteria of being a champion? • Have you tested him/her as a champion? • Does he/she know that you are considering them as a champion and counting on them? Check Champion Building here.
  11. 11. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 11 Testimonial #1 - Case Study We hired Darius for a half day Sales coaching session ( Meddic workshop) at our annual Kick Off meeting and he nailed it. Our Sales team was convinced that selling in Europe and Asia was "different" than North America. Darius was able to articulate several key challenges in the MEDDIC process and Champion building which are applicable globally. This really helped our sales teams get unified in our process and communications. The engagement with the sales team was fantastic which was a strong confirmation that they got it and were ready to adopt a better way to approach selling. The feedback from the team after the event was great and there is no doubt that his actions directly impacted that year's sales results. I highly recommend Darius. Ed Williams, CEO @ Autodesk / Blue Ridge Numerics
  12. 12. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 12 Testimonial #2 - Case Study We connected with Darius to support our annual kick off meeting with a challenge to introduce the MEDDIC qualification process to a mixed audience of both technical and sales staff. Although the time was short, with only 2 x 4 hour sessions, Darius managed to articulate the message, and most importantly he involved every person in the room. Our staff left the sessions with an important, new, view on the basic criteria of qualifying a sales opportunity from both a technical and commercial perspective. Darius's experience and his ability to transmit the MEDDIC methodology into simple, logical steps based on actual scenarios, resulted in a significant step forward in our teams ability to approach sales opportunities in a far more structured manner. I can highly recommend Darius to deliver strategic methodologies in a form that is simple to follow, entertaining to experience, and of high value to any sales or technical organization. Peter Moorhouse, VP Global Sales & Marketing @ OPTIS
  13. 13. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 13 Testimonial #3 - Case Study We wanted a sales intervention around MEDDIC to be carried out to evaluate gaps in our sales processes. After evaluating multiple options we engaged with Darius and it was a wonderful experience. His analysis of gaps and recommendations was sharp and actionable. We implemented some of these and the result is that 12 months out, our monthly revenue is 3x of what it was 12 months back. Rajeev Agrawal CEO @ Innoviti Payment Solutions
  14. 14. Update: Feb 2017 ©01consulting - Darius Lahoutifard - 2002-2017 14 Want to implement MEDDIC in your Sales Organization? 01consulting Management, an early PTC International Sales Leader, has successfully delivered MEDDIC workshops to his own teams as well as to external companies from startups to Fortune 10 companies. CONTACT 01consulting Darius Lahoutifard