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We Are Social's Jameson Cult Film Club case study


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We Are Social's Jameson Cult Film Club case study

  1. 1. Bringing the Jameson Cult Film Club to life through social media Sep ‘09 to Mar ‘10 social we are
  2. 2. We amplified the effect of Jameson's experiential live screenings by engaging with online film fans social we are
  3. 3. event attendees event attendees online engagement online awareness normal experiential campaign amplified through social media social we are
  4. 4. Our cult film blog fostered credibility within the film community and provided a platform for conversations with them about film social we are
  5. 5. We also created branded profiles on key social networks allowing us to engage in more informal conversations with fans  social we are
  6. 6. We outreached to influential film bloggers who told their audiences about the club and the screenings social we are
  7. 7. We used the screenings as a platform for bringing the online film community together face-to-face social we are
  8. 8. As a result, we generated considerable buzz and excitement driving attendance rates of 90% at each screening social we are
  9. 9. which resulted in over 50 blog posts about Jameson Cult Film Club reaching an estimated 500,000 film fans