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We Are Social's PizzaExpress Leggera case study


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We Are Social's PizzaExpress Leggera case study

  1. 1. We Are Social’s Leggera launch campaign for PizzaExpress we are social
  2. 2. Task: Encourage online word of mouth about the launch of the new PizzaExpress Leggera range we are social
  3. 3. We invited influential food and lifestyle bloggers to a ‘Leggera Lunch’ event we are social
  4. 4. Bloggers had the chance to create their own Leggera pizza with PizzaExpress’s head chef we are social
  5. 5. They also sampled the new menu & met the PizzaExpress team we are social
  6. 6. Post-event, all the guests talked about the Leggera
  7. 7. What they said: Weight Watching? Love Pizza Express? The Leggara pizzas are The new ‘Leggera’ pizza is apparently yummy! causing a bit of a stir as it’s got a hole in the middle that’s filled with salad, and is only 500 calories! Sounds good to me… @frugaller These pizzas are yummy, my weight watchers leader recommended them a few weeks ago … They are some of the same The Leggera is a pizza with a hole fabulous Pizza Express pizzas but in the middle filled with a tasty with a hole in the middle filed green salad and each variety is only with salad. around 500 calories. Great news for anyone watching their waistline. we are social
  8. 8. We then marked the month of September ‘Blogger Lunch Month’ We invited bloggers from across the UK to ‘tag’ fellow bloggers to invite them to a ‘Leggera Lunch’ courtesy of PizzaExpress we are social
  9. 9. The bloggers posted about their lunches, resulting in over 60 online conversations
  10. 10. What they said: The leggera pizza is rather lovely The Leggera is a lighter pizza with a hole in the middle. The hole has salad in it. All for 500 calories. Sounds good to me. The idea behind the Leggera is to get the best of both worlds and save a few calories in the process. The wonderful thing about this Leggera menu is you don't even notice that it is the lighter option. we are social
  11. 11. Result: Over 1,000,000 people were reached by the online word of mouth generated about PizzaExpress’s Leggera range