Gig Monkey at Facebook Garage Ireland 2


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Sean O'Sullivan from Rococo Software presents the Gig Monkey application at the second Facebook Garage Ireland

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Gig Monkey at Facebook Garage Ireland 2

  1. 1. GigMonkey Social Music application for gigs Based on LocalSocial: A joint project between Rococo Software, University College Dublin, and the National Digital Research Centre
  2. 2. Who? Who are we? What? What’s GigMonkey? FB Facebook Experience
  3. 3. Who? Who are we? • Rococo Software – Java/Bluetooth technology (JSR82) – Software shipped on over 200M phones • UCD – Wireless and Mobile R&D – Bluebook Final Year Project • National Digital Research Centre – Translational Research – Focus on Digital Media / Digital technology
  4. 4. What? GigMonkey Context • LocalSocial – NDRC-funded project to create a Social Proximity Framework – Dramatically simplify the process of creating mobile social applications – 18 month project; started January ‘09 • GigMonkey – Social Music Application – Drives requirements for the Proximity Framework – Could be a cool app in its own right!
  5. 5. What? GigMonkey Context Find Share Comment
  6. 6. What? Overview of GigMonkey
  7. 7. What? GigMonkey Tour : Web
  8. 8. What? GigMonkey Tour: J2ME Client Login Main Menu Gig Menu Gig DetailGig Detail Gig Photos Photo Detail
  9. 9. What? GigMonkey Tour: iPhone Client
  10. 10. What? GigMonkey Tour: Facebook QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  11. 11. What? GigMonkey Tour: Facebook
  12. 12. What? GigMonkey Tour: Facebook QuickTimeª and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  13. 13. FB Facebook experience so far • Did Bebo App first – Not a lot of documentation – Support can be tricky – “similar” to Facebook APIs – Used a Rails plugin : Beboist • Facebook – Better documentation – Lot of developer activity – Therefore lots of lore, how-to’s and help from user community
  14. 14. FB “Porting” from Bebo to Facebook • Straightforward overall – Created new Gigmonkey app in FB – Set keys and pointed callback URL to GigMonkey Server – Re-used html and css • with some FBML added – Requests (client to server) : same – Standard permission request similar • more of them (offline, photo uploads)
  15. 15. FB “Porting” from Bebo to Facebook • Rails plugin for Facebook : facebooker – Also supported Bebo! – Removed Beboist and switched to facebooker for both • Multiple permissions – Can mean a walk through the fields…(many screens of permissions) • Doesn’t support OAuth – “offline access” is in effect a form of delegated authentication – Grants GigMonkey (Consumer) access to a user’s Facebook account (Provider)
  16. 16. Summary • Experience with the Facebook APIs very good • Recommend Facebooker if you’re RoR – • There seems to be quite a bit you can now push to the wall or feed – We plan to use this to seed viral adoption
  17. 17.