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Imran Younis - Camp Digital 2015


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Lean UX and making sure that everyone in your team is on the same page.

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Imran Younis - Camp Digital 2015

  1. 1. Applying Lean UX
  2. 2. I’m ImranYounis Global Head of UX at @imranyounis
  3. 3. Challenge… How would you get a piece of paperto travel 5 metres? 0 5321 4 @imranyounis
  4. 4. Should we ask why? Easily fall into a trap with solutions, not the problem. @imranyounis
  5. 5. The problem wasn’t selling shoes, problem was customer service @imranyounis
  6. 6. Product Development Focus on execution @imranyounis
  7. 7. Build it and theywill come ‘Field of Dreams’ @imranyounis ‘‘
  8. 8. Steve Blank Introduced Customer Development @imranyounis
  9. 9. Lean helps you launch a new product in a situation with extreme uncertainty
  10. 10. ‘‘People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. Theywant a quarter-inch hole! Theodore Levitt @imranyounis
  11. 11. Companies are in MobilAve Stagnated and in a state of ‘limbo’ @imranyounis
  12. 12. Customer Development Focus on customers and markets from day one @imranyounis
  13. 13. Customer Development Focus on customers and markets from day one Search Execution @imranyounis
  14. 14. There are no facts inside the building It’s about people outside the building @imranyounis
  15. 15. Agile, Scrum process Working software at the end of iteration The Interaction Consortium and Zumio adapted this diagram from Boehm, Barry, and Richard Turner (2005. Management challenges to implementing agile processes in traditional development organizations. IEEE Software 22 (5 (September/October 2005)) @imranyounis
  16. 16. An approach not a methodology that is transforming how new products are built and launched @imranyounis
  17. 17. Lean startup Build, measure, learn Learn Build Measure T @imranyounis
  18. 18. Work as one small, collaborative and cross-functionalteam, working to one common goal @imranyounis
  19. 19. Lean UX Users involved every step of the way Users Check Think Make T @imranyounis
  20. 20. Are we meeting user needs? Users involved every step of the way Iteration user needs @imranyounis
  21. 21. Are we meeting user needs? Users involved every step of the way Iteration user needs user needs @imranyounis
  22. 22. Are we meeting user needs? Users involved every step of the way user needs iteration user needs user needs Live @imranyounis
  23. 23. Never perfect, but always perfecting Constantly challenging yourself to make it better forthe user user needs DON’T STOP! Iteration user needs user needs Live @imranyounis
  24. 24. @imranyounis 00:00:11.6hours minutes seconds Learning every 11.6 seconds Amazon test every feature and fewerthan 50% work, constantly learning @imranyounis
  25. 25. Regular playback to development team Appropriate level of detail @imranyounis
  26. 26. Playback to the business Show and tells, not what you built but what you learnt @imranyounis
  27. 27. Retro after every research session Help you get better at asking the right questions @imranyounis
  28. 28. Moneyball Principle Billy Beane General Manager of Oakland Athletics Baseballteam. (Patrik Giardino) @imranyounis
  29. 29. Island of misfit toys - using data SABR is the acronym of ‘Society of American Baseball Research’ @imranyounis
  30. 30. Chat Bradford Major league baseball player @imranyounis
  31. 31. ‘‘Financial constraints – it’s a benefit. It forces you to be more creative. (Patrik Giardino) Robert De Niro @imranyounis
  32. 32. @imranyounis Who does DIY? Who lives in a house built before the year 2000?
  33. 33. @imranyounis 20 tradespeople die everyweek from asbestos related diseases- Fact. @imranyounis
  34. 34. “Tradespeople need an app on their mobile” “Raise Awareness with messages” “Transfer pdfs to app” Business assumptions Awareness campaign “Identify and dealwith asbestos” @imranyounis
  35. 35. Inaccessible Policy driven
  36. 36. Personas Electrician - highest risk
  37. 37. Customer journey mapping Day in the life of an electrician doing a recce @imranyounis
  38. 38. Sketched paper prototype
  39. 39. Clickable Prototype (Mobile)
  40. 40. Building our prototype
  41. 41. “Only 6th floor and above” “Only find it outside” “I’ll get one of the labourers” “I’ll be careful” Misguided information
  42. 42. User journey 1. Use the right kit 2. Keep the dust down 3. Clean up properly
  43. 43. We started with this Scaremongering tactics
  44. 44. @imranyounis What is the benefit of the app? Stay safe, quote accurately, inform your customer ‘‘
  45. 45. Change in user behaviour Internal culture changed within HSE
  46. 46. Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School @imranyounis
  47. 47. Milkshake marketing Try and increase the sales of milkshakes for a fast food restaurant @imranyounis
  48. 48. What job causes you to hire a milkshake? Ask the right question @imranyounis ‘‘
  49. 49. Clayton Christensen Harvard Business School @imranyounis Long boring commute caused them to buy a milkshake
  50. 50. If you can understand the job, to improve the product becomes obvious. Clay Christensen @imranyounis ‘‘
  51. 51. DWP State Pension New State Pension @imranyounis
  52. 52. Replace legacy and make GOV.UK Standards State Pension Online
  53. 53. Multidisciplinaryteam Burnley Pension Centre - State Pension Online BA User Research PM Security Tech Arc SMEDevelopersUXD PO @imranyounis
  54. 54. @imranyounis Bob Approaching State Pension age Sarah Advisor Burnley Pension Centre
  55. 55. User journey of State Pension Tell us who you are
  56. 56. Actual journey of State Pension We know who you are, here is your State Pension
  57. 57. When screening your users, ask about device preferences @imranyounis
  58. 58. Failure is the opportunityto begin again, more intelligently. Henry Ford @imranyounis
  59. 59. DWP Carer’s Allowance 1 of 25 digitaltransformation programmes @imranyounis
  60. 60. Carer’s allowance assumptions @imranyounis We MUST have a save feature Business stakeholder We must not remove questions Legal and Policy ‘‘ ‘‘
  61. 61. Carer’s Allowance Claim Form 330 Total questions 67 Total pages Carer’s Allowance Beta Estimated completion time 90mins
  62. 62. What else we learnt By doing usertesting @imranyounis
  63. 63. Communicate in a simple way that users understand @imranyounis
  64. 64. Questions should be questions, statements should be statements @imranyounis
  65. 65. 256 -18optimisedby27% Carer’s Allowance Claim Optimisation Total questions post MVP -74 Total questions removed 330 Total questions (sprint zero) Total pages removed 49 optimisedby22% Total pages (Post MVP) 67 Total pages (sprint zero) Carer’s Allowance Beta After 4 sprints
  66. 66. 195 -28optimisedby42% Carer’s Allowance Claim Optimisation Total questions post MVP -135 Total questions removed 330 Total questions (sprint zero) Total question groups removed 39 optimisedby41% Total question groups (Post MVP) 67 Total question groups (sprint zero) Carer’s Allowance Beta Beta go live Completion time 17-25mins
  67. 67. Booking form Design, Engineer, Customer @imranyounis
  68. 68. Day 1 - Discovery UX/IxD, Dev, BA, Legal, wider stakeholders working together @imranyounis
  69. 69. Current booking form @imranyounis
  70. 70. Current Payment details @imranyounis
  71. 71. Research and analysis Repetitive form elements, 20 anchor links @imranyounis
  72. 72. Sketch & paper prototype Avoiding wireframes and designs @imranyounis
  73. 73. Day 2 - Build a prototype Cross-functional collaboration with developers @imranyounis
  74. 74. Iteration 1
  75. 75. Day 3 - GOOB Get Out Of the Building
  76. 76. Day 3 - GOOB Get Out Of the Building
  77. 77. Day 4 - learn Breakdown customer insight, revisit hypothesis, iterate designs Orange = 29 Actions Green = 19 themes
  78. 78. OLD FORM NEW FORM 12 6Links Links v
  79. 79. OLD FORM NEW FORM 20 12Form elements Form elements v
  80. 80. @imranyounis BringYour Own Device Generate wider engagement with the business what you doing
  81. 81. Marshmallow Challenge collaboration, innovation and creativity
  82. 82. Marshmallow Challenge Metaphor for a hidden assumption of a project @imranyounis
  83. 83. Who constantly performs well? @imranyounis
  84. 84. Children do well why? @imranyounis
  85. 85. They go straight into prototyping business students tryto find the single right plan @imranyounis
  86. 86. @imranyounis
  87. 87. Marshmallow Challenge Metaphor for a hidden assumption of a project @imranyounis
  88. 88. @imranyounis If you want trulyto understand something, tryto change it. Kurt Lewin ‘‘
  89. 89. Thank you Questions?