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Ils social media frequency

Frequency to make posts are important. At what time should you post so that you get maximum number of engagement? Which day is suitable for which platform to get maximum of engagement?

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Ils social media frequency

  1. 1. Schedule Media Post Frequency
  2. 2. Your Social Media efforts can really take you places if you know when to put you foot on the gas…..
  3. 3. Top brands on Pinterest have experienced rapid growth by posting multiple times per day
  4. 4. Engagement slightly decreases after the third tweet
  5. 5. Post consistently. Some users have experienced drops in traffic of up to 50% when posing less than normal
  6. 6. You can post twice per day before likes and comments begin to drop off
  7. 7. The Best Times to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Sites
  8. 8. The best timing for social posts depend on many different factors • The platform • The regions you are targeting • Your goal (clicks vs shares) • How your target audience interacts with the platforms
  9. 9. Facebook
  10. 10. Twitter
  11. 11. LinkedIN
  12. 12. Pinterest
  13. 13. Instagram
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