Clothing at Tesco: Creating and engaging a community


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Clothing at Tesco: Creating and engaging a community

  1. 1. Clothing at Tesco: LifeStyled Creating and engaging a community March–July 2010 social we are
  2. 2. Brief: raise awareness of the Clothing at Tesco brand amongst a fashion and money-savvy audience social we are
  3. 3. We created a blog, LifeStyled, in order to provide a unique positioning for the brand and act as the brand’s main voice within social media social we are
  4. 4. We used day to day blog posts to show off the range, letting people see how trendy and affordable the items are
  5. 5. Each week we featured an influential blogger in a “Clothing at Tesco Loves” post profiling them and encouraging readers to visit their blog social we are
  6. 6. We also approached prominent fashion bloggers to guest blog As brand awareness increased and the “Clothing at Tesco Loves” posts gained traction, bloggers started approaching us social we are
  7. 7. We created a Twitter account to facilitate conversations with customers and influencers
  8. 8. And we created a Facebook page, starting from scratch and turning it into a sizeable group social we are
  9. 9. Range 25% Price 5% Size/Age 17% Design 35% Other 18% Feedback on boyswear We worked to make the page a place where our customers can discuss products, so we could identify areas of interest Boyswear was a topic our fans were interested in, so we worked with the brand to create a outlet for this feedback We were then able to feed these insights back into the brand
  10. 10. We worked with Tesco to reward and engage with advocates social we are
  11. 11. We put a strategic plan in place for how we’d deal with any queries as quickly and efficiently as possible working closely with the customer service team social we are
  12. 12. With those foundations in place we also ran a series of different campaigns social we are
  13. 13. To celebrate the launch of the F&F Couture range we ran a week long Twitter competition where followers could win a different item from the range each day social we are
  14. 14. 400 new followers 1,333 Retweets reaching 724,775 Twitter users social we are
  15. 15. Following that, we invited key fashion bloggers to an event to preview two new ranges, F&F Couture and F&F Trend social we are
  16. 16. 17 blog posts with 172 comments Reaching 77,456 people
  17. 17. We have been pushing out the brand’s core message of affordable fashion by allowing bloggers to host competitions
  18. 18. Reaching 35,400 with 100 entries generating plenty of positive word of mouth social we are
  19. 19. On the Facebook page, our strategy was to grow the fan base quickly by hosting a large but simple campaign, Friday Frenzy All fans would get 50% off during a flash sale social we are
  20. 20. 40,000 new fans in 1 day with 9,515 total interactions social we are
  21. 21. We have also held various other competitions, with a Twitter Summer Giveaway, World Cup Widows offers, a competition to win festival tickets and mummy blogger activity on Facebook
  22. 22. We have created an engaged and active community on the blog, Twitter and Facebook
  23. 23. Through strategic planning and launching relevant creative campaigns we’ve attracted a new audience, facilitated conversations, positioned the brand as a fashion destination and created interest in the clothing itself
  24. 24. 41,459 Fans 20,520 Total Interactions 2,060 Followers 66,184 Unique Visitors social we are
  25. 25. And turned conversations into customers, generating over £1,100,000 in sales through our activity social we are