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Local Social Overview Q1 2011


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Local Social presentation on proximity at Facebook Garage Ireland, Q1 2011

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Local Social Overview Q1 2011

  1. 1. Powering  Proximity    Sean  O Sullivan  CEO,  Rococo  So5ware  twi:er  @sos100  
  2. 2. About  Rococo  So5ware  Ltd.   Founded   February  2000,  Ireland   Sector   Wireless  Infrastructure  So5ware  /Tools   Technology   Proximity  So5ware,  Java/Bluetooth  (JSR82),   BONDI  Bluetooth  APIs,  Short  range  wireless   Awards   Infoconomy,  Frost  and  Sullivan   Standards  and   Bluetooth  SIG,  Java  Community  Process  (JCP),   AffiliaSons   Irish  Bluetooth  Users  Forum  (IBUF)   Funding   VC,  Enterprise  Ireland,  Aplix  CorporaSon  
  3. 3. Rococo  and  JSR82    Rococo  helped  write  the  original  Java/Bluetooth  Standard  (JSR82)  and  conSnues  to   drive  that  standard  today  (Release  4  just  completed).  Rococo  offers  the  most  widely   deployed  JSR82  implementaSon  in  the  world  (180M  units  and  counSng).     JSR82    Java/Bluetooth     OS  /  Java  VM    Phones  
  4. 4. VisionMobile Market Maps Distilling market noise into market sense Embedded software shipments (cumulative) handsets shipped 100 million 500 million 1 billion company product type HQ (million) 0 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M 600M 700M 800M 1B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6BThe 100 Million Club is the watchlist Applications (embedded)of software companies whoseproducts have been embedded on 3 Quickoffice Mobile Office enterprise application USA 301 Rmore than 100 million mobilehandsets. The current editionfeatures cumulative shipments up to Browsersthe first half of 2010. 4 ACCESS Netfront browser Japan 831 EDespite the apparent opportunity inthe one-billion-a-year handset 5 Myriad Group Browser browser Switzerland 2181 Rmarket, very few software companies 6 Opera Opera Mobile browser Norway 165 Ehave managed to overcome the 7 Various WebKit browser engine USA 350 E Rococo: No. 1 Independentcommercial and technical challengesinherent in the mobile industry.Worldwide Handset Shipments Middlewarein 1H10 JSR82 vendor with 180M units Aricent Media EXP suite audio/video codecs USA 530 R620 million 8 9 ARM Mali-JSR184 graphics middleware UK 177 RKey insights # BitFlash Mobile SVG graphics engine Canada 506 R- Only a handful of mobile softwareproducts were shipped in more than # Carrier IQ MSIP analytics module USA 114 R100 million devices during the firsthalf of 2010. Among them were # HI CORPORATION MascotCapsule graphics engine Japan 625 ET9/XT9 by Nuance, vRapid Mobile # Ikivo SVG Player graphics engine Sweden 404 Rby Red Bend and Nucleus by MentorGraphics. # Mimer Mimer SQL database engine Sweden 117 R- A total of 350M handsets have # Myriad Group Messaging client messaging middleware Switzerland 1077 Rshipped with a WebKit-poweredmobile browser up to the end of # Nuance VSuite speech recognition USA 420 R2Q10. The biggest contributors to # NXP Software LifeVibes MxMedia multimedia middleware Netherlands 764 Rshipments of the open sourcebrowser engine are the Series 40 and # PacketVideo CORE video codecs USA 434 RSymbian OSs, while the steep rise ofAndroid will play a bigger role in # Red Bend Software vRapid Mobile firmware update USA 830 RWebKit going forward. # Rococo Impronto TLK bluetooth middleware Ireland 179 RResearch notes # Scalado CAPS graphics engine Sweden 600 RHandset shipments refer to # TAT Kastor graphics engine Sweden 470 Rcumulative licensed units, whichhave been pre-loaded on handsetsshipped by the end of 1H10. Kernel Components Micron Flash Data Integrator file system USA 998 R # # Open Kernel Labs OKL4 microkernel USA 700 R Input engines # Nuance T9/XT9 text input engine USA 5180 R # Nuance eZiText/eZiType text input engine USA 790 RPublished in October 2010. Licensed for use under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 3.0 license.VisionMobile believes the statements contained in this document to be based upon informationCopyright VisionMobile. Some rights reserved. that we consider reliable at the time of publication. The 100 million club is based on an original concept by Morten Grauballe. H1 2010 Update
  5. 5. Rococo  vision  :  Powering  Proximity     Proximity     Impronto     Jillity     Java (based  on  JSR82)   Bluetooth (Bluetooth,   (based  on  BONDI/WAC)   Browser  NFC,  other…) LocalSocial   Web  and     Social  Networks Now  extending  product  range  in  two  key  ways:     1   Beyond  Java/J2ME,  to  connect  Bluetooth  to  the  Browser,  Bluetooth   to  the  Social  Web,  and  more   2   Beyond  Bluetooth,  to  embrace  proximity  in  general,  regardless  of   wireless  connecSvity  technology  (Bluetooth,  NFC,  others….)  
  6. 6. Proximity Platform
  7. 7. LocalSocial  :  Proximity  Pla`orm    Proximity  Pla`orm:  Make  it  easy  for  developers  to  create  mobile  applicaSons  that   can  use  proximity  (Bluetooth,  WiFi,  NFC)  to  create  great  apps  and  services   Real  World   Social  World   What’s  around  me?   AcSvity   What  can  I  connect  to?   Status   Friendship   Short  range  wireless  used   Proximity  informaSon  stored   to  scan  for  people,  devices   online,  and  linked  to  a  user’s   or  businesses  nearby   social  informaSon  
  8. 8. What’s a proximity platform? Gives mobile side a single view of proximity (multiple platforms) Regardless of short range wireless technology (BT, WiFi, ZigBee, …) Has a cloud based service where proximity info is stored Developer can focus on App Functionality What’s nearby? Is it something of interest to my app, to my user? Mobile   Cloud   Social   Proximity   LinkedIn   Oauth   Android   Dowser   Dowser   BlueBox   Android   J2ME   Website   Interface  for   third  party  service   LinkedIn   Facebook   API LocalSocial  SDK   LocalSocial  Service     Twi:er    JSR82   Android   Server   DB    Java  /J2ME  
  9. 9. GoalBuild the world’s best proximity platform Make it easy for developers to add Proximity features to their apps Provide libraries for mobile clients (J2ME, Android, ...) Multiple short-range wireless technologies (Bluetooth, NFC, WiFi,...) Open to location-owners to join the platform Monetisation: value redeemed in the platform, bulk API access, analytics Connect it to the social web (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  10. 10. How does it work? + + LocalSocial Client Libraries Apps Cloud Service for Mobile Devices Developers build proximity-enabled applications using the LocalSocial Libraries. The libraries in turn use the LocalSocial Cloud service (via APIs). LocalSocial Developers Cloud Service Retail / Location Partner Location owners can join the platform by registering their location with LocalSocial, or connecting to their existing location information in FourSquare, Google Places, etc. Apps can react when other LocalSocial-enabled Apps are within range, or when any location is within range. Enables loyalty tracking, hyperlocal offers, vouchers, gaming, social browsing….
  11. 11. Business Model Share a portion of value-transacted in the platform: Ads, Coupons, Vouchers, Real Time Deals Apps with high API usage pay for throughput Charge for analytics
  12. 12. LocalSocial lowers barrier to participationCurrent proximity networks •  Require Locations to install equipment (e.g. Bluetooth Access Points) •  Are typically closed Developers Locations LocalSocial is open to both Developers and Location Owners Developers can use free API to use the network Location Owners use off the shelf apps and SmartPhones or Tablets to join the network
  13. 13. Proximity meets Social•  End users can register to get better offers, store preferences, track loyalty, share things(“give me stuff relevant to me”) Shops Identity is key End users get better everything (offers, services, fun, sharing) Brands get better end user demographics
  14. 14. LocalSocial broadens the interaction modelTo date, most proximity solutions are push-based • The location or store pushes offers to people in range •  With LocalSocial - users can initiate the interaction (“pull”) •  Can also vary the offer delivery (email, SMS, more…) •  Apps for offers, loyalty, deals, more…. Shops
  15. 15. StatusNow in Beta, open for early adopter developers Join in : TimingsEnd Q1: Launch / Trials with proximity marketing partners
  16. 16. Click here to register asa developer and getstarted!
  17. 17. Mobile  Social  Network  Apps   Peer  to  Peer  Social  Games  How  can  LocalSocial  be  used  in  ApplicaSons?   Proximity  MarkeSng  SoluSons   Add  Proximity  to  Phone  Address  Book  With  custom  hardware  (e.g.  Facebook  Bracelet)  
  18. 18. LocalSocial  ApplicaSons:  Mobile  Social  Networks     Social  Network  owner  uses  LocalSocial  in   their  mobile  client  apps  (e.g.  Facebook,   LinkedIn)   Users  can  scan  for  other  network   members  nearby   Could  also  work  in  background  -­‐  look   regularly  for  others  nearby  and  alert  user   Works  indoors  -­‐  where  other  locaSon   opSons  such  as  GPS  /  CellID  may  be  weak   or  unusable   Users  can  control  how  much  of  their   profile  is  visible  to  total  strangers  (none,   just  a  name,  a  different  name,  and  so  on)     See  the  Demo  App  In3  later  as  an  example  of  such  an  app.      
  19. 19. LocalSocial  ApplicaSons:  Proximity  MarkeSng   3.  RegistraGon   process  associates   Can  connect  “Like”  bu:ons  (aka   Joe’s  BT  address   Fans)  from  the  virtual  w6.  “123”  iith   w s  “Joanne”   orld  English.   She  is   “123”  with  SN   real  world  stores   She  is  25.   account   5.  What  do  you   She  likes  the  Gym   know  about   “123”?   Enables  audience  segmentaSon:    1.  ‘Joe’  is  fan  of  Brand  X     •   Offers  based  on  demographic  profile  2.  Opts-­‐in  to  receive  offers   •   Offers  based  on  user  interests   •   Offers  based  on  user  content   •   Support  for  online  f   ans     7.  BrandX  delivers   relevant  promoGon   4.  Proximity  MarkeGng   to  “Joe”   System  detects  proximate   Individual  via  BT  (“123”)  
  20. 20. LocalSocial  ApplicaSons:  Proximity  in  the  address  book   Most  vendors  creaSng  “social”  address   books  -­‐  connecSng  them  to  Facebook,   twi:er  and  more   Proximity  is  of  interest  as  an  addiSonal   “live”  feature  that  can  enhance  address   book.  LocalSocial  could  power  such  a   feature.     User  could  either  scan  for  people  with   “social”  address  books  nearby,  or…   …get  alerted  if  someone  is  near  who  has   the  user  in  their  address  book  
  21. 21. Summary     LocalSocial  is  a  Proximity  Pla`orm   Cloud  Service  plus  Client  Side  Libraries       Goal:  simplify  the  creaSon  of  proximity-­‐enabled  apps   Try  it  now:  go  to     Rococo  SoZware  Headquarters   Rococo  SoZware  Japan   3  Lincoln  Place     Ireland  House  4F   Dublin  2,  Ireland     2-­‐10-­‐7  Kojimachi  Chiyoda-­‐ku,  Tokyo   T:  +353-­‐1-­‐660-­‐1315     102-­‐0083  Japan   F:  +353-­‐1-­‐662-­‐0170     F:  +81-­‐3-­‐5276-­‐5210    F:  +81-­‐3-­‐5276-­‐5262  
  22. 22. Background: Location versus Proximity?We believe location and proximity functionality are complementary Both have strengths - and weaknesses (see below) Facebook Places, Google Places, Google Maps, FourSquare, Gowalla, Yelp,Location is very popular SCVNGR, SimpleGeo, 40% iPhone Apps, etc. etc. Proximity is not - yet! We believe Proximity will become as popular in mobile applications, as location is today. LocalSocial can help make that happen. Location: Bluetooth, NFC, etc…: - GPS works best outdoors -  Works indoors, on the train, at conference, big building etc. -  Restricted in covered areas -  Communication: not just location -  Relies on satellite or cell id - Topology: Peer to peer based connectivity -  Urban versus rural accuracy -  Operates within short range -  Can be significant power drain -  Designed for low power drain
  23. 23. Background: What problem does LocalSocial solve?Gives developers rich abstractions for finding and connecting todevices nearby Current APIs are very low level - requiring the developer to create lots and lots of code to do just basic stuff (e.g. JSR82 for Bluetooth) Offer a consistent proximity experience Current APIs vary wildly by platform, and are inconsistent - so I have to re-write lots of code from scratch for each new platform to do anything Works with multiple short-range technologies LocalSocial is designed to be neutral to the wireless bearer - Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, ZigBee … Adds value : provides tag storage, social network connections, ++ Developers can build mobile apps with proximity functionality quickly and easily, and can hook those apps in to some popular social networks (twitter, facebook, etc.)