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Philly Steakout


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At its core Philly Steakout uses foursquare check-in data to rank Philadelphia’s top 25 cheesesteak joints. But we couldn’t stop there. We surrounded each of the restaurants with social data like tips, ratings and photos. And we also broke new foursquare ground by discovering a way to segment local check-ins vs. tourist check-ins. This gave consumers a ranking not based on popularity but on authenticity.

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Philly Steakout

  1. 1. Foursquare Data Helps to End the Great Steak Debate
  2. 2. TIME TO EXECUTE 3 months (4sq data collection) 1 month (interface and outreach) THE IDEA A real-time ranking of Philadelphia's top 25 cheesesteak joints using foursquare check-in volume. We also utilized each Foursquare user's profile to identify their hometown. Now we could tell whether each cheesesteak check-in was by a local or a tourist. A percentage breakdown makes it easy to identify the tourist destination versus the secret spot where the locals chow down. Throw in Google Maps, Yelp ratings, foursquare tips and photos, and the site becomes an invaluable tool for newbies and steak aficionados alike. VISIT
  3. 3. RESULTS • WIth zero media support the site received all its publicity through sharing via Twitter • It was quickly covered by local and national food and technology publications • As a “thank you” to foursquare for the use of their platform, we hand-delivered Philly cheesesteaks two days after launch • Future enhancements include the ability to sort by local/ tourist data points, allowing visitors to adjust the radius that defines those data points, and allowing users to submit locations to rank in the leader board
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