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Robin Wight: The Future is Bright, The Future Is Social


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Robin's keynote at Like Minds Autumn 2010: Creativity and Curation

Published in: Technology, Business
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Robin Wight: The Future is Bright, The Future Is Social

  1. 1. The Future's Bright, The Future's Social Robin Wight, President, Engine
  2. 2. Brands only exist because they help consumers make buying decisions without using too much brain power
  3. 3. Your brain doesn’t like changing its mind
  4. 4. R RL L a) INITIAL b) PRACTICED Practised tasks are easier for the brain to do than novel tasks Source: The Executive Brain Frontal Lobes & the Civilised Mind – Elkhonon Goldberg
  5. 5. QuickTime™ and a YUV420 codec decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  6. 6. 33% 27% 19% 9% What car did people think the yuppie drove?
  7. 7. Behaviour Change Attitude Change Behaviour Change ? Attitude Change Brain science has taught us that it’s normally the other way round: behaviour change leads to attitude change.
  8. 8. The mind changer:
  9. 9. Now With Added
  10. 10. From To Being with them for the journey Telling people where to go
  11. 11. Be a companion
  12. 12. Reduced negative comments about Renault's customer service from 53% to 16% Protecting Renault’s reputation for potential purchasers
  13. 13. 21 top UK style blogs hosted bespoke Next pop up shops reaching 260,000 readers Working with bloggers to drive sales
  14. 14. Social PR 8 million people in 4 days
  15. 15. The Future’s Bright The Future’s Social And it always has been
  16. 16. Why the average person has 130 friends on facebook Source: Grooming, Gossip and the Evolution of Language, Robin Dunbar
  17. 17. The evolution of ‘mobile grooming’: scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours
  18. 18. Language devolved to help us bond in the groups of 150 we had developed to survive when we left the jungle and became two-legged humans
  19. 19. The ‘friendship gap’ that facebook filled Ancestral villages: neo-cortex group of 150  Cities (from 4000BC) limit us into groups of 25
  20. 20. Our genes invented the web and the mobile phone to give us back our neo-cortex groups of 150
  21. 21. ‘An animal’s behaviour tends to maximise the survival of the genes “for” that behaviour, whether or not the genes happen to be in the body of the particular animal performing it.’ Richard Dawkins ‘The Extended Phenotype’
  22. 22. Extending the reach of the genes beyond the body of the animal Beaver Dam Mobile phone facebook
  23. 23. Two thirds of conversations are on social topics. And women ‘gossip’ four times as much as men. For good genetic reasons.
  24. 24. The next step: from social media to social consumption
  25. 25. From personal ownership to social ownership ‘Collaborative Consumption’ “350 hours a year having sex. 420 looking for parking”
  26. 26. The Big Society will be delivered via ‘collaborative consumption’ as well as the re-invention of volunteering
  27. 27. is a new model where everyone wins: altruism a bonus not a motive
  28. 28. Self interest rules ok! Creativity boosted for kids with little effort from overstretched teachers. And partnership with Business Chance to capture the thinking of creative young people for your brand and engage them in it at a formative age Emerging high-status activity of volunteering that only needs 3- 4 hours a month as it becomes a ‘must do’ for Creative Industry people. Not having it on your CV will be a drawback in trying to get a new job Schools Brands Mentors
  29. 29. The Future’s Bright. Technology is making us human again
  30. 30. Thank you very much for your Continuous Partial Attention