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Client Side Monitoring With Prometheus


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Prometheus is predominantly used for monitoring backend services. In this talk I present a technique for monitoring client-side rich client web apps with Prometheus. Presented at KubeCon Berlin 2017.

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Client Side Monitoring With Prometheus

  1. 1. Client-side Prometheus Metrics @tom_wilkie, CNCFCon Berlin April 2017
  2. 2. The Problem
  3. 3. A rich-client web app Weave Cloud ~28k LOC
  4. 4. What we had:
  5. 5. What we wanted:
  6. 6. Prometheus Aggregating Push Gateway JS Prometheus client library Rich Client Web App prom-aggregation-gateway
  7. 7. weaveworks/promjs
  8. 8. Failure modes 1. Failed to load JS quickly enough, or was invalid 2. JS hits a bug when rendering a view 3. High client <-> sever latency
  9. 9. Case 1: Cannot load JS assets ^^ special handling code directly in the index.html ^^
  10. 10. Case 1: Cannot load JS assets (continued) timer cancelled after ~5s
  11. 11. Case 2: Error rendering page a higher order react class is then used to wrap the views
  12. 12. Case 3: High client <-> sever latency
  13. 13. Case 3: High client <-> sever latency (II)
  14. 14. • “Counters” are actually more like gauges, with partial aggregation on the client (I’ll explain later) • Client pushes to server every 15s • Opensource: • All credit to Jordan Pellizzari @ Weaveworks
  15. 15. weaveworks/prom- aggregation-gateway
  16. 16. The Pushgateway never forgets series pushed to it and will expose them to Prometheus forever… The latter point is especially relevant when multiple instances of a job differentiate their metrics in the Pushgateway via an instance label or similar.
  17. 17. Prometheus Aggregating Push Gateway Aggregated in memory /metrics weaveworks/prom-aggregation-gateway ~300 LOC +
  18. 18. Bunch of similar projects • Webdriver Exporter by Matt Bostock from Cloudflare • Looks awesome, but we didn’t see this when we started our project… • • Prometheus User Metrics by Riley Eynon-Lynch from Peardesk • New project, similar aims • • Torch by Outbrain • • Prometheus at JustWatch by Dominik Schulz from JustWatch • Describes the same problem, couldn’t find any code through •
  19. 19. Demo
  20. 20. Thank you! Questions?
  21. 21. We’re hiring! London BerlinSan Francisco