We Are Social’s Little Break Big Difference campaign for Eurostar


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We Are Social’s Little Break Big Difference campaign for Eurostar

  1. 1. We Are Social’s Little Break, Big Difference campaign for Eurostar
  2. 2. Supporting the creative idea behind Eurostar’s Little Break, Big Difference campaign
  3. 3. Bringing the concept to life by creating online word of mouth that inspires people to take a little break that makes a big difference
  4. 4. To activate it, we outreached to influential UK bloggers to invite them on one of four little breaks we hosted over the summer in Paris, Brussels and Lille
  5. 5. We started by taking fashion bloggers on a little fashion break to Paris Results: 12 fashion bloggers came on the Little Fashion Break to Paris writing 18 blog posts that reached over 110,000 readers, with over 180 comments
  6. 6. We then took art and design bloggers on a little art break to Brussels Results: 11 Art bloggers came on the Little Art Break to Brussels writing 10 blog posts that reached over 50,000 readers, with over 35 comments
  7. 7. We then took music bloggers to a little music break at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris Results: 12 bloggers came on the Little Music Break to Rock en Seine writing 20 blog posts that reached over 560,000 readers, with over 25 comments
  8. 8. And we invited food bloggers on a little food break to Lille Results: 14 bloggers came on the Little Food Break to Lille writing 13 blog posts that reached over 95,000 readers, with over 100 comments
  9. 9. “I’ve paid £60 to go to Somerset in the past (a 2 hour journey), and I am booking one to France soon for £59. I like the appeal of the day trip, honestly. I really enjoyed it”(http://eatlikeagirl.com) “It is incredible how much you can do and how big difference one day break can make. I will be definitely taking more short breaks like this from now on.” (http://coffeeandvanilla.com) Lille can cost as low as £55 in Standard class! “I love the Eurostar, and will definitelyhave to consider more trips based onhow long it took you to get to Lille - Ikind of forgot how fast it goes.”(http://worldfoodieguide.com) “I am keen to go back and do a night so I can have a nice dinner. I think it would be a perfect break from London” (http://worldfoodieguide.com) “All in all, it was a fantastic trip, Lille is a charming little getaway and I would go back again to try some of the bistros I came across.” (http://londoneater.com)
  10. 10. We also created a conversation platform to provide people with ideas for their own little breaks
  11. 11. Where we amplified the word of mouth generated by the trips
  12. 12. And highlighted upcoming events and latest reviews
  13. 13. We used both a Twitter account and a Facebook page to encourage conversation around taking a little break
  14. 14. Resulting in 1,000’s of Twitter and Facebook conversations with @little_break
  15. 15. And interestingly people are now starting to refer to their short trips as a #littlebreak we are social
  16. 16. In total, over 1 million people have been exposed to the word of mouth we generated about Little Break, Big Difference in social media