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We Are Social: Curiosity Stop #6


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The Curiosity Stop is a monthly snackable report of all things innovative, aimed to interest, inform, and above all, inspire.

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We Are Social: Curiosity Stop #6

  1. 1. CURIOSITY STOP November 2015
  2. 2. WE ARE SOCIAL We Are Social is a global agency with offices in five continents (Antarctica is a little too chilly for our liking). We deliver world-class creative ideas with forward-thinking brands, and have fun doing it. Our clients include adidas, Google and Netflix. As an international team of 550+, our passion is people. Our mission is to put social thinking at the centre of marketing.
  3. 3. Curiosity Stop > Introduction One of the most exciting things about today's digital age is the incredible pace of change. Every day, we have the chance to discover amazing new developments: from new ways to stay in touch and share things with the people we care about, to more efficient and effective ways of getting things done, to an array of quirky novelties that cater to our more 'subjective' needs. Staying up to date with all of these developments can be quite daunting though, especially when we're talking about the more eclectic products and services that probably wouldn't make the evening news (or a BuzzFeed article, for you under-30s). Fortunately, We Are Social's Curiosity Stop does all the hard work for you, carefully selecting the most intriguing innovations we've spotted on our journeys across the interwebs in the past 4 weeks, and pairing them with our finest insights to help you see how they might change your life, the lives of your audiences, and maybe even the course of humanity. Or at least your lunchtime conversations. Enjoy - and be sure to send us your thoughts on Twitter too: @wearesocial. Simon Kemp - Regional Managing Partner, Asia
  4. 4. 1. Craft 3. Friendship 4. Money 5. Transport 6.Relationships 7. Technology 8. Sex 9. Pets 10. Community 11. Protecting the Planet 12. Accessibility CONTENTS Stop Curiosity 2. Life Hacks
  5. 5. Move over instant messaging, @PunkpostCo is here to make handwritten cards cool again. Craft > Punkpost What’s it all about? Sending a birthday card to a loved one? Up ‘til now, you had three options: a) Write ‘HB 2 U’ on their Facebook wall b) Hunt down a card shop, before realising you’re out of stamps c) Send an impersonal, printed card online. Welcome to option D, friend! With Punkpost, you can choose from dozens of creative cards. When you’ve picked one, an artist will handwrite a message for you. The bigger picture The more we are bombarded with brand propaganda, the more we cherish a personal message. How can your brand cut through the noise with personalisation? CLICK TO TWEET:
  6. 6. b Wish you could stalk your ex on Instagram without the fear of accidentally double-tapping? Enter, @Instasnoopapp. Life Hacks > Instasnoop What’s it all about? There is no dread quite like the dread of accidentally double-tapping your ex’s Instagram pic from 2013. Instasnoop is an app doesn’t let you ‘like’ anything on Instagram, so you’re free to browse your old roommate’s sister’s hot uncle’s snaps without the fear setting in. You can also set up your own Snooplist, which gives you easy access to “acquaintances’” pictures, without actually following them. The bigger picture Voyeurism 2.0 is a trend we keep coming back to in the Curiosity Stop. Brands should take note of how startups like Instasnoop (terrible name) are making it easy to satisfy our desire to spy on the neighbours. CLICK TO TWEET:
  7. 7. Friendship > Gemio What’s it all about? This one's for all you Gen Zedders reading along… anyone? No? Well listen up, older people! Give a Gemio bracelet to your bestie and pop your own on. Whenever your pal is nearby, your bracelet will light up, so you can hook up for a chinwag. Do a cool fist-pump/high-five/arm gesture with them, and both your bracelets will flash. They may be garish and slightly useless, but I totally want one. The bigger picture This is a great example of the ‘Wearable Social’ trend, which is seeing innovators trying to work out how social and wearables will work together. How is your brand getting ready for the next phase of social on wearable devices? CLICK TO TWEET: Gemio friendship bracelets light up when your BFF is near. In which case, are Gemio enemy bracelets available?
  8. 8. Need to get a plumber in? Teach someone to sew first. @timerepublik lets you exchange skills for time credits. Money > TimeRepublik What’s it all about? On TimeRepublik, for every hour you give to someone, you earn an hour of someone else’s time. So if I spent an hour teaching you Spanish (I’m rubbish, just FYI), I could get an electrician in for an hour. You’ve learnt some new words, I’ve got my lights fixed, and absolutely zero money has changed hands. Nifty. Time is money, my friend. And boy does TimeRepublik know it. The bigger picture When people get together - via social - to work towards a common financial goal, we call this trend “Community Commerce”. Time Republik shows that we’re starting to get more savvy about what we can achieve financially together. How is your brand helping your customers do this for themselves? CLICK TO TWEET:
  9. 9. .@Wheeliz_fr offers peer-to-peer wheelchair adapted car rental, without ripping you off. Transport > Wheeliz What’s it all about? Wheeliz is Uber for people with disabilities. Kind of. The website pairs owners of adapted cars with disabled people in need of a ride. Founder Charlotte de Vilmorin realised that wheelchair users like herself found it hard to find a suitable mode of transport that didn’t cost the earth. Wheeliz offers reasonable day rates on adapted cars, so getting from A to B doesn’t have to be a mission planned out months in advance. The bigger picture This is another great example of Community Commerce, where the demand of a niche community has resulted in the supply of a service at a decent price. CLICK TO TWEET:
  10. 10. Want to know what other people REALLY think of you? Head straight to Peeple, where humans review other humans. Relationships > Peeple What’s it all about? Ever wondered what other people think of you? Most definitely. Ever wanted to see a public review of yourself, written by past lovers, bosses and exes? No? Well, this is awkward. Peeple is designed to be a positivity app, where users can rate and search humans in the same way we do restaurants. The only problem with this idea? Humans. The bigger picture Your customers want an unfiltered view of each other, so that they can make their own choices based on the facts. If they demand this of their peers, what are they going to expect from your brand? CLICK TO TWEET:
  11. 11. The Kibo app lets you hide messages within other messages. So you’ll never know what this tweet really said. Technology > Kibo What’s it all about? Kibo is here to save you from mortal embarrassment. It’s a keyboard which straddles messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Using the app, you type a generic coded message, like ‘What’s for tea?’ You then press the padlock and type your sexy/personal message, like… well, use your imagination. The innocent message will pop on the receiver’s phone, but they can reveal the hidden message in the privacy of the toilets. On second thoughts, I’m not so sure about this app... The bigger picture We live in a post-Snowden world, where privacy and security are a sought-after luxury. Smart brands will help their customers’ secrets remain so. CLICK TO TWEET:
  12. 12. Introducing @Flirtmoji, a startup offering sexting emoji. Because the aubergine can only take us so far. Sex > Flirtmoji What’s it all about? When texting that special someone, ever find that the Apple emoji don’t quite convey the message you’re trying to get across…? No? Then you might as well skip on to the next slide. Flirtmoji have introduced sexy emoji, including 15 (fifteen!) different vaginas, and a couple that I’m not sure I’m old enough to understand. You’ll never feel lost for words (or droopy penis emoji) again... The bigger picture Brands need to get their own vagina emoji - now! Not really. What is important is to understand that the nuances of language will change to suit the needs of its users. Brands, it’s time to embrace the emoji era. CLICK TO TWEET:
  13. 13. Pop a TailTalk device on your pup’s tail, and you’ll be privy to its innermost thoughts. Use at your own peril... Pets > TailTalk What’s it all about? Let’s face it, we all wish we could talk to our pets. TailTalk is a smart device which translates dogs’ emotions. Dog doesn’t like the new brand of pet food you’re using? TailTalk will tell you about it. The device is clipped onto your dog’s tail, and monitors wag frequency and directionality. It’ll then inform you, via smartphone (of course), exactly how your pup is feeling. The bigger picture The Internet of Dogs has arrived, or maybe this trend could be called Little Data. Brands should understand that if you can get close to customers’ passions, they’ ll love you for it. CLICK TO TWEET:
  14. 14. Biscoitos ZeZe is encouraging connections between pedestrians, by helping them pay each other compliments. Community > Compliments at the Traffic Light What’s it all about? Brazilian brand Biscoitos ZeZe is well known for bringing the community together, and it's done it again with the creatively-named Compliments at the Traffic Light. The brand set up stickers at both sides of a pedestrian crossing, with six possible compliments. You are encouraged to place a magnet on the compliment you’d like to give, so the person opposite can see it when they make it to the other side. Why did the chicken cross the road? To feed his ego. Sorry. The bigger picture This disruptive take on the humdrum task of crossing the road shows the impact brands can have when they drop their guard and embrace their inner child. CLICK TO TWEET:
  15. 15. Twitter’s not just useful for stalking 1D. Now the US Geological Survey are using it to monitor earthquakes. Protecting the Planet > USGS x Twitter What’s it all about? When news breaks in 2015, it breaks on Twitter. Likewise, if someone believes they are experiencing an earthquake, they tweet about it. The USGS earthquake information centre only has 2,000 earthquake sensors across the world, so it now uses Twitter to monitor earthquakes. Tweeters who are experiencing an earthquake often use seven words or less (and no links), so the USGS hones in on these tweets for a more accurate view. The bigger picture It’s not just seismologists but smart brands who are using Twitter data for insights into what people are saying about them. The even smarter brands are creating changes in their marketing and products, in response to customer tremors on Twitter. CLICK TO TWEET:
  16. 16. Facebook is working on a tool to help blind people ‘see’ images on Facebook. Accessibility > Facebook for the blind What’s it all about? The job of Facebook’s accessibility team is to make sure people with disabilities have a seamless experience on Facebook. That’s why it’s currently working on a object recognition tool which will help blind people to ‘see’ Facebook images. The tool will be able to recognise objects within a photo, and describe them to the user, e.g. ‘this image may contain: computers, one or more people. Adult.’ I dread to think what it’ll say about photos from my Ultimate Frisbee clubbing days. The bigger picture Is this Facebook spin, or is the big daddy of the networks motivated by actually helping people? You decide. CLICK TO TWEET:
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