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Cheer Tracker


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The agency built a holiday Cheer Tracker by setting up three trees with holiday lights in our office windows. We built a workaround and had a Belkin Wemo react directly to global Twitter mentions. Every time someone in the world mentioned the words “merry,” “joy” or “cheer,” our trees would blink. Our initial goal was to capture a million expressions of holiday happiness by Christmas, but we hit that in the first week alone.

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Cheer Tracker

  2. 2. TIME TO EXECUTE 2 weeks from concept to launch THE IDEA Display collected Twitter data to give busy Philadelphians a physical reminder of all the holiday happiness being shared around the globe. Cheer Tracker was a holiday window display, in our third story window. Three decorated trees would blink whenever someone in the world said merry, joy or cheer on Twitter. For those who across the globe, we recreated the display on a web page. The lights on both the real and virtual display blinked in unison. VISIT
  3. 3. RESULTS • Tracking began on December 7th, 2012 and concluded on January 1st, 2013. • Our initial goal was to capture a million expressions of holiday happiness, but we hit that in the first week and the numbers continued to rise. • Individually, we captured: Merry: 3,071,827 times Joy: 1,766,651 times Cheer: 1,722,991 times • Total holiday cheer total: 6,561,469 • By visualizing goodwill on a global scale for all to see, we were able to bring cheer and put smiles on the faces of passersby in one of the busiest shopping districts in Philadelphia.
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