Heinz Five Beanz case study


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Heinz Five Beanz case study

  1. 1. My Grown Up Beanz August 2012we are social
  2. 2. Heinz Beanz have a loyal following of fans, who refer to themselves as Beaniezwe are social
  3. 3. And Beaniez love their Heinz Beanz!we are social
  4. 4. All of the Beaniez all grow up loving Heinz Beanz, even on their pizzaswe are social
  5. 5. To their friends they are always the same old bean they know and love – just like Heinz Beanz! But as they’ve grown older they’ve all developed different tastes and personalitieswe are social
  6. 6. So Heinz createdwe are social
  7. 7. Heinz asked us to create awareness that you can now get FIVE exciting new beanz from Heinz, and that these are beanz for grown upz!we are social
  8. 8. So we asked fans, which bean have you grown up to become?we are social
  9. 9. We created a fun personality for each of the new FIVE beanzwe are social
  10. 10. And created a Facebook app where fans could find out about the new Heinz FIVE beanzwe are social
  11. 11. A quiz was created for our Beaniez to answer six fun beantastic questions
  12. 12. To find out which bean they had grown up to become!we are social
  13. 13. Five beaniez were picked every hour to receive their very own Bean with their name on it to treasure forever! we are social
  14. 14. Each day 10 fans who invited their friends to take the quiz were selected to win a Beanie goodie bagwe are social
  15. 15. We also gave fans a coupon to try the new variety for themselveswe are social
  16. 16. The Beaniez loved their personalised beanz!
  17. 17. With excitement spreading onto Twitter
  18. 18. and global coverage of the campaignwe are social
  19. 19. 22,143 people took the quiz to apply for their own personalised bean during the two week campaign periodwe are social
  20. 20. 10,404 of users shared the app with their friends, encouraging them to take the quizwe are social
  21. 21. On Facebook alone the campaign reached 10.8 million people, with 50% coming from conversation and viral activity around the campaignwe are social
  22. 22. In addition over 3 million people were reached outside of Facebook due to conversations on news sites, blogs, and Twitterwe are social
  23. 23. At the end of the campaign the community had grown by 30,000 extra Beaniez!we are social
  24. 24. We’ll leave you with our favourite comment from the campaignwe are social