Bulmers: The Harvestimator case study


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Bulmers: The Harvestimator case study

  1. 1. Bulmers: The Harvestimator we are social
  2. 2. What has a Strongman, a Water Cannon, a Tug of War Team and a Wind Machine got to do with Bulmers?
  3. 3. Everyone knows cider is made of apples, but not everyone knows where they come from we are social
  4. 4. +   = This year Bulmers wanted to have a bit of fun raising awareness of their cider apples
  5. 5. By getting their Facebook community involved in the harvest we are social
  6. 6. Bulmers have been making cider for 125 years in Hereford and take their cider making very seriously we are social
  7. 7. That's why Bulmers Cider uses only the best apples from the orchards at Broome Farm we are social
  8. 8. We wanted fans to understand Bulmers’ provenance and see the amount of love and care that goes into a bottle of Bulmers we are social
  9. 9. An apple harvest isn't something that would typically be of much interest to our fan base we are social
  10. 10. so we needed to find a really fun and engaging way to get people interested… we are social
  11. 11. October is prime apple harvest time in the UK, based on this ‘The Harvestimator’ was born
  12. 12. Over the course of four weeks, we devised four different extreme methods of harvesting
  13. 13. A TUG OF WAR TEAM Introducing the Hereford Pullovers we are social
  14. 14. THE WIND MACHINE Replicating a year’s worth of Herefordshire wind! we are social
  15. 15. RICH SENNEWALD Hereford Natural Strongman we are social
  16. 16. A WATER CANNON A years worth of Herefordshire rain we are social
  17. 17. We wanted to know which one would prove to be the best harvester - so did our fans
  18. 18. For the opportunity to win a selection of coveted Bulmers prizes, we asked our fans to estimate how many kilos of apples each technique would yield we are social
  19. 19. At the start of each week we posted the teaser on Facebook, supported by paid media we are social
  20. 20. Throughout the week, the community guessed the weight of the apples yielded from each harvest via our dedicated Facebook app
  21. 21. On Friday afternoon the results were revealed and the week’s grand prize winner was announced we are social
  22. 22. We revealed the week’s results with a series of light-hearted videos we are social
  23. 23. Over the 4 weeks over 15,000 fans entered the competition and shared their results earning us 35k more fans