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TheTin x SXSW 2017


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A recap on all we discovered at SXSW 2017

Published in: Technology
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TheTin x SXSW 2017

  1. 1. We had a blast - 
 but what did we learn?
  2. 2. 1. Creating content New ways to tell stories and craft experiences
  3. 3. One thing was clear at SXSW - Content is still king and all brands should be considering this before using the latest platforms and tech just 
 for the sake of it
 Strong concepts will help craft experiences with new technology which otherwise wouldn’t be as accessible or engaging
  4. 4. Why it’s important
  5. 5. • Airbnb case study showcased the power
 of developing a strong brand voice and 
 cultivating trust • You must understand your users before
 building content for them - research! • Content strategists must play a bigger 
 role in the UX/UI process • Audio UI and Artificial Intelligence is 
 influencing how brands build their voice Voice: The Invisible UI
  6. 6. Voice: The Invisible UI “The Uncanny Valley principle applies to AI. Should AI try to sound human at all? People still want that human connection that AI just can’t replicate - yet…”
  7. 7. • The language of VR may take decades to establish but thats ok • VR is being used for storyboarding in order to better understand the emotional engagement of users. • More investment is still needed • Establishing emotional responses should be at the heart of any venture into VR Human-Centred Design in VR
  8. 8. Cinema - you may feel empathy, 
 but can do nothing Game - you can approach, but perhaps 
 with a goal of obtaining new information for a quest or mission Real Life - you feel empathy, and 
 by approaching this empathy is transformed into compassion VR - all of the above? “You’re walking through the park 
 and you see a little girl crying…” Human-Centred Design in VR
  9. 9. • Hyphen-Labs and the Design Justice platform are both creating experiences to engage users in social issues • Diversity in teams is a key component in developing content that will have the biggest emotional engagement • VR is a powerful tool - but the latest tech isn’t always the answer • Physical spaces and traditional methods can powerfully enhance 
 a brands voice and message Sci-Fi: The Speculative Revolution
  10. 10. What this means
  11. 11. Creating content in 2017 essentially means: • Respecting and understanding your users • More investment in content R&D • Designing for environments and societies not just individuals • Having diverse teams • Understanding how technology is changing 
 audience perceptions • Using the latest platforms to enhance your message, 
 not just for the sake of it
  12. 12. 2. New Spaces Breaking barriers and creating new environments
  13. 13. New spaces means VR We were picked from 200 companies by the Department of International Trade and invited to SXSW to take part in the UK government’s Trade Mission…
  14. 14. …and showcased Band Explorer VR, our very own Tinnovation VR product
  15. 15. Why it’s important
  16. 16. • We presented Band Explorer VR to a wide audience and got valuable feedback • Championed the democratisation of VR - WebVR is accessible to all and a solution for business • We were invited to discuss 
 VR and the future of interaction
  17. 17. And Tim was on the telly!
  18. 18. What this means
  19. 19. • Cost is still a big issue for VR • Experimentation is required - start simple • Content is King – but so is context • Be wary of emotional impact • Environment plays a big part, inside and outside the experience • Integration with a bigger campaign can save cost
  20. 20. MR (Mixed Reality) could be the future MR is the NKOTB…and what are Apple up to?
  21. 21. TheTin believe a web based VR approach can reach a wider audience, but it’s all about establishing the right platform required to fulfil a need
  22. 22. SXSW conversations lead us to explore Tesco Explorer VR!
  23. 23. 3. Conversations AI, Machine Learning, Chat Bots and more
  24. 24. Conversations are everywhere! Chat bots and voice systems were mentioned 
 constantly throughout SXSW 2017
 There was a common theme between sessions 
 that AI is a necessity in all industries
  25. 25. CUI Conversational User Interface • Simple chat style Q&A
 • Instant messaging interface
 • In existing chat apps or built into a website
  26. 26. Types of bot • Simple FAQ bots
 • Powerful search bots
 • User journey bots
  27. 27. Why it’s important
  28. 28. Why bots? • Bots are more personal
 • Your app can now 
 ask questions back
 • There are reduced engagement costs • Reduced AI complexity
  29. 29. • Conversational user interface IoT (Internet of Things) platform. • The entire onboarding process is one short conversation. • The experience can be continuous or paused and resumed. Thington - Rise of the concierge
  30. 30. • Data rich websites • Intelligent CMS: Productivity features • Smart homepages: profile, social, time, location… • Increase the frequency of updates • More user generated content: 
 AI content moderation The intelligent web
  31. 31. • Food recommendation app • Step-by-step onboarding process • Users value the time taken to 
 set up their profiles for better recommendations • Simple interfaces and language • Explore vs Exploit Yummly
  32. 32. What this means
  33. 33. The key things to consider: • Brands are becoming more personal • Frictionless access to services or information is essential • Your idea of search is going to change • SEO is changing dramatically
  34. 34. Case study: Zapsta
  35. 35. 4. The pace of change Navigating the present and the future
  36. 36. The overarching feeling from SXSW this year was 
 a little different from last year In 2016, altruism was the overriding feeling. This year was a little more foreboding…
 Crucially, things seem to be accelerating away from the general perception of where we are at
  37. 37. …in many cases the future is here now, and the next 10 years could be a little bit of a wild west While life size, photo realistic AI robots that are cleverer than us are still probably thirty years away…
  38. 38. With this rapid acceleration it’s more important than ever that clients get advice and are aware of the opportunities and pitfalls that lie ahead
  39. 39. Why it’s important
  40. 40. • AI will replace search as we know it • The development of CUIs • More Data Scientists are needed to help navigate the wealth of information that is currently available to companies Customer acquisition
  41. 41. • The mining of personal data is 
 a big issue • It is becoming more essential 
 to establish accountability frameworks • Conversations around Data Literacy and general awareness are needed • University of Pennsylvania is already using social media data 
 to make medical predictions successfully Accountability frameworks
  42. 42. • The ethics around Artificial Intelligence (AI) must be considered • Laws in the EU are changing
 • Algorithms are dictating far more processes in our day-to-day lives Ethics and AI
  43. 43. Not me mate, it’s the
  44. 44. Cambridge Analytica
  45. 45. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  46. 46. But it’s going to be incredibly difficult to enforce this regulation or comply with it… The big players are going to invest possibly billions in the technology to get around it - does that just mean the smaller set-ups will not be able to compete or will something else emerge? It’s already so intertwined within so many systems that this could create chaos… Personal ownership of data and data literacy would be a better solution but we are a long way from it
  47. 47. What this means
  48. 48. It means decisions around key things like: • How do you capture your data? • How are you communicating this with your customers? • What insights and actions are you taking as a result of it? • How can you use it to make your customer experiences more relevant? • How can you improve your internal communications using the same approaches? • What are the legal implications? • What are the ethical implications?
  49. 49. So what happens next?
  50. 50. With our diverse team of content strategists, researchers and designers, we’ll be developing our strategic processes, crafting emotionally engaging brand experiences and determining how best to implement them through content R&D and experimentation Outcome Content Implement Creating content
  51. 51. SoftwareHardware New spaces TheTin believe a web based VR approach can reach a wider audience, but it’s all about establishing the right platform required to fulfil a need. We’ll be constantly testing and evaluating the latest innovations in: Distribution
  52. 52. Pandorabots IBM 
 Watson Microsoft Bot Framework Amazon
 Alexa Google
 voice Web Email Facebook Kik SMS Conversations We’re already researching and experimenting with several platforms that use 
 AI to create meaningful conversations with users
  53. 53. Customer acquisition Chat bots & developing your AI brand Ethics & accountability in AIAI & Machine Learning The pace of change With our handle on this research and innovation, 
 our key themes of the year are going to be:
  54. 54. Want to know more? Contact us to find out more about our findings 
 and learn how we can help you and your team
  55. 55. Data literacy