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Listening & responding: We Are Social's Skype case study


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A case study of the real-time social media listening & responding programme We Are Social developed for Skype

Listening & responding: We Are Social's Skype case study

  1. 1. Listening & responding A case study
  2. 2. Online conversations are important
  3. 3. People trust other people, not ads Trust in Advertising: A Global Nielsen Consumer Report October 2007
  4. 4. Online conversations drive sales The Predictive Power of Online Chatter Daniel Gruhl, IBM Almaden Research Center, R. Guha, Google Inc
  5. 5. Impact on purchasing behaviour 62% of UK shoppers consult online communities before buying Quidco / YouGov July 2008 74% of people choose companies or brands based on customer service experiences that are shared online 93% of social media users think brands should have a presence in social media Exploring the Link Between Customer Care and Brand Reputation, SNCR April 2008 Business in Social Media Study, Opinion Research Corporation / Cone September 2008
  6. 6. The listening & responding process
  7. 7. Listening & responding •  We worked with Skype to develop a social media listening and responding programme •  We set up a process to monitor all relevant mentions of the brand online, and to respond to them where appropriate in near to real time
  8. 8. Identify the most important communities and individuals to monitor, set up keyword alerts for the wider internet Make sense of the conversation - filter for items we can meaningfully respond to, remove spam, tag and categorise each item Review monthly via management dashboard for topline insights. Longer term, identify trends to help guide future strategy Assess the most appropriate response (eg. leave, respond publicly, respond privately, escalate). Assign responsibility via online ticketing system
  9. 9. For example
  10. 10. Responding on twitter
  11. 11. Dashboard to track the activity
  12. 12. Effective even in times of crisis…
  13. 13. On the front page of the NYT
  14. 14. An official response was posted •  We worked with Skype to write a blog post – Presenting the relevant facts in a human, conversational way – Making sure that Skype’s voice was heard
  15. 15. We linked to this post in comments •  The social media monitoring we had in place allowed us to track the blogs who were discussing the issue •  We quickly posted comments linking to the Skype blog
  16. 16. Supported by paid search
  17. 17. Within 24 hrs
  18. 18. Talk to us For further conversation