Red Bull: Instagram Your Inspiration case study


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Red Bull: Instagram Your Inspiration case study

  1. 1. Red Bull: Instagram Your Inspiration awree social
  2. 2. Red Bull is famed for its public image as well as the originality and creativity of its marketing campaigns awree social
  3. 3. To launch its new red, blue and silver Red Bull Editions varieties, the brand needed a social campaign that people would naturally want to get involved in, not just a run-of-the-mill competition
  4. 4. So we created a collaborative, visually-led social campaign: ‘Instagram your Inspiration’
  5. 5. We centered the campaign around the distinct colour of each new Editions can, asking the public to submit content that inspired them using one of three hashtags #rededitionplease #silvereditionplease #blueeditionplease awree social
  6. 6. To boost the reach of the campaign we enlisted three highly influential photographers to create their own inspirational content @Mikekus @naomiatkinson @finn awree social
  7. 7. The best content was displayed in Red Bull’s Instagram gallery
  8. 8. Everyone who submitted a photo received a free can of Red Bull editions, driving further awareness of the new flavours awree social
  9. 9. The campaign had over 3,000 submissions awree social
  10. 10. We used this user generated content to produce billboards in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield
  11. 11. #InstagramYourInspiration reached over 16 million people using only mobile and social channels
  12. 12. And Red Bull was hailed as an Innovator