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We Are Social's Ford Fiesta This Is Now case study


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We Are Social's Ford Fiesta This Is Now case study

  1. 1. Ford Fiesta This is Now social media campaign
  2. 2. as part of the overall Fiesta This is Now European launch activity
  3. 3. a pan-European social media campaign encouraging the public to submit their own definition of ‘now’ to the This is Now Flickr group
  4. 4. to activate it, we outreached to hundreds of influential bloggers from across Europe
  5. 5. within the art, design, photography, fashion, film and music communities who told their audiences about the project
  6. 6. we used a blog to highlight and encourage contributions
  7. 7. and we used both a Twitter account and a Facebook page to extend the conversation
  8. 8. generating conversation and advocacy
  9. 9. we also gave bloggers the opportunity to share their vision of ‘now’ by guest editing our blog
  10. 10. of course, this meant the bloggers also told their own audiences about their contributions
  11. 11. as a result over 200 blog posts were published about This is Now, reaching over 2,000,000 people from all over Europe and over 60,000 images and videos have been submitted to the Flickr group
  12. 12. making it the second biggest sponsored group on Flickr
  13. 13.