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Launching ‘Extra-strong’ Marmite in social media
Marmite… You either love it or hate it
But ‘extra-strong’ Marmite?
You have to be CRAZY for it
So we found the  crazy Marmite Lovers
On facebook
On twitter
On blogs
On YouTube
We invited them to a very special and exclusive event
With a luxurious Victorian theme
Where they were inducted  into the ‘First Circle’ of Marmarati
A Victorian style club,  seeking new members to help create an ‘extra-strong’  version of Marmite
With a blindfolded tasting
To feedback on 3 possible recipes
And discuss them with Unilever
Over some Marmite cocktails
Members received a certificate
We instructed them  to spread the word
On their blogs
On twitter
On facebook
We engaged with them afterwards as the Marmarati
Dedicated twitter account
Exclusive facebook group
And revealed our website
And revealed our website
Where you apply to join
By proving your love
And encourage friends to vote!
The Marmarati who are chosen will receive one of only 200 commemorative jars of the ‘prototype’ extra-strong Marmite
We asked the First Circle which jar design they preferred
Who asked their readers for help
The rest of the campaign will unfold in early 2010…
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The Marmarati


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Here's an overview of how we helped Unilever launch their new, stronger, "extra-mature" Marmite in social media. The campaign is still in progress as at December 2010.

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